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05/31/2000 Maddak semi-final playoff game
  Just an anecdote here: on 5/23 Mad/Tom played game 2 of this series and when I
  responded "received" I asked Tom to copy me on the gameplan for game 3 and I
  repeated this request the next day; on 5/30 I asked Tom when he would be sending
  the gpl and on 5/31 Tom sent the gpl and responded "I sent it last week!  I was
  wondering why I haven't heard the results yet! It was on 5/9/00:"; actually on
  5/9 Tom had sent a madsun gpl for the previous series to Sunnyvale/Charles and
  since Charles is running Dak for this dakmad series this is where the confusion
  lies, although there is no reason that Charles or I would have expected Tom to
  want Charles to use a madsun gpl for a game against Dak and in any case a new gpl
  should be made against the different team; we are about on pace with the NBA
  playoffs so this anecdote didn't cause a problem other than perhaps on Charles'
  nerves; 6/1 Tom replied "Man I am having too many blonde moments! I thought that
  was gray hair coming out from my normally black hair.  I am just getting confused.
  No excuses though.  Its like babysitting me isn't it!"

05/07/2000+ Dakota playoffs
  JasonB was too busy to play his q4 games and is now apparently too busy to
  play playoff games (Jason has been indicating that he has been very busy
  lately and without much internet access); the playoffs started 13 days ago
  and we don't yet have a first round gpl (Jason had said 5/2 that he'd send
  one 5/3, I e-mailed a reminder 5/4 and early 5/7 but heard no response) yet
  so the EC voted 3-0 to find a replacement coach (one who is in the league
  but not in the playoffs) immediately to take over for at least the first
  round; Mark and Kyle declined so Ed (whose team is no longer in the playoffs)
  will take over Dakota for at least the first round; after games 1 and 2 gpl
  sent Jason did send gpl's for games 1 and 2 (with no explanations); EC voted
  at that time whether to use Jason's or Ed's gpl's and voted 4-0 to use Ed's
  gpl's as a vote on Jason had already been made and there is no reason to
  change it as there is no reason to believe that the playoffs would not be
  further delayed otherwise; when 2nd round began Charles (whose team is no
  longer in the playoffs) took over Dakota; Charles would prefer not to play
  Dak in the finals (which is cool) so I posted on the playoff web page that if
  anyone who has been in the league for over 1 year is interested (and has time)
  in taking over Dakota for the finals let me know and in the 5 days that message
  was up I did not receive a response so I will take over Dak for the finals

04/24/2000 Playoff seeding tie-breaker
  Mil and Sun tied for #7 and #8 playoff seed, by die roll Sun is the #7 seed
  and Mil is the #8 seed; playoffs begin

04/24/2000 1999-2000 regular season player overusage
fre = B.Edwards 576 minutes played though only 487 eligible -- I guess the
  computer didn't set lineups quite right or whatever
ind = Hendrickson 37 games played though only 36 eligible -- JJ had
  accidentally sat Stith instead of Hendrickson so Stith ended up playing
  less than eligible
app = Fox 73 games played though only 72 eligible -- Fox was on two
  teams this year so either I adjusted incorrectly the days missed list
  after the trade or he was accidentally played in a game which he wasn't
  supposed to
lex = Van Horn 70 games played though only 69 eligible -- Keith was on
  three teams this year so ditto the comments on Fox
lex = J.Vaughn 154 minutes played though only 150 eligible
mot = D.Anderson 63 games though only eligible for 62 games -- either
  when I autoplayed q4 games I accidentally messed up on the days
  missed, which I doubt, or Derek was accidentally played in a game
  which he was ineligible
mot = Skinner 47 games and 574 minutes played though only 34 games
  and 444 minutes eligible -- as noted on this page further below I
  had mistakenly set the games Skinner should miss and Ron took my
mot = LaFrentz 707 minutes played though only 666 eligible -- this was
  caused by the 12 q4 autoplayed games (not at all to minimize this)
mot = C.Parks 1958 minutes played though only 1925 eligible -- this was
  caused by the 12 q4 autoplayed games

04/23/2000 Motown q4 home games
I never heard from Ron so I autoplayed his 12 q4 home games:  soumot72 won
  by sou, bufmot74 won by buf, soumot76 won by sou, walmot79 won by wal,
  wilmot80 won by wil, indmot81 won by mot, appmot88 won by app, dakmot90
  won by dak, soumot95 won by sou, walmot97 won by wal, fremot73 won by mot,
  sunmot84 won by sun
On 04/24/2000: I would like sorry to all of you for not getting in  my last
  games played, I was out town and just forgot to send them in to Ed before
  I left , Sorry to anyone I might have upset( SORRY ED )  Ron

04/23/2000 Dakota q4 home games
JasonB e-mailed me a couple of weeks ago indicating that he may not have
  much computer access for awhile; as it turns out he could not get sombk
  to work on the computer he does have and didn't have enough time/access
  to get it to work; I autoplayed his 10 q4 home games:  waldak72 won by wal,
  wildak76 won by wil, appdak78 won by app, inddak79 won by dak, waldak81 won
  by wal, motdak82 won by mot, soudak83 won by sou, sundak92 won by dak,
  wildak95 won by dak, sundak97 -- won by dak

