Chris crwkmw@juno.com has expressed an interest in joining the league

9/4/2001 advertised in www.somworld.com discussion forum; 9/7/2001 advertised in two
  newsgroups comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.sports and rec.sport.basketball.pro

8/14/2001 Brief commentary
Two of our original league members have left the league before the upcoming season due
  to lack of time to participate.  Jim and Peter were valued members of the league but
  to assuage any doubts:  the league will continue.  My plan for this league is to continue
  until either almost no-one is having a good time (I don't think we're close to this
  stage at all), I get knocked unconcious and decide to take up line-dancing full time
  (I'd really have to get knocked out big-time for this to happen), or SOM stops making
  the game (I doubt that this will happen but you never know).  So go ahead and build your
  team for the future because as long as you'll be here and interested so will the league.

8/14/2001 Team KAU
Peter has decided that due to upcoming commitments later this year he will not be able
  to continue in the league.  Peter was a very valued member of the league and we wish
  him good luck.  Team KAU will be added into the expansion pool (when I get a chance to
  update it)

7/31/2001 Team WOO
Jim (Team WOO) has decided that he will not be able to continue membership in the league.
  It has been very enjoyable having Jim in the league since its beginning a few years ago
  and we wish him good luck.  Team WOO has been added into the expansion pool

5/1/2001 MIL playoff round 1
For games 3 and 4 of MIL's first round playoffs against KAU Scott/MIL had forgotten
  to set the "save game file" setting so there were no gfl game result files; the EC
  ruled 3-0 (Ed, Rick, and Charles) that the prt files for these games appeared to be
  in order and we did not feel that discounting these games (both won by MIL) was
  warranted, also the EC voted 3-0 not to require Scott to re-create the gfl files
  from the prt files (about a 15 minute process per game) though if it were a regular
  season game then a game cannot count unless the gfl file is received

4/23/2001 Season Player Overusage


KAU, LAK, HAR, WAL, SUN = no overusage

L.Ellis was used in 59 games which is more than his allowed 58 --
  L.Ellis must miss the first two games of the first round series
H.Workman was used 400 minutes which is more than his allowed
  368 -- H.Workman must miss his first 64 (32x2) minutes of eligibility
  in the playoffs which since he played 10 minutes per game translates
  to 6 games plus 4 minutes in the following game and since he is only
  eligible to play in 2 games per series this disqualifies him for the entire
  playoffs (plus an adjustment will be made next season to cover any
  missed time which did not occur in the playoffs)

J.O'Neal was used 988 minutes which is more than his allowed
  902 minutes -- J.O'Neal must miss the first 172 minutes of eligibility
  in the playoffs which since he played 12 minutes per game translates
  to the first 14 games of the playoffs; normally an adjustment would
  be made next season to cover whatever time had not been missed
  in the playoffs but Rudy was filling in for team WIL and will not be
  keeping team WIL so while the EC will discuss this I doubt that any
  adjustment will be made next season
G.Trent was used in 12 games which is more than his allowed 11 --
  Trent is only eligible for 1 game per playoff series anyway so he
  must miss his first 2 games of eligibility which translates to the
  first 2 playoff series

P.Miller was used 502 minutes which is more than his allowed
  500 -- in his first playoff game he plays in round 1 he may only
  play a maximum of 10 minutes (2x2 less than the 14 he played
  in the NBA); for clarification, if he misses round one then he is
  considered to have missed what he needs to miss, if he misses
  game 1 of round 1 but plays in game 2 then he may play no
  more than 10 minutes

NON-PLAYOFF TEAMS (shorthand is used in the following, before the
  slash is what the player played in somiba and after the slash is
  what he was allowed; all adjustments or penalties will be dealt
  with by the Executive Committee next pre-season 2001-2002):

