4/17/2008 Playoff Lex at Wyo game 2

In the second half of game 2 Laird/Wyo noticed that Amare Stoudamire wasn’t playing much and

after he played only 8 minutes in a game won by Wyo by 12 Laird looked at the gameplan and

confirmed that Amare was only scheduled for a few minutes (Ed confirmed this later); Dale/Lex

indicated that he must have used the SOMIBA league (and not the SOMIBA Playoff league) when

exporting the gpl; Laird offered to replay the game but by a 5-0 vote (with Ed, Tim, Aaron, Charles,

and Brian agreeing) the EC indicated that the game must stand for a variety of reasons (what if

Laird hadn’t offered, do we penalize a coach for being considerate by making him replay a game

he won? What if Laird had lost, would there even be a replay? What if Amare played 14, what if 24,

where is the line drawn?)



4/9/2008 Regular season overusages

For teams not in the playoffs the overusage penalties will be addressed before next season.


ADA – Q.Richardson played 53 games but was only allowed 49; S.Vujacik played 76 games but was

only allowed 73; O.Harrington played 320 minutes but was only allowed 231; V.Spanoulis played 328

minutes but was only allowed 286

BRO – T.Ford played 76 games but was only allowed 75 = will miss the first 2 games of the playoffs;

R.Morris played 72 minutes but was only allowed 46 = will miss the first (52 minutes) 5 games (he

played 9 minutes per game) and is only eligible in the first 2 minutes of his 6th game of eligibility

DAK – L.Odom played 57 games but was only allowed 56 = will miss the first 2 games of the playoffs;

J.Vaughn played 65 games but was only allowed 64 = will miss the first 2 games of the playoffs

DAV – Jason Williams played 62 games but was only allowed 61 = will miss the first 2 games of the

playoffs; L.Powe played 64 games but was only allowed 63 = will miss the first 2 games of the playoffs

GRE – None

HAR – None

IND – None

LAK – D.Brown played 478 minutes but was only allowed 473

LAN – S.Jasikevicius played 1129 minutes but was only allowed 1070; B.Udrih played 1139 minutes

but was only allowed 1043; E.Barron played 247 minutes but was only allowed 213; P.Davis played

217 minutes but was only allowed 189; D.Wesley played 380 minutes but was only allowed 370;

P.Garrity played 326 minutes but was only allowed 291; M.Madsen played 576 minutes but was only

allowed 497

LEX – None

MIA – M.Camby played 71 games but was only allowed 70; Joe Smith played 66 games but was only

allowed 65; B.Outlaw played 529 minutes but was only allowed 483; R.Hollins played 247 minutes

but was only allowed 194 – this team is no longer owned so there will be no penalties assigned

MIN – None

SAL – K.Bogans played 1115 minutes but was only allowed 1089; S.Pollard played 164 minutes but

was only allowed 114

SPR – None

SUN – None

TEM – K.Snyder played 43 games but was only allowed 39 = will miss the first 8 games of the playoffs;

J.Tsakalidis played 43 games but was only allowed 36 = will miss the first 14 games of the playoffs

TEX – J.Powell played 426 minutes but was only allowed 371; A.Griffin played 735 minutes but was

only allowed 614

TUL – None

UN1 – None

UN2 – S.Jones played 715 minutes but was only allowed 699 – this team was not owned so there

will be no penalties assigned

VAL – None

VFO – None

WAL – None

WYO – None



3/16/2008 MIA

Carlos who was using MIA this season (though would be drafting new if joining the league next season) has

  indicated that he is unable to continue using MIA this season due to other time commitments; MIA will be

  autoplayed for q4 in the same way un1, un2, and vfo are



3/16/2008 DAV

A few days ago Brian/DAV noticed that on some of his away gpl’s he accidentally set L.Powe as eligible

  (though with no minutes in the lineups) so he sent a replacement zip file which I posted on the web page;

  Charles/SUN must have downloaded the file prior to the update and L.Powe played 1 minute in the game



3/3/2008 Tom hstngmblr@msn.com has expressed an interest in joining the league next season



3/2/2008 HAR Q3 Game Result Deadline

Game indhar63 was not received so it was autoplayed using the ind away gpl and a gpl for har’s game 62, ind won



3/2/2008 MIA Q3 Game Result Deadline

Carlos/MIA played only 1 of his Q3 games so I autoplayed the remaining 9 games using the away gpl’s of other

  teams and gpl’s I had for MIA’s Q3 away games with the appropriate personnel (and I sent an e-mail to the

  away opponents of MIA when the results were posted late tonight)



2/18/2008 Team VFO

Doug/VFO has decided that he no longer has time to participate in the league; for q3 and q4 VFO will be run in

  the same way as Unowned 1 and Unowned 2 (gpl’s hand-created though not customized vs opponent, home

  games autoplayed) and unless the team is picked up by a human before q4 begins it will be disqualified from

  the playoffs (see “beginning with the 2007-2008 season on the league’s main web page”)



2/8/2008 DAV

Brian/DAV noticed within the past day or two that he accidentally set Jason Williams as eligible in recent away

  gameplans against ADA and WYO during games when JWill should have been set as ineligible; although

  JWill didn't have any minutes set in the lineup he did get into the games for a few minutes due to foul trouble etc.