04/23/2000 normil71 and madmil77
Frank e-mailed me that he hadn't realized that today was the q4 game result
  deadline and that he may not have received the gpl's for these; I offered
  (as I have done for others) to send him the gpl's but by now it was probably
  too late; I will probably autoplay these 2 games; in checking the q4 gpl's
  norton sent out Kyle did not include normil71 (of course, Kyle could have
  created and sent one had he realized it) but Tom did include madmil77 in his;
  normil71 won by mil, madmil77 won by mad

04/09/2000 norlex87
Dale points out that he accidentally used Van Horn even though Van Horn was
  supposed to be ineligible; there's nothing we can do about it this year so
  Van Horn will probably have to miss 1 (and probably not more since Dale
  brought it up himself) extra game next year against Norton if possible

03/31/2000 Indiana 4th quarter gpl's
In indwal80.gpl Stith is set as eligible and has plenty of minutes in the
  lineup grid; I have asked JJ to resend all q4 gpl's on days 72-81 for
  which Stith has been set to eligible (just inddak79, indwal80, and indmot81
  as Charles had already begun indsun76 by the time the mistake was caught so
  Stith played in indsun76); on 4/17 JJ sent replacement gpl's for those 3 games

03/25/2000 Motown 4th quarter gpl's
In motsun86.gpl Walters has some SF minutes but he doesn't play there; in
  motwal77.gpl D.Anderson has some SF minutes but he doesn't play there; I
  have asked Ron to create replacement gameplans if he feels that there are
  other errors in his q4 gpl's, Ron has sent out replacement gpl's

03/16/2000 Player overusage so far
MOT: Skinner 574/444 min and 47/34 g -- Ed had helped Ron with his games missed list
  and Skinner had been scheduled to play in 48 games instead of miss 48 games, Ed had
  not caught the mistake on double-checking; there should be a one-to-one adjustment
  for next year but in my opinion no further penalty
IND: Hendrickson 37/36 g
LEX: J.Vaughn 154/150 min
SOU: Kemp has missed 12 games but should have missed 13 (days 14-26) -- Aaron found
  that Kemp incorrectly played indsou25 so Kemp must miss indsou85 instead
WIL: W.Williams has missed 2 games but should have missed 3 (days 50-52) -- Allen
  found that Williams incorrectly played in kauwil50 but since kau is no longer on
  wil's remaining schedule Williams will miss a random home game remaining; since
  there are not nearly enough SG minutes to go around on days 79-98 without G.Rice
  that leaves three possible games to miss and it is rolled to be appwil77 which
  Williams will miss
WOO: Stackhouse has missed 10 games but should have missed 13 (days 3-17) -- Jim
  found that Stackhouse incorrectly played in wooapp07, woonor09, and woomil14 (Jim
  had probably forgotten to set Stackhouse as ineligible but without lineup grid
  minutes since he appeared in only a few minutes in each game) but since app is no
  longer on woo's remaining schedule Stackhouse will miss woomil79, woonor89, and a
  random away game which turns out to be woofre96
LEX: E.Washington has missed 19 games but should have missed 20 (days 48-68) -- Dale
  found that Washington incorrectly played in lexind48 but since ind is no longer on
  lex's remaining schedule Washington will miss a random home game remaining; by die
  roll Washington will miss lexmil81 so Dale will send a replacement gpl for that game
NOR: A.Walker (who has been on two teams) only has 18 games of eligibility of his
  team's 19 games remaining (he must have played a game he was supposed to miss on
  days 28, 30-40, or 42-45 or else I made an error scheduling the days missed) --
  Kyle found out that Walker played on day 28 bufnor28 so Walker must miss bufnor90

03/12/2000 Madison 3rd quarter game results
  With the exception of milmad68 which was sent to me by Frank as a face-to-face
game I didn't receive game results or word from Tom and had to autoplay nine of his
home games:  soumad50 won by mad, fremad51 won by fre, lexmad52 won by mad, kaumad54
won by kau, bufmad55 won by mad, walmad56 won by mad, appmad60 won by mad, motmad62
won by mad, and woomad66 won by mad

03/12/2000 Dakota 3rd quarter game results
  Just after autoplaying Mad's q3 games while I was about to autoplay Dak's
q3 games I received 8:13 p.m. 13 minutes after the deadline a zip file from
JasonB containing a bunch of named gfl/sum/prt files apparently leaving me
to create the zip files from them; at 8:23 we all received the proper zip
file game results although did not have the proper gfl extension
on the game result file so I unzipped it, renamed the file with its gfl
extension, and then zipped the file up again

03/12/2000 Madbuf67.gpl
  Mark noticed today and I verified that Tom did not include this away gpl
in his q3 gpl's so I am sending to Mark a gpl for this by "letting computer
set lineups"

Fremont 3rd quarter autoplayed home games
  dakfre50 won by Dak, buffre52 won by Fre, indfre55 won by Fre, milfre59
won by Mil, wilfre63 won by Wil, madfre64 won by Mad, lakfre67 won by Lak,
walfre68 won by Wal, soufre70 won by Sou

Third quarter forgot to save boxscore prt file

02/08/2000 Post-trade days missed adjustments
G.Lynch has played in 41 games (for SUN before the trade) and now
  his new team WIL has 43 games remaining.  Lynch may only play
  in 69 games so he must miss 13 of WIL's games so instead of
  missing (as scheduled by SUN) days 50-60 he will need to miss
  days 49-61.
Jamison has played 37 games (for APP and LEX combined) and now
  his new team APP has 41 games remaining.  Jamison may only play
  in 77 games so he must miss the game on day 56 in addition to his
  originally scheduled days of 1-6 (day 56 was chosen to avoid Fox's
  days missed since Fox plays some of the same positions).
E.Gray has missed most of the games he needs to so for his new team
  APP he is eligible to play in additional games.  His new days missed
  list for just the rest of the season is 89-98.
All other traded players need no changes