IND, WOO, DAV, NOR, LEX = no overusage

T.Thomas 81/80 games
Sh.Williams 45/43 games and 784/543 minutes
Maggette 78/77 games
Tabak 20/18 games and 269/120 minutes
J.McCoy 808/783 minutes
G.Foster 829/754 minutes

Camby 1638/1625 minutes
McKey 685/666 minutes
K.David 595/498 minutes
Longley 1565/1488 minutes
R.Hughes 252/235 minutes
Sunvov 74/64 minutes
Cage 322/254 minutes

Ratliff 59/57 games
Billups 14/13 games

R.Hamilton 72/71 games
Skinner 21/20 games
(note: both of these were definitely done by Ron who ran the team
  through q3 and not by Keith who ran the team q4)

Note, M.Moore played 502 minutes (for DAV and then LEX) which was more than the 470 he
  had been listed as being allowed to play; however, Brian/DAV points out that the roster
  sheet had incorrectly listed Moore with 448 minutes instead of the 488 he was listed
  with in the sombk game (and on espn.com) so Moore should have been allowed to play 512
  minutes and thus there was no overuse.

4/22/2001 game losmil88
On 4/20 I sent an e-mail to Scott/MIL indicating that the losmil88.zip file he sent me
  on 4/19 did not contain a gfl game result file, on 4/22 9pm I still hadn't heard from
  Scott so losmil88 was autoplayed (using a LOS gpl) which LOS won

Jeff jbevier@email.msn.com has expressed an interest in joining the league next season

Keith bredd@gcronline.com has expressed a strong interest in taking over team MOT for
  the 4th quarter of the season; 3/19 Keith has purchased the updated team disk and will
  probably be taking over MOT, I will hold MOT aside until Keith gets his disks and
  decides; next season Keith will be welcome to join the league by drafting a new
  expansion team; 4/1 Keith has taken over team MOT and will send away gpl's for MOT's
  remaining away games and play MOT's remaining home games

3/14/2001 NOR q4 gpl's
Ed noticed that in norwal82.gpl and norwal93.gpl Otis Thorpe is in the lineup grid for
  several minutes at SF even though Thorpe is not allowed to play SF; Kyle/NOR has been
  asked to redo his q4 gpl's and also to determine which previous games Thorpe may have
  been used at SF; 3/16 NOR q4 gpl's resent without Thorpe at SF, Kyle is fairly sure
  that he only wanted Thorpe at SF when Stojakovic rests after game 81 so Kyle is fairly
  sure that he did not use Thorpe at SF in any game

3/11/2001 q3 autoplayed games
galmot51, walmot54, milmot56, kaumot58, soumot59, wilmot61, davmot63, and harmot64 all
  lost by mot; in bro's q3 gpl's there was no gpl against mot so both teams were "let
  computer set lineups" for bromot66 won by mot; lexmot68 won by mot; wilmil48, woomil57,
  and davmil67 lost by mil; motmil60 and indmil63 won by mil; harlos53 won by har

3/11/2001 Team MOT
Ron/MOT wrote:  "Ed, I am sorry to say I will not able to finish my games. I do not have
  the time anymore to many others thing keep me form doing my best , There for I think
  it is best for all if drop out of the league. Thanks for all the fun I have had  Ron
  Karbowski"; it was somewhat clear to me during Ron's participation that Ron was not at
  all enthusiastic about the league (compared to other things) since he was almost always
  either at-the-last-minute or late with gpl's and game results; I don't know what to do
  when I see this happening, not doing things until immediately before the deadlines is
  a sign that the league is a chore to that person and this league is for fun not chore
This comes just before the q3 game result deadline so I'll autoplay all MOT's q3 home
  games; MOT's players will be added into the expansion pool for next year

3/9/2001 q4 MIL
Scott/MIL wrote:  "I hatre to do this.. but I think their are 2 games that I played, that
  I can't find.  I am off to the Bahamam is about 2 hours, so I won't be able to play
  them before the deadline.  If you could auto play them that would be great."; Ed said
  that he would autoplay unplayed games at the game result deadline 3/11 evening and
  asked that game results be sent when played to avoid this situation
There are 4 game results which I'll need to autoplay

