2019-2020 SOMIBA
Strat-O-Matic Internet Basketball Association

page updated 7/16/2021

Current Champions: Dale and the Lexington Thoroughbreds


Welcome to the SOMIBA! We are a draft keeper league for Strat-O-Matic computer basketball and are in our 25th season.

Here is our mailing list. Please feel free to post!

If interested in joining, please contact Jason Blaze - jason@somhoops.com.

Also, see Philip's NBA stats link (posted 11/30/2020): 2020 Unofficial NBA Stats for SOMIBA Teams and his roster planner.

Gameplan files should be in the format aaahhhxx.gpl where aaa is the 3-letter abbreviation for the away team (your team), hhh is the 3-letter abbreviation for the home team (your opponent), and xx is the day number on the schedule such as WALSUN04.gpl for Wal at Sun on day 04.

REMINDER: The home team must have at all times either their PF or C (or both) positioned inside on offense. This is to avoid taking advantage of the computer manager not being able to adjust. This requirement does not apply to the away team or to Netplay.

For Windows 8 users: In Windows 8 you cannot export gameplans by clicking on Team in the top menu and then selecting Export Game Plan (nothing will happen). You need to click on the team name and select Export Game Plan from there. Thanks to Dale for solving this issue.

End of Regular Season

   Final League File (updated 6/1/2021)

The home coach is responsible for zipping up the html boxscore and gfl game result into a single zip file and e-mailing that zip file to me jason@somhoops.com and also to the away coach within the same e-mail. The zip file name should be in the format aaahhhxx.zip; for example WALSUN04 for game WAL at SUN on day 04 or LAKLEX32 for LAK at LEX on day 32.

   2020 Team Rosters   (updated 3/22/2021)

   2020 Expansion Draft   (updated 12/17/2020)

   2020 Rookie/Free-Agent Draft   (updated 12/19/2020)

   League News    (updated 6/15/2021)

   League Constitution    (updated 10/23/2016)

   Pictures    (pictures I've accumulated from nba.com) (updated 10/30/2016)

Final Standings and Stats (updated 6/1/2021):

   STANDINGS                                 LINE SCORES

   LEAGUE LEADERS                     WON/LOST TOTALS

   TEAM TOTALS                             WON/LOST GRID

      All Teams Stats (end of regular season)

Note that game results may not (by league rules) be imported until at least 24 hours after being received. I will acknowledge all game results sent to me with "received" but I usually won't check the validity of game results until I attempt to import them (at least 24 hours after I receive them) at which point I'll let you know if there's a problem.

2019-20 Season Dates:

League Membership

Name SOMIBA Team E-Mail Comments
Ken Anaheim Amigos mcspuds98@aol.com
Phil Bay State Bombers philandgayla@yahoo.com
Brian Davis Dachsunds bvanlien98@yahoo.com EC
Harlan La Crosse Catbirds harlan4080@gmail.com
Rick Lake K Terminators rickiebebo@gmail.com
Dale Lexington Thoroughbreds marillion9@tds.net
John Los Angeles Mafia ferrodude@yahoo.com
Trevor Madison Vikings tripley02@gmail.com
Matt Princeton Panthers bucsin12@hotmail.com
Donald Reading Knights donaldp.davisjr55@gmail.com
Michael Santa Clara Jesuits mikesteudle@yahoo.com

EC= Executive Committee

                            OTHER LINKS

Strat-O-Matic's home page:


Our sister Strat-O-Matic computer football keeper draft league:


The Official Strat-O-Matic Fanzine:


A Strat-O-Matic Basketball Site:


Stratometrics - Dedicated to Enhance the Experience of Those Who Play Strat-O-Matic Basketball:


Season Champion Record
2019-2020 Lexington Thoroughbreds 67-15
2018-2019 Lexington Thoroughbreds 69-13
2017-2018 Davis Dachsunds 69-13
2016-2017 Davis Dachsunds 73-9
2015-2016 Davis Dachsunds 67-15
2014-2015 Davis Dachsunds 68-14
2013-2014 Dakota Energy 61-21
2012-2013 Davis Dachsunds 62-20
2011-2012 Texas Lightning 67-15
2010-2011 Tempe Banditos 72-10
2009-2010 Dakota Blizzards 63-19
2008-2009 Texas Lightning 73-9
2007-2008 Dakota Blizzards 68-14
2006-2007 Dakota Blizzards 74-8
2005-2006 Valdez Vandals 58-24
2004-2005 Davis Dachsunds 67-15
2003-2004 Davis Dachsunds 66-16
2002-2003 Milwaukee Menace 47-35
2001-2002 Walnut Creek Wizards 53-29
2000-2001 Lake K Terminators 71-11
1999-2000 Kaukauna Angry Trappers 71-11
1998-1999 Fremont Renegades 67-15
1997-1998 Kaukauna Angry Trappers 63-19
1996-1997 Hayward Warriors 59-23

If you have any questions or comments about the league or these pages, please e-mail me at jason@somhoops.com (if you are not currently in the league make sure you put SOMIBA in the title of your e-mail so that I don't delete your mail as junk mail).