02/06/2000 2nd quarter autoplayed games
  dakmot27 won by dak with a gpl from dak

02/06/2000 MOT 2nd quarter game results
  For the 12 out of 13 game results I did receive in the late afternoon they
were just prt and gfl files so I had to manually create the zip files as Ron
went offline right after he sent them

02/06/2000 DAK 2nd quarter game results
  JasonB e-mailed me tonight saying that his e-mail account has not kept the
  old gpl's so I have sent at 7:20 all of them to him; before the 8:00 deadline
  JasonB sent me gpl files in case I had to autoplay games right at 8:00 JasonB
  sent me a bunch of 989hnnnn files which he says are the results which he will
  clean up into the proper zip format; 8:10 JasonB sent me a bunch of gfl/sum/prt
  files with no other commentary which I thought lef it to me to zip them up into
  the proper zip format; 8:16 after I did a few zip files manually JasonB sent them
  all in the proper zip format

01/31/2000 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 02/06/2000
  APP receives A.Jamison and E.Gray
  LEX receives K.Van Horn and K.Kittles

01/24/2000 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 02/06/2000
  WIL receives G.Lynch and SUN #2 pick
  SUN receives B.Barry and WIL #4 pick

01/22/2000 Fremont's 2nd quarter autoplayed home games
  lexfre24 won by fre, buffre25 won by buf, wilfre28 won by wil, motfre32
won by fre, walfre33 won by fre, woofre40 won by fre, sunfre42 won by sun,
norfre43 won by nor, kaufre44 won by kau, lexfre45 won by fre, motfre47
won by fre

01/18/2000 game lakwal43
  About 35 seconds before halftime of this game with WAL ahead 53-36 and Cato
ready to choose to shoot an open-due-to-double-team-of-Webber outside or
penetration shot the game crashed to the win95 desktop and is not recoverable;
per the EC Ed will start the game over and hope it doesn't happen again as
there isn't anything else which can reasonably be done.
  Game was played on 1/26 with no crashes for a wal win

01/16/2000 Barkley's games missed
  Instead of missing days 49 and 50 Barkley of DAK will miss days 53 and 54
since otherwise DAK would have only 2 eligible SF's on days 49 and 50; thank
you JasonB for bringing this to my attention

01/11/2000 Errors on days missed list adjustments after trades
In Q1 BUF played two fewer games than APP so Billups can play in all
  but 4 of APP's remaining games but I mistakenly rescheduled him to miss
  6 so Billups will play in the first two remaining games which have not been
  played day 25 and 26 (he had been re-scheduled to miss these games but
  gpls have not been created for them and they haven't been played)
In Q1 APP played two more games than BUF so B.Knight needs to miss two
  extra games which (in other words, he's played in 4 games so may only play
  in 60 of BUF's 62 games despite my error in rescheduling him to miss 0 more
  games); since q2 gpl's have already been sent out B.Knight will additionally
  miss days 66 and 67 since any earlier days to miss would leave BUF with only
  two PG's eligible
In Q1 APP played two more games than BUF so I.Rider will miss the first two
  days (59 and 61) of q3
In Q1 APP played two more games than BUF but APP did not use R.Lewis in
  each game so no further adjustment
In Q1 APP played two more games than BUF but Kittles has no more days for
  which he is scheduled to miss so he will end up playing two fewer games (which
  is life)
In Q1 APP and NOR played the same number of games so Van Horn is not
In Q1 LAK played two more games than DAK so Barkley will need to miss two
  additional games on days 49-50
In Q1 LAK played two more games than DAK so Funderburke needn't miss 6
  more games (as I had accidentally re-scheduled) so will miss days 55-58
  instead of 55-60
In Q1 KAU played one more game than APP so Potapenko needs to miss a
  game so that he will play his 82 games and not 83, Potapenko will miss day
In Q1 KAU played one more game than APP so Williamson will play one fewer
  game than allowed (which is life)
In Q1 LEX and APP played the same number of games so Jamison and Sh.Williams
  are not affected
In Q1 NOR played two more games than BUF so I accidentally re-scheduled
  A.Walker to miss two more games than he needs to, A.Walker may now play
  on days 29 and 41 which are the first two unplayed (and un-gpl-made) games
  which A.Walker had been scheduled to miss

01/11/2000 WIL B.Barry days missed
  Charles noticed that I had erroneously listed B.Barry's days missed as 56-66
even though Barry must miss 21 games; Allen had listed Barry's games missed
as 47-67 (see far below on this page); Barry's correct days missed is days
56-78 and I have corrected this on the roster99 web page

01/10/2000 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 02/06/2000
  MIL received L.Hughes and C.Alexander
  APP receives E.Snow and R.Fox 

12/30/1999 Fremont
  The EC voted unanimously (3-0, Ed, Charles, and Mark) on the following:
1) If someone not in the league wants to take over the team for only this year
   then that is fine; I do not want the team in the hands of some fly-by-nighter
   so I will treat anyone possibly taking over the team as I would a new league
   member; if no-one takes over the team then FRE's home games will be autoplayed
   and all gpl's created with "let computer set lineup"
2) If no-one takes over the team during the season then a league member who has
   not made the playoffs will be found to take over the team

12/23/1999 Trade
  LAK receives Funderburke, DAK #1, DAK #2, DAK #3, and DAK #4 picks
  DAK receives C.Barkley, LAK #5, and LAK #6 picks

12/21/1999 First quarter autoplayed games
  Madind09, fremad21, walmad23 autoplayed with away gameplans for each -- I
never received word on these results.  JasonB sent me all of his gfl files 4
minutes before the deadline but I need the full zip files so while I was
autoplaying the other three games JasonB zipped up the prt's with the gfl's
into the files and sent that to me.
  Tom thought that we had until the 23rd but he was confused since it was
day 23 on the somiba schedule; he had played the games and lost both fremad21
and walmad23 but the autoplayed games are already official.
  JJ: "I do not know why I didn't play that game.  I must have over looked it."