2/24/2001 Team BRO
Charles noticed that Daniels was incorrectly set as eligible for brosun62; after checking
  Nigel/BRO finds out that the counter he was using for which games particular players
  are ineligible has been off by 2 since day (or game) 22 so it is likely that BRO has
  inappropriately used ineligible players for many games; 2/25 Nigel has sent out a few
  replacement gpl's for q3 away games not yet played and Nigel knows now that he should
  always check the web page rosters to find out which players are ineligible on which
  days; 3/12 the EC decided by 3-1 vote (with Ed the one dissention) that instead of
  just waiting until next year to sort things out Nigel should find out which players
  were used in which games they were not supposed to play so that the situation can be
  addressed now, if this is not done now then not-so-simple penalties will be assessed
  next year (the delay in this ruling was mostly due to finding the exact wording of
  the e-mail to Nigel); 3/16 Nigel has requested all of his prt files to check for the
  accidental overusages and Ed has sent all bro prt files to Nigel;
3/20 EC ruling based upon chart below (first 3 columns discovered by Nigel, Ed added the
  last two columns):  Sh.Williams will miss bromil70, Tabak and Daniels will miss
  lexbro78, Daniels will miss davbro88, and Maggette will miss brolex86.  For the games
  in which a player was overused against wal, lak, kau, and nor similar adjustments will
  need to be made next season since you have no more games against those opponents;
in Error    Could have  Day#  Opponent  Next
Maggette    G.Foster     38    vs WAL   None
Sh.Williams J.Jones       9    vs WAL   None
Tabak       G.Foster      9    vs WAL   None
Nash        Daniels      68    vs NOR   None
Tabak       G.Foster     68    vs NOR   None
Sh.Williams G.Foster     13    vs MIL   bromil70
Tabak       Nash         63    vs LEX   lexbro78
Daniels     Sh.Williams  63    vs LEX   lexbro78
G.Foster    Maggette     33    vs LAK   None
G.Foster    Daniels      46    vs KAU   None
Daniels     Cheaney       2    vs DAV   davbro88
Williams    Daniels      47    at NOR   None
Foster      Jamison      47    at NOR   None
Maggette    Foster       36    at LEX   brolex86
Maggette    Foster       37    at LAK   None

2/10/2001 Team WIL
Rudy brw9532@bellsouth.net will be taking over team WIL for the remainder of the season
  and playoffs; next season Rudy will be welcome to draft a team from the expansion pool

2/2001 Rules Discussion
In an informal discussion it was unanimously agreed that next year we will remove the rule
  requiring three players eligible at each position in each game (the requirement will go
  down to two) since this rule adds more of a burden to coaches and for the league to
  administer than it's worth, this will be put up to a league-wide vote before next season

1/30/2001 MOT
Ron/MOT did not meet the 2nd quarter deadline (10:00 p.m. PST) for any of his game
  results and sent all but one of them (milmot34) at 1:30 p.m. PST the next day; Ed
  was unable to get online or autoplay games after 9:30 p.m. and the next time Ed was
  able to work on league business was the next evening at which point Ed received and
  imported the game results; before and including this time it has been Ed's policy
  to autoplay games as soon after the deadline he can and in this case that time was
  the next evening; 1/31 I autoplayed milmot34 which was won by mil; 2/1 Ron wrote:
  "Sorry for delay. I hade a problem with my sever for days an could not send games.
  Then when I could send them all my games were lost. So I quickly replayed then all
  and sent them to your ASAP"; I reminded Ron about notifying the league beforehand
  if there are any problems meeting deadlines and we'd be glad to work things out

1/24/2001 WIL
In a brief statement Allen has decided to discontinue his membership in the league:
  "Hi Ed,OK this league is no longer any fun for me. Anytime you can find a replacement
  coach you got the go ahead to give them my team.  Allen"
Allen was a very good league member but considering that the whole point of being in
  the league is to have fun Allen made the right decision.  Ed indicated to Allen that
  he will not be playing the rest of WIL's games as it's much better to have games
  autoplayed than to have someone not having fun playing the games.
WIL's q3 and q4 games will be autoplayed and gpl's auto-created by Ed (with the exception
  of games against WAL/Ed) unless a temporary replacement can be found to take over WIL
  (this replacement would not get to keep the team next year but would get to play in
  the playoffs if WIL makes it that far).  See 2/10/2001 entry above regarding replacement.
  WIL was 27-13 after the first half of the season.

1/24/2001 Trade
A trade in which WIL would receive R.Strickland and LOS would receive C.Childs was not
  allowed by a 2-2 EC vote; Charles and Ed voted to not allow the deal while Rick and
  Peter voted to allow the deal; tie-breaker was decided in the same way as the trade
  on 10/27; in summary, all 4 felt that Strickland had more overall value than Childs,
  while Rick felt that the deal was not one-sided enough to warrant disallowing and
  Peter felt that with Strickland's reduced minutes this year his value has gone down
  Charles and Ed felt that Childs who is only 1 year younger than Strickland (i.e.,
  they are both old) is fairly bad and wouldn't even make the 10-man roster limit of
  many teams in this league whereas Strickland still has 2-3 years left of being a
  fairly decent PG

1/18/2001 wilgal30
Steve/GAL pointed out that due to confusion between games missed and days missed Steve
  accidentally used Cassell in wilgal30 even though Cassell was scheduled to miss this
  game, Steve indicates that no other players on his team have been affected by this
  confusion and I have asked him to verify this for also away games; Cassell will be
  scheduled now to miss wilgal40 and Allen/WIL was given an opportunity to send a
  replacement gpl