12/20/1999 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 12/21/1999
  APP receives K.Van Horn
  NOR receives A.Walker

12/20/1999 Fremont first quarter home games
  All autoplayed with away gameplans from everyone except for sunfre10 which
Mike had played early in the season.

12/19/1999 game woowil13
  Allen pointed out that Jim had sent a gameplan for woowil13 with Stackhouse
active though Stackhouse should have been inactive for the game.  As of 12/20
we haven't heard from Jim on this and the deadline is approaching so I've sent
to Allen another gameplan (with Stackhouse inactive and "let computer suggest").

12/18/1999 FRE
  Frank noticed that when Mike had sent out his first quarter gameplans
earlier this quarter some of the games were for road games and some were for
home games; in some cases there was no road gameplan included; fortunately
the days missed list for FRE has very little action in the first quarter as
J.Barry is the only player who is different for different games within the
quarter (except for day 23 which is fortunately a home game).
  Only two games not-yet-played are affected.  FREMIL12 will be played using
gameplan "FREMIL03" which Mike created.  Mike did not create a road gameplan
for Dakota so JasonB will use a gameplan FREDAK02 which I created by importing
"FREMIL03" and then exporting the FRE gameplan for use against Dakota.
  I will not use any of Mike's gameplans for FRE home games this quarter.  If
we wanted to start doing a let's-make-FRE-gameplans-logical approach then this
will create a conflict of interest for me to make one more FREWAL gameplan this
year as well as a conflict of interest for me to make gpl's against other teams
(you can't go with just a standard gpl due to most players missing some games).

12/17/1999 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 12/21/1999
  BUF receives B.Knight, I.Rider, and R.Lewis
  APP receives A.Walker, K.Kittles, C.Billups, and BUF #1 pick

  From Mike: As you know my mother has been very ill with cancer. I do not
have time to be in the league at this point. I hope you can understand that
my family obligations come before my strat entertainment. Please pass this
along to the league and I hope you  would reconsider me for ownership when
her situation is rectified. Thanks, MRod
  Mike, thanks for the e-mail.  Our thoughts go with you and yours during
this difficult time.  I will be autoplaying FRE games for this quarter.  Ed

12/7/1999 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 12/21/1999
  APP receives V.Potapenko
  KAU receives C.Williamson

12/2/1999 Trade -- this trade will not go through until after 12/21/1999
  LEX receives A.Jamison and APP #2 pick
  APP receives Sh.Williams and LEX #1 pick

First Quarter forgot to save the boxscore prt file
  Wilkau07, madsou07

11/17/1999 SOU
  Aaron pointed out to me that I had incorrectly listed Dee Brown at PG
only when he is really rated at PG and SG; I have corrected the roster

11/15/1999 Games Missed Lists -- do not refer to these lists; instead
  look at the "Days Missed" column on the roster99 page

C Alexander 19-41
B Knight 1-18
B Owens 35-82
K Reeves 1-34, 42-71
Rider 29-33
R Lewis 34-82
A Jamison 1-5
B.Wallace 1-7
Slater 50-82
Pollard 23-78
Bullard 8-22
J.White 5-49, 79-82
K.Bryant, Williamson, L.Murray, L.Hughes = 0

A.Walker - 27-39
Kittles - 12-18
Billups - 19-26
Nash - 40-55
Best - 56-57
Abdul-Wahad - 40-41
Wright - 48-50
E.Williams - 63-82
J.Wallace - 40-42
Nowitzki - 43-47
Caffey - 1-25
To.Bailey - 1-39
Co.Carr - 1-13
Sheppard - 31-82
Dampier, Harpring = 0

Garrett 54-55
Bowen: 21-53
Croshere: 1-19, 64-82
Funderburke: 47-51
D.Harper: 56-63
R.Harper: 21-45
Malone: 20 + 46
M.Rose: 64-68
Lenard: 1-20, 41-82
T.Mills: 1-19, 21-45, 47-82
C.Rogers: 1-63, 67-82
Shaw: 1-66, 69-82
Divac, Av.Johnson, Mullin, Porter = 0

Bryce Drew 1-26
Tyronn Lue 26-82
Damon Jones 1-53
Haywood Workman 49-82
Latrell Sprewell 62-82
Anthony Peeler 1-36
Blue Edwards 40-82
Derrick Coleman 1-21
Brian Grant 22-24
Patrick Ewing 25-44
Alan Henderson 42-61
Gary Trent 46-53
John Barry 1-11
JR Henderson 50-82
Gary Payton, PJ Brown = 0

Th.Bailey 27-49
Baker 1-26
Chapman 21-40
Hendrickson 1-15, 41-63, 71-82
Jackson,Ja 16-20
Jackson,M 50-51
Recasner 52-63
J.Reid 27-51
Spencer 1-49
Stith 64-70
Wennington 1-82
Jayson Williams 50-82
Anthony, Dickerson, Mitchell, Simpkins = 0