1/14/2001 late gpl's
I do not have any gpl's (or away game results) from Ron/MOT; I do not have any gpl's for
  WIL but I do have 5 away game results so I'm fairly sure it's just a matter of my
  getting the zip file containing all of the gpl's; woolos28 was created against lak in
  error and a woowil game was not created; I have sent a reminder out for those who's gpl's
  are past the 1/13/2001 deadline
1/15 update:  woolos28 and woowil gpl sent but woodav35 it turns out is a gpl set without
  having updated the league so 1/15 I resent the end-of-q1 league update to Jim/WOO and
  asked him to re-create woodav35 and send it to Brian and to me; 1/20 update have not
  heard from Jim so sent a reminder e-mail about this; 1/21 Jim wrote:  "Hey Ed, Sorry
  about the gameplan.  I got Brian's message, but I must have erased yours accidentally
  (Sometimes I'm too fast erasing that spam).  Since I can't find the league update, if
  you can send it again, I will finish the gameplan ASAP", league file resent, gpl received
1/15 update:  Ron/MOT wrote "I am havine A: Drive troubles I am getting it fixed today
  and will have them out by Tuesday Morning , Sorry for any delay"; gpl's received 1/15
1/15 update: Allen/WIL sent me the gpl's, he had sent them all out individually prior 1/13/2001 losgal24 Steve points out that he accidentally played A.Harrington in this game even though he was scheduled to miss this game; I have asked Steve to find the next los@gal game in which Harrington is scheduled to play and we will set him as ineligible in that game which is losgal49; Steve says that there is a WOO away game with Harrington improperly set as eligible so Steve sent out to Jim/WOO and to me a replacement gpl 1/10/2001 Trade KAU receives A.Walker, NOR #3, and NOR #4 NOR receives A.Davis, KAU #1, and KAU #2 Note: this trade will not go into effect until the 3rd quarter of the season begins Note: since after the 2nd quarter KAU and NOR have played the same # of games there is no adjustment to the days missed which needs to be made as both players have missed all of the games they need to miss 1/10/2001 SOU situation AaronM points out that since Ward will be ineligible due to league ruling the rest of the year except for about 14 more games this will leave SOU without enough minutes to cover the rest of the season; AaronM pointed out that the problem games would be when Hoiberg is scheduled as ineligible The EC voted on what to do: a) nothing; b) adjust D.Brown's days missed list since he was not used in many (about 17) games in which he was eligible so that Brown is used his total allowed games; c) redo our Ward ruling so that he is not prevented in playing games in the 3rd and 4th quarter, instead apply the penalty next year; d) assign to SOU a bad but decent games/minutes player from the free-agent pool, SOU may not keep that player next year and must cut one player to get down to 16 players, this would be done at the end of the 2nd quarter; the voting was close but option D won out over option A with B and then C rounding out the votes At the quarter break (end of the month) Tim Legler will be added to team SOU and a player of AaronM's choice will be cut from SOU; 1/31 AaronM chose to cut R.Hughes 1/1/2001 SOU Charlie Ward When importing a souwal game Ed noticed that Ward was scheduled in the lineup grid to play 10-15 minutes at SG which a position Ward is not allowed to play (he's PG only on the sombk league and on the web and Excel rosters); Ed imported each of SOU's q1 gpl's and a few of SOU's q2 gpl's and Ward was at SG in each of them; AaronM verified that he mistakenly thought Ward was a PG/SG and played him in each of his 29 games so far at SG; the EC ruled 5-0 that Ward should be ineligible for the next 29 games so AaronM will resend gpl's (with Ward set as ineligible) for q2 games not yet played and will play all remaining q2 home games with Ward ineligible, Ed will adjust the days missed list for q3 and q4 games as applicable; AaronM has sent replacement gpl's; as it turns out Ward missed 12 q2 games so he must miss 17 more q3 and q4 games in addition to his scheduled days 69-85 so Ward will miss additional days 47-63 12/29/2000 norsou43 prt file accidentally not saved 12/28/2000 sunwal44 With the game tied and 2 minutes to go sombk crashed on Ed's PC (back to the windows desktop); there's nothing to do but replay the game in entirety; this is a recurring problem on Ed's PC, in games where this is likely to happen (there does seem to be a definite pattern) Ed will save and reload every few minutes during the several games where this might be a problem 12/28/2000 Norton q2 gpl's When importing a NOR gpl Ed noticed that NOR had set A.Houston's fatigue grid PG minutes to 0 which meant that in some games there would not be the required 3 PG's eligible with fatigue grid mins at PG; Kyle has sent a couple of replacement gpl's (for games Van Exel misses) but most of the original gpl's are fine 12/20/2000 Days missed adjustment due to Trade After each trade I need to adjust the days missed list of the players traded because different teams have open dates on different days. At the end of the first quarter of the season (at the time of the trade) DAV will have played 22 games while LEX will have played 21 games. Consequently: * Potapenko needs to miss one additional game (so that he ends up playing his allowed # of games) -- Potapenko will miss day 24 * Posey same as Potapenko except that in one game for which he was eligible he did not actually play so there is no adjustment needed for Posey * M.Moore may only be eligible for 7 more games -- new days missed list is 31-94 * Van Horn and McCloud have missed enough games (plus an extra game, actually) * Causwell may only be eligible for 4 more games -- new days missed list is 29-95 Note that I have done this without knowledge of which teams play each other on which days and I've tried to make sure that each team still has 3 players eligible at each position for each game. As always each coach is responsible for not overusing his players. 12/3/2000 Trade (approved 5-0 by EC) DAV receives K.Van Horn, G.McCloud, D.Causwell, LEX #3 LEX receives J.Posey, V.Potapenko, M.Moore, DAV #1 Note: this trade will not go into effect until the 2nd quarter of the season begins 11/6/2000 Trade (approved 4-0 by EC) LOS receives R.Traylor MIL receives H.Workman 11/5/2000 Trade (approved 4-0 by EC) MOT receives J.Terry and 2001 GAL #1 pick GAL receives S.Cassell and 2001 MOT #2 pick 11/4/2000 Draft list error When transcribing everyone's 6th round picks into the roster spreadsheet I noticed that Z.Tabak was not on the list though he was in the rookie/free-agent pool of the sombk league; he should have been listed also on the spreadsheet; EC 2-0 no adjustment needed due to this For face-to-face purposes: AaronK has indicated that he would like to be in the same division with Scott. Peter has indicated that he would like to be in the same division with Jim and also with AaronK and Scott since all live near each other. Rick has indicated that he would like to be in the same division with Peter and Jim and Peter and Jim have agreed. JJ has indicated that he would like to be in the same division with AaronM Division determination: Same structure/scheduling as last year since same number of teams; 17 slots with 1-9 in division A and 10-17 in division B and each team alphabetically assigned a number 1-17 (BRO=1,...,WOO=17); 1) random die roll indicating slot 17 was to be determined, random die roll indicating WOO in that slot; this put KAU, LAK, LOS, and MIL in that division (slots 13-16) by virtue of face-to-face; 2) random die roll indicated slot 2 was to be determined, random die roll indicating LEX in that slot; 3) random die roll indicating slot 3 was to be determined, random die roll indicating SOU in that slot; this put IND in that division (slot 1) by virtue of face-to-face; 4) random die roll indicating slot 12 was to be determined, random die roll indicating HAR in that slot; this put BRO, DAV, and GAL in other division (slots 4-6) since this puts 3 expansion teams into each division; 5) random die roll indicating slot 8 was to be determined, random die roll indicating SUN in that slot; 6) random die roll indicating slot 9 was to be determined, random die roll indicating MOT in that slot; 7) random die roll indicating slot 11 was to be determined, random die roll indicating NOR in that slot; 8) random die roll indicating slot 10 was to be determined, random die roll indicating WAL in that slot; this put WIL in slot 7 since that was the only slot remaining Division A: IND, LEX, SOU, BRO, DAV, GAL, WIL, SUN, MOT Division B: WAL, NOR, HAR, MIL, LOS, LAK, KAU, WOO *) Note that the order of teams within the division makes no difference as sombk creates the schedule of each team playing 4 games with each team outside of the division and 6 or 7 games with each team outside of the division; I will create the 7th game matchups by random die rolls after sombk creates the league schedule; also note that the top 8 teams will make the playoffs regardless