Boykins 37-82
A.Davis 1-2
DeClerq 3-7
Dudley 8-14
Hill, T 14-33
McIlvaine 37-82
McInnis 1-25
C.O'Bannon 31-82
Stack 23-82
Bibby, A.Green, G.Hill, E.Jones, Pippen, Potapenko, K.Thomas = 0

S. O'Neal 1-2
M. Blaylock 16-18
S. Smith 19-41
C. Barkley 3-15
B. Outlaw 42-72
R. Pack 42-82
K. Anderson 1-26
G. Ostertag 73-75
L. Vaught 21-41
D. Maclean 19-72
J. James 3-20, 42-72, 76-82
C. Smith 3-15, 42-72
R. Rhodes 1-15, 27-72
R. Horry 21-41
V.Carter, Je.Williams = 0

Michael Doleac --- 24-25
Tim Hardaway --- 1-3
Nick Anderson --- 4-8
Ron Mercer --- 9-23
Eric Washington --- 42-61
Andrae Patterson --- 1-25
Jamal Mashburn --- 26-68
Shammond Williams --- 4-82
Walter McCarty --- 26-41 and 69-82
Jacque Vaughn --- 4-8 and 37-82
Cedric Ceballos --- 1-3 and 9-25 and 42-82
Ed Gray --- 1-3 and 26-36 and 64-82
Battie, Manning, Ferry, Al.Williams = 0

Butler = 1-31
Crawford = 45-57
A.Daniels = 78-82
Herrera = 1-36
P.Jones = 1-52
Maxwell = 58-62
Mourning = 76-82
Norris = 1-62
Phills = 65-75
Piatkowski = 63-64
Riley = 37-61
Shackleford = 53-82
Abdur-Rahim, Gill, Kidd, McDyess = 0

Pierce 1-3
Snow 4-6
Olowokandi 7-14
Brandon 15-37
McGrady 38-39
Fox 40-49
S.Walker 50-67
Garrity 65-82
L.Ellis 34-82
Ilgauskas 1-6, 15-82
Overton 40-82
Rooks 1-23
Stepania 24-67
Ratliff, T.Thomas, Sura = 0

Parks 16-18
M.Taylor 20-26
Minor 1-10
O.Harrington 64-78
N.Anderson 1-8,71-82
Bogues 9-31
D.Scott 60-82
Walters 32-59
C.Jones 1-34
B.Reeves 42-82
Hawkins 1-43
Skinner 49-82
Lafrentz 1-62
Cassell 1-69
R.Allen, Newman = 0

T.Hudson 1-7,11-44
Crotty 45-82
Iverson 8-10
McLeod 57-82
Jacobson 3-82
T.Murray 1-23
Stojakovic 74-76
Van Horn 14-17,74-82
R.Wallace 72-73
Austin 1-2
Foyle 3-13
K.Clark 14-59
Foster 60-71,75
Van Exel, Houston, C.Person = 0

Beck, C. 40-82
Brown, D 51-53
Brown, G. 1-21,76-82
Camby, M. 44-50
Hoiberg, F. 21-82
Kemp, S. 13-25
Longley, L. 26-43
Mack, S. 1-10
McKey, D. 22-82
Respert, S. 1-62
Rose, J. 11-12
Williams, T. 1-39, 53-82
T.Cummings, K.David, R.Miller, C.Ward = 0

Lynch 43-53
Mayberry 1-38,54-82
McCloud 40-42
Mohammed 1-39
Murdock 26-82
S.Roberts 1-23,34-82
Simon 1-15,24-82
Whitney 8-25
K.Young 1-33,39-82
D.Davis, H.Davis, Elliott, Finley, Geiger, Mutombo, Stoudamire = 0

R.Brown 41-58
Cato 72-82
Closs 2-58
Feick 1-36
Livingston 1-40,43-82
McCoy 1-6,37-58,72-82
O.Miller 1,7-80
Muresan 1-78,81-82
R.Patterson 1,12-42,72-82
Webber 59-71
Christie, P.Hardaway, Er.Johnson, Russell, Sabonis, Wesley = 0

DRobinson 1-2
JONeal 3-27
AKeefe 28-37
DonyellMarshall 38-40
WWilliams 41-43
CChilds 44-46
BBarry 47-67
GRice 68-82, 3-25
RDavis 26-32
AHarrington 26-37, 41-46, 53-82
EPerry 26-43, 47-53
Brunson 1-25, 54-82
C.Benjamin 1-25, 77-82
Bo.Wells 1-71
Duncan, Fisher = 0

Nesterovic 3-82
M.Stewart 43-82
Marbury 1-2
Stackhouse 3-15
Kerr 16-25
D.Barry 29-82
Garnett 26-30
J. Smith 31-41
J.Howard 42-64
Strong 65-74
M. Smith 75-77
Dele 78-79
Laettner 19-74
Seikaly 1-68
Askins 55-82
Starks 0

11/10/1999 Divisional Alignment
  Here are the division groupings:
    1) Frank, Rick, Peter, Jim, Tom, Mike, and Mark
    2) Charles and Ed
    3) JJ and Aaron
    4) One of Ron, Dale, and JasonD will be placed in a separate
  To accomplish this I created a list of 17 league positions and
a separate list of 17 teams.  I rolled a die to specify a league
position and then rolled a die to specify which team went into
that league position.  Each randomly determined position was decided
in this manner.  Division 1 had 9 teams while division 2 had 8 teams.
  It was first randomly determined that WAL was placed in league
position 17 (division 2) which meant that SUN, IND, and SOU were
automatically placed in division 2 (taking up league positions 14-16
though this didn't matter until future die rolls occurred) while BUF,
FRE, KAU, LAK, MAD, MIL, and WOO were placed in division 1 (league
positions 1-7).
  It was next randomly determined that RON was in league position 10
(division 1).
  It was next randomly determined that NOR was in league position 9
(division 2) which meant that the last remaining league position (8)
in division 1 had to be filled by a new team which meant that DAK and
WIL were placed in division 2.
  It was next randomly determined that LEX was placed in division 1
which meant that APP was placed in division 2.

11/10/1999 Games Missed List Deadline
  MAD, WOO, and FRE were one day late while Ron was 5 days late
having not checked his e-mail in over a week, with the league's
agreement (6 members agreed) I was about to start the league
without Ron in it but fortunately Ron sent the list that day

11/10/1999 Team NOR
  NOR did not cover all of its needed games of eligibility at PG
(246 games) so the EC has made the following transaction for NOR.
NOR's penalty is losing a better player not of its choosing (in
this case C.Blount):
  NOR receives J.Crotty from The Expansion Pool
  The Expansion Pool receives C.Blount

11/09/1999 Team HAR
  Don has wisely decided that his work is too much this year for
him to be able to be reasonably sure that he can fulfill league
requirements; Don was a valued member of the league and in my
mind is welcome to return in future years; the EC has decided by
a very narrow margin to go with 17 teams; had Don left the league
before the pre-season we would not be considering an autoplayed
team and by Don leaving now the situation doesn't seem any different
to Ed, Charles, and JasonB while Mike, Rick, and Mark liked the idea
of having 18 teams with the possibility of finding someone to run
the team at some point in the season

11/09/1999 Trade
  WOO receives J.Howard, C.Laettner, K.Askins, and APP #3 pick
  APP receives A.Jamison, C.Williamson, and R.Slater

11/07/1999 Supplemental
  APP picks up K.Rheeves from the remaining rookie/free-agent
      pool and cuts M.Garnett

11/06/1999 Trade
  WOO receives J.Smith
  LAK receives T.Williams and WOO #1 pick

11/05/1999 Rule change
  Should we change things to not have the first game of each non-
  face-to-face playoff series autoplayed?  Ed, Mark, and Charles
  vote yes and Rick votes no -- the rule change is official.

11/05/1999 Trade
  LAK receives R.Horry
  SOU receives LAK #1 pick (2000) and T.Williams (player named 11/06)

10/31/1999 Trade (during middle of 4th round of draft)
  DAK receives WIL #5 pick and DAK #5 pick
  WIL receives DAK #5 pick (2000) and DAK #6 pick (2000)

10/30/1999 Trade (towards beginning of 4th round of draft)
  MIL receives P.Pierce
  BUF receives Nowitzki and Dampier

10/30/1999 Trade (towards beginning of 4th round of draft)
  LAK receives V.Carter, Ostertag, KAU #4 pick, and MIL #5 pick
  MIL receives Ratliff, Nowitzki, and Stepania

10/30/1999 Ed's Draft Admin Errors
By mistake I forgot to put Muresan, B.Shaw, and M.Simon on the
  sombk league with the rest of the rookie/free-agents though
  they were each on the list on the web page and on the Excel
  spreadsheet I sent out.  I took Muresan with my 3rd round pick
  while the other two players were taken in much later rounds by
  other coaches.  A few people have indicated that this is not a
  problem (errors do occur) but if anyone would like to make any
  sort of issue of this please feel free.