of divisions which are only for the purposes of accomodating face-to-face scheduling 10/28/2000 Trade IND receives LAK #1 and SOU #3 SOU receives M.Jackson 10/27/2000 Trade LAK receives G.Payton, M.Strickland, Steve #6 Steve receives B.Outlaw, A.Harrington, WOO #1, KAU #1 This trade was approved by the EC by a 2-2 margin with Allen and Charles voting to allow and Ed and Peter voting to disallow, in the case of a tie the three votes of the most long standing EC members are counted and so the deal is allowed; after the vote was made the EC allowed Steve to reconsider the deal and Steve made a carefully thought-out decision to stick with the deal 10/25/2000 Roster cuts SUN cuts S.Elliott, N.Mohammed, L.Mayberry, S.Roberts, M.Simon, K.Young MOT cuts M.Hawkins, Ch.Jones, G.Minor, C.Parks, D.Scott, R.Walters WIL cuts C.Benjamin, R.Brunson, D.Fisher, A.Keefe, E.Perry KAU cuts C.Dudley, J.McIlvaine, J.McInnis, C.O'Bannon, R.Stack, E.Boykins NOR cuts I.Austin, C.Person, G.Foster, J.Crotty, T.Hudson, S.Jacobson LAK cuts J.James, D.MacLean, R.Pack, R.Rhodes, C.Smith, L.Vaught WAL cuts G.Muresan, Ra.Brown, J.McCoy, R.Livingston, K.Closs LEX cuts J.Vaughn, D.Ferry, D.Manning, W.McCarty, Al.Williams, A.Patterson, E.Washington AaronK cuts C.Crawford IND cuts Jayson Williams, Th.Bailey, F.Spencer, B.Wennington, E.Recasner, M.Hendrickson SOU cuts C.Beck, G.Brown, S.Respert, T.Williams, S.Mack, T.Cummings WOO cuts K.Askins, B.Dele, D.Barry, S.Kerr, R.Seikaly, D.Strong 10/25/2000 Trade KAU receives R.Horry and DAK #2 LAK receives KAU #1 10/25/2000 Trade (approved by EC 3-0) AaronK receives Av.Johnson Scott receives L.Ellis and AaronK #1 10/24/2000 Roy Rogers The EC voted 2-1 that although Roy Rogers played 40 games and 355 minutes last year for DEN in the NBA since SOMBK did not put him on any roster he is not eligible to be drafted 10/24/2000 Player overusage penalties from last year By a 2-1 margin the EC voted a week or so ago that each of the player overusages from last year will be penalized with the standard 2-for-1 penalty -- a coach who overused a player (check news99 page for details) will have that player's games or minutes of eligibility reduced as appropriate double the number of games or minutes overused, if after the cut deadline tomorrow that player is no longer with the team then another player at that same approximate position will be reduced; the exception to this is Brian Skinner whose overuse was mitigated by the fact that Ed was explicitly helping with the games scheduling so Skinner will be reduced an equal number of games and minutes to his overuse and not the standard double; the exact reductions will be made most likely on 10/25 just after the cut deadline and they will be listed on this page 10/25/2000 The specifics and the adjustments fre = B.Edwards 576 minutes played though only 487 eligible; I guess the computer didn't set lineups quite right or whatever -- fre is no longer in the league so no adjustment here ind = Hendrickson 37 games played though only 36 eligible; JJ had accidentally sat Stith instead of Hendrickson so Stith ended up playing less than eligible -- Hendrickson no longer on ind, adjustment to be made on Sam Mitchell who will miss 2 additional games app = Fox 73 games played though only 72 eligible; Fox was on two teams this year so either Ed adjusted incorrectly the days missed list after the trade or he was accidentally played in a game which he wasn't supposed to -- app is no longer in the league so no adjustment here lex = Van Horn 70 games played though only 69 eligible; Keith was on three teams this year so ditto the comments on Fox -- Van Horn will miss 2 additional games this year lex = J.Vaughn 154 minutes played though only 150 eligible -- Vaughn no longer on lex, adjustment to be made on G.McCloud who will miss 8 additional minutes mot = D.Anderson 63 games though only eligible for 62 games; either when Ed autoplayed q4 games Ed accidentally messed up on the days missed, which I doubt, or Derek was accidentally played in a game for which he was ineligible -- D.Anderson will miss 2 additional games this year mot = Skinner 47 games and 574 minutes played though only 34 games and 444 minutes eligible; as noted on this page above Ed had mistakenly set the games Skinner should miss and Ron took Ed's advice -- Skinner will miss 13 additional games and 130 additional minutes this year mot = LaFrentz 707 minutes played though only 666 eligible; this was caused by the 12 q4 autoplayed games -- LaFrentz will miss 82 additional minutes this year mot = C.Parks 