10/30/1999 Team HAR
About two weeks ago Don and Mark agreed to a very minor trade
  (Maloney for a 3rd) and while Don confirmed the deal to Mark,
  Don did not confirm the deal to me the same day.  A day or two
  later I e-mailed Mark and cc'ed Don saying that until I get direct
  confirmation of any trade from all involved coaches there is no trade.
A few days later Don confirmed the trade and was apologetic about
  not having sent me confirmation in the first place ("...very sorry
  for the confusion").  Since there was no deadline coming up it
  wasn't a problem for me whatsoever (and I'm sure that with such
  a minor deal it wasn't a problem for Mark, either).
On 10/24 two days before the cut deadline I received an e-mail from
  Frank in which he reported a trade between Frank and Don.  In that
  e-mail Frank forwards Don's agreement of the deal.  It is probable
  that Don thought that Frank's e-mailing me was sufficient despite
  the Maloney situation the previous week but Don didn't send me
  any e-mail regarding the trade.  As it stands Don never did confirm
  Frank's deal and it's too late now since the deal involved draft picks
  unless they want to re-agree to a deal.  Consequently Frank was
  given the raw end of the deal so to speak since he planned his
  draft around having this trade.
Beginning 10/25 I have repeatedly e-mailed Don about this and have
  received no response.  I also e-mailed Don concerning his availability
  for today's draft.  Don never sent me any lists or indication of his
I strongly suspect that something personal has come up in his life
  or whatever (completely none of my business) and he hasn't been
  able to get online.  These things do happen as one's life is far more
  important than this league.
After making what he thought was a trade Frank traded away to
  Mark one of the draft picks he had thought he received from Don
  in a deal which both Frank and Mark confirmed.  However, this
  deal too never went through because the other one fell through
  so Mark also gets a raw end of the deal.
I get a raw end of the deal because of having to deal with all of
  this, though that's more of a life inconvenience thing which goes
  with the territory of running a league.
So far I have had the computer pick players for team HAR.  Moving
  forward:  what should we do if anything regarding team HAR?
Ed's opinion 10/30:  I'd like to hear from Don first though I don't
  have his current phone number (I left a voicemail at a number I
  did have but I doubt he received the message).  Team HAR has been
  severely penalized with the computer's choice of terrible draft
  picks and before anything else is done regarding team HAR I'd like
  to wait a few days to hear from Don.
JasonB's opinion 10/30:  Don has been a great coach in our league and
  I hope everything is alright with him. Missing somthing like the draft
  is something I wouldn't expect from Don I and I think we need to wait
  until we hear from him.
Mark's opinion 10/30:  Of course I'd prefer to hear from Don first, we
  all have real lives and if something came up that was that important
  he couldn't get back to us at all I will definitely understand, so
  lets see what happens, then I'll give my call on this one.
Frank's opinion 10/30:  I also think we should wait to hear from Don as
  to what has happened.  Certainly, if he had some kind of emergency, I
  would accept that as a valid reason, but if that's not the case, I
  think we need to consider Don's standing as a member of this league.
  I spent hours looking over rosters, making trade offers, and trades as
  it was, which was all for naught, since Don did not show.  I then had
  to spend more hours trying to work other deals to rectify the situation.
  Correct me if I'm wrong, but Don did not make his player cuts either, did
  he Ed?  [Ed note: Don made his cuts on 10/16 the day he confirmed the
  Maloney deal.]  You had to make those for him.  And now his draft picks,
  too (DOM).  I'm not saying Don did this on purpose, we need to wait until
  we here his side of it, but it wasn't at all fair to Mark or I who had
  made trades and draft decisions based on trades which we thought had gone
  through.  This kind of thing makes participation in a league like this not
  seem worth it.  In this case, I think we were able to work it out, but I'm
  still disappointed I wasn't able to make my trade with Don and the draft
  picks that I wanted.  Just my thoughts...
Don's response 10/30:  I must first say I am very, very sorry to everyone in
  the league for my screwup this week.  Not to make excuses but everything had
  to take a backseat to my job the last 2+ weeks and it has shown in everything
  I have done including me screwing up the SOMIBA draft.  I must offer my utmost
  apologize to Frank and Mark about the Trade I made with Frank and forgot to
  send my confirmation to ED.  Once again I screwed that up and I say please
  forgive me.  My system is not with me so I can get online everyday like I did
  last season due to a personal situation in my life, but it is no excuse for not
  sending a simple email or making a call.  Again, I am very sorry to all,
  especially to Frank and Mark who where depending on a trade I had made and
  screwed up on.
Ed's opinion 10/31:  Don's "penalty" was that the computer took terrible draft
  picks for his team.  Of course if this same sort of thing happens again (either
  agreeing to a trade and not confirming it for days or failing to show or make
  arrangements for a league event) then we would not want to keep him in the league.
  Don is a very valued member of this league so I doubt that either of these will
  happen again.
Mike's opinion 10/31:  I think Don should be on probation and next screw up of any
  kind he is gone.
Mark's opinion 10/31:  I concur with Mike on this one.
Rick's opinion 10/31:  I would say if he disappears without communication at a time
  when he should not (i.e., drafts, deadlines, etc.), then boot him out.
JasonB's opinion 11/2:  A "prt" file???? Come on guys!!!!!

10/26/1999 Roster Cuts (* = didn't play last year, cannot be drafted)
BUF cuts C.Antsey, K.Garris*, M.Muursepp*, I.Newbill*, C.O'Bannon,
  and Mo.Williams
DAK cuts M.Conlon, C.Drexler*, K.Ollie, Roy Rogers*, R.Seikaly,
  B.Stith, and L.Vaught
FRE cuts A.Croshere, Ed.Gray, M.Milic, E.Murdock, and D.Royal*
HAR cuts K.Edwards*, P.Ellison*, M.Jordan*, S.Kerr, R.Mahorn,
  A.Parker, and S.Rooks
IND cuts T.Edney*, E.Riley, S.Roberts, D.Scott, R.Walters, and
KAU cuts E.Davis*, J.McIlvaine, P.Miller, J.Nordgaard*, M.Price*,
  and C.Rogers
LAK cuts D.Barry, M.Davis, T.Day*, B.Jackson, R.Jordan, and C.Rozier*
MAD cuts S.Burrell, C.Gatling, L.Harris, J.Kleine, W.Perdue, and
MIL cuts A.Carr, L.Green, R.Rhodes, J.Vaughn, and Mi.Williams
NOR cuts T.Delk, C.Herrera, Do.Jones*, V.Lenard, S.Respert, and
SOU cuts L.Daniels*, D.Ham*, G.Madkins*, L.Mayberry, X.McDaniel*,
  and B.Wennington
SUN cuts D.Causwell, T.Fuller, R.Geary*, T.Knight, D.Martin, and
WAL cuts L.Ellis, T.Farmer*, K.Johnson*, J.Lawson*, W.McCarty,
  and G.Shammgod*
WIL cuts M.Bennett, J.Buechler, K.Closs, G.Grant, P.Jones, and
WOO cuts V.Askew*, A.Bowie*(Mr. triple-double), R.Brunson, H.Ellis,
  C.Garner, and J.Honeycutt