1958 minutes played though only 1925 eligible; this was caused by the 12 q4 autoplayed games -- C.Parks no longer on mot, adjustment to be made on B.Reeves who will miss 66 additional minutes 10/24/2000 Expansion Draft Modification Ed was reading off Brian's detailed instructions and list for the last 3 rounds of the expansion draft (it was known beforehand that Brian had to leave the draft before its finish) and mistakenly drafted Da.Jones (PG/SG) over C.Mills (SG/SF/PF) in the 10 round since Ed didn't realize that Mobley who was drafter by Brian earlier was rated at PG; by 4-0 vote (Ed abstained) the EC granted Brian's request to have C.Mills replace Da.Jones as the draft pick (since C.Mills was not taken later in the draft); there was one human pick after this so the EC will give Steve the opportunity to take Da.Jones as his 10th round pick (Steve declined on this though requested a different change in his 10th round pick which was denied) and in any case Ed will redo the computer's 10th round picks; change in plans, Brian gets C.Mills instead of Da.Jones but considering the amount of work needed to redraft now that the teams are all set it's just not worth it and is much easier to simply put Da.Jones in the rookie/free-agent pool 10/23/2000 Trade SUN receives O.Miller WAL receives WIL #4 10/23/2000 Trade LEX receives G.McCloud SUN receives LEX #3 10/23/2000 Trade (EC approved 4-0 vote) AaronK receives A.Green and KAU #2 KAU receives AaronK #2 Jonathan jlevy1@mediaone.net has decided not to join the league at this time; William Lakers552@aol.com has decided not to join the league at this time; Marc hawtin47@teleport.com was scheduled to participate in the expansion draft but due to ongoing health problems will not be able to join the league at this time; Tyler tymartin@ix.netcom.com was scheduled to participate in the expansion draft but due to various issues will not be joining the league at this time. 10/13/2000 Team Dakota Jason DAK will not be participating in the league this year due to his schedule; team DAK will be added into the expansion pool. 10/5/2000 Trade LAK receives G.Rice, W.Williams, A.Harrington, and SUN #2 WIL receives S.Smith, K.Anderson, DAK #1, and LAK #2 During the summer a die roll for *tentative* lottery determination was held. With the 6-sided die roll being 4 the first round of next year's draft would have begun with IND, MOT, then APP with dummy teams potentially interspersed as listed in the Constitution. Unfortunately APP will not be participating this year so this die roll was redone. Another die roll for lottery determination was held. With the 6-sided die roll being 6 the first round of next year's draft will begin with NOR, MOT, then IND, with dummy teams potentially interspersed as listed in the Constitution. NOR, MOT, and IND are intact just after the sombk disk was released so this is the official lottery die roll. 9/30/2000 ad in newsgroups posted again 08/14/2000 post on www.somworld.com message board 9/1 Brian bjvl@juno.com has expressed an interest in joining 08/04/2000 "ad" in newsgroups plus SOM web ring responses I posted in newsgroups rec.sport.basketball.pro and comp.sys.ibm.pc.games.sports a message about our league, if anyone knows any other newsgroups lemme know; 8/5 Tyler tymartin@ix.netcom.com has expressed an interest in joining; 8/6 William Lakers552@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining; 8/9 Scott sloanscott@hotmail.com has expressed an interest in joining; 8/12 Steve myril@gate.net has expressed an interest in joining; 8/28 Jonathan jlevy1@mediaone.net has expressed an interest in joining; 9/23 Nigel nahye@acedsl.com has expressed an interest in joining; 10/4 Aaron BigDogAaron13@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining. beginning in August I will be heavily advertising for new league members next season in newsgroups, mailing list, and on web pages I can find; currently 7/9 we have at least one new prospect Marc hawtin47@teleport.com who looks to be very interested in joining and one potential returning member Don dondavisjr@netzero.net 07/09/2000 Tom, Frank, JasonD, and Mark Due to various circumstances (all related to issues with having time to be able to play games and send gpl's on time) the following coaches have indicated that they will not be continuing in the league next season -- Tom/Madison, Frank/Milwaukee, JasonD/Appalachian, and Mark/Buffalo -- all will be missed 06/23/2000 JasonB/Dakota JasonB has indicated that due to school he may or may not be able to play next season