10/26/1999 Trade
  DAK receives M.Rose and DAK #3 pick
  KAU receives Dudley and SUN #3 pick

10/26/1999 Trade
  DAK receives D.Garrett
  MIL receives KAU #4 pick

10/25/1999 Trade
  BUF receives J.Caffey
  FRE receives HAR #3 pick

10/20/1999 and 11/05/1999 league rulings on last year player overuses
  Here are all of the player overuses from last year.  In each case the
EC voted that the player overuse was accidental and not grossly negligent
by a 5-0 vote (Ed, Rick, Mike, Charles, and Mark) with the exception of
MIL's overuses which were voted on 4-1 with Charles feeling that "He
willingly dumped players last year, and should have taken his minutes
into account, particularly at the point guard position" while recommending
doubling the minutes penalties; penalties for this year are listed after
the equal sign:
  DAK Divac played 65 games but was eligible 64 games -- must miss the
first 2 games of the playoffs) = done, no further adjustment needed
  WIL Donyell Marshall played 72 games but was eligible 71 games -- must
miss the first 2 games of the playoffs = done, no further adjustment needed
  MAD K.Gill played 82 games but was eligible 81 games -- must miss the
first 2 games of the playoffs = done, no further adjustment needed
  FRE Brandon played 51 games but was eligible for 50 games -- must miss
the first 2 games of the playoffs; B.Grant played 62 games but was eligible
for 61 games -- must miss the first 2 games of the playoffs; E.Gray played
32 games but was eligible for 30 games -- must miss the first 4 games of the
playoffs; Milic played 195 but was eligible for 171 minutes -- must miss the
first 9 games of the playoffs and may only play in 3 minutes of the 10th game;
Mike indicates that regarding the game overuses he had been using the "games
missed list" (which was still up on this news page) rather than the "days
missed list" on the rosters) = done, no further adjustment needed
  KAU Nordgaard played 75 minutes but was eligible for 50 minutes -- must
miss the first 12 games of the playoffs and may only play in 2 minutes of
the 13th game; KAU only played 5 playoff games and Nordgaard did not play
in the NBA last year = immediately after the rookie/free-agent draft we
will make an 8-game downward adjustment of a comparable player at
Nordgaard's position (PF/SF), we have reduced R.Stack's games by 8
  BUF C.O'Bannon 31/30 games = immediately after the rookie/free-agent
draft we will make a 1-game downward adjustment of a comparable player at
O'Bannon's position (SF/SG), we have reduced To.Bailey's games by 1
  IND Recasner 60/59 games = immediately after the rookie/free-agent draft
we will make a 1-game downward adjustment of a comparable player at
Recasner's position, we have reduced Recasner's games by 1
  IRO J.Howard 65/64 games; Harrington 1062/948 minutes; Pollard 373/333
minutes = nothing should be done as Michael is not in the league
  NOR Foyle 56/55 games; Blount 71/70 games = immediately after the
rookie/free-agent draft we will make a 1-game downward adjustment of
comparable players at their positions, we have reduced Foyle's and Blount's
games by 1 each
  SOU Mayberry 80/79 games; Horry 73/72 games = immediately after the
rookie/free-agent draft we will make a 1-game downward adjustment of
comparable players at their positions, we have reduced Horry (before the
trade to LAK) and D.Brown by 1 game each
  MIL Sprewell 575/574 minutes; McGrady 1262/1238 minutes; Rhodes 1250/1124
minutes; E.Snow 1112/964 minutes; Mi.Williams 222/169 minutes; J.Vaughn
447/440 minutes; L.Green 180/130 minutes = immediately after the rookie/
free-agent draft we will make an equal downward adjustment of comparable
players' games/minutes at their positions, we have reduced McGrady by 24
minutes, E.Snow by 148 minutes, P.Pierce by 1 minute, and Sura by 236 minutes
  WOO M.Stewart 1557/1527 minutes = immediately after the rookie/free-agent
draft we will make a 30-minute downward adjustment of a comparable player at
Stewart's position (hopefully Stewart himself), we have reduced Stewart by
30 minutes

10/16/1999 Trade
  BUF receives HAR #3 pick
  HAR receives M.Maloney

10/16/1999 Trade
  MIL receives Z.Ilgauskus, T.Brandon, S.Walker, and FRE #1 pick
  FRE receives P.Ewing, L.Sprewell, G.Trent, and MIL #2 pick

10/14/1999 Trade
  KAU receives S.Pippen, J.McIlvaine, NOR #1 pick, and NOR #6 pick
  NOR receives A.Iverson, R.Wallace, KAU #1 pick, and DAK #1 pick

10/13/1999 Trade
  MAD receives B.Phills
  SOU receives C.Ward

10/12/1999 Trade
  LAK receives M.Blaylock
  KAU receives A.Davis

10/11/1999 Roster Correction
  Charles pointed out that the B.Wells on Indiana is Bubba Wells who did not
play in 1998-99 while the B.Wells who did play is Bonzi Wells; I have added
Bo.Wells to the rookie/free-agent list and have corrected Bu.Wells' stats
(lack thereof) on Indiana's roster.  Thank you Charles.

10/11/1999 Trade
  BUF receives S.Nash
  WIL receives B.Barry and BUF #2 pick

10/10/1999 Trade
  SUN receives M.Geiger and C.Whitney
  BUF receives T.Best, T.Abdul-Wahad, SUN #1 pick, and SUN #5 pick