As a consequence, the standard procedure on this is for the player to miss the next game against the same

  opponent (for a game in which he otherwise would have been eligible) so Brian will be setting JWill as ineligible

  in adadav77 and wyodav86



1/10/2008 Trade (to go into effect after Q2)

  WYO receives Shaquille O’Neal, Slava Medvedenko, Aaron McKie, and LAK #5

  LAK receives Kwame Brown, Juwan Howard, Dwayne Jones, and DAK #1

At first this deal did not include Howard, McKie, and the #5 but that deal would have put LAK in a much tougher

  position to be able to fill minutes and games plus there were some games in which LAK would only have 1

  player eligible at C and PF; the issue was mentioned and LAK/WYO added Howard, McKie, and the #5 to the

  deal; the deal was approved 4-0 by the EC with Brian, Aaron, Charles, and Ed voting to allow.

In addition, being a new league member Laird/WYO had not known that when creating his games missed list

  before the season he didn’t need to ensure that no more than 12 players were eligible each game so he had

  set Juwan Howard to miss more than the 2 games he was required to miss and Kw.Brown to miss more than

  the 41 games he was required to miss, the EC decided 4-0 (without any request from others) to allow Juwan

  to play all of his remaining games with LAK (having missed his 2 scheduled games in games 1-2 and with

  LAK and WYO having the same number of games remaining) and Kw.Brown to miss his first X games with

  LAK where X = the number of games Kw.Brown will have played for WYO by the end of Q2 (so that he will end

  up playing all of his 41 games if LAK uses him in each eligible game); it turns out that X=13.



12/30/2007 Trade (to go into effect after Q2)

  MIN receives Earl Boykins

  SPR receives Derek Fisher

The EC voted 5-0 to allow this trade with Aaron, Tim, Brian, Charles and Ed voting to allow.  While with SPR

  Boykins missed more than the 16 games he needs to miss so he won’t be set to miss any games for MIN.

  Fisher played 82 games and since SPR and MIN have played the same number of games Fisher won’t

  be set to miss any for SPR.



12/28/2007 SAL issue

  Stuart/SAL has pointed out that in error he has overused Scot Pollard’s minutes and Stuart will no longer use

him for the remainder of the season



12/19/2007 Q1 Game Result Deadline

VFO sent only 2 of its home game results by the 12/18 deadline so the following games were autoplayed;

  all defensive settings for opponents were set to default and the vfo away gpl’s (of nearby days which

  were appropriate for the personnel eligible in the game) were imported although there were no gpl’s

  for when C.Paul was eligible days 20-22 so I put him in the lineup for his 36 minutes

  grevfo11 won by gre

  lexvfo13 won by lex

  adavfo15 won by vfo

  dakvfo16 won by dak

  walvfo19 won by wal

  brovfo20 won by bro

  texvfo21 won by tex

  sunvfo22 won by vfo

12/20 I have e-mailed Doug/VFO and will update this when I receive word; 12/24 update Doug indicated that he

  had fallen behind on issues so I asked Doug to please let me know in the future if a deadline won’t be met,

  Doug indicated that he will send his q2 gpl’s by the deadline



12/9/2007 Trade (to go into effect after Q1)

  DAV receives Boris Diaw and SAL #2

  SAL receives Louis Williams and DAV #2

Modifications to days missed lists:  DAV has played 21 games to SAL’s 20

* Diaw missed his 9 games with SAL and won’t need any adjustment

* L.Williams missed 4 games with DAV and has 19 games to miss so days 19-43 (original) becomes

  days 19-22 (4 games with DAV) and 23-42 (19 games with SAL, one off day in there)



11/12/2007 Games Missed Lists


Note:  Do not use these lists below to determine who is eligible when you are about to play a game

or create a gameplan.  Instead, use the Days Missed List for your players on the Roster page.



Bargnani, Andrea 65 65-81
Collins, Mardy 52 1-40
Gooden, Drew 80 63-64
Harrington, Othella 26 23-73, 77-81
Harris, Devin 80 70-71
Humphries, Kris 60 1-22
Jackson, Stephen 75 76-82
Kleiza, Linas 79 68-69, 82
Morrison, Adam 78 72-75
Noel, David 68 21-49, 63-67, 70-71, 74-82
Novak, Steve 35 1-82
Redd, Michael 53 1-29
Richardson, Quentin 49 30-62
Simmons, Cedric 43 10-53, 82
Spanoulis, Vassilis 31 1-20, 50-69, 72-82
Voskuhl, Jake 73 54-62
Vujacik, Sasha 73 41-49
Williams, Shawne 46 1-9, 50-76



Battier, Shane 0

Curry, Eddy 82

Dupree, Ronald 20-82

Ford, T.J. 1,5,15-19

House, Eddie 23-48

Jefferson, Al 2-14

Johnson, Joe 58-82

Morris, Randolph 1-73,78-81

O'Neal, Jermaine 70-82

Perkins, Kendrick 32-41

Rose, Jalen 1-4,6-38,42-57

Scalabrine, Brian 1,56-82

Sefolosha, Thabo 49-55,72-75

Swift, Robert 1-82

Turkoglu, Hedo 74-82

Wade, Dwyane 1-31

Wilkins, Damien 0

Williams, Shammond 2-22,39-69



B.Bowen 0
K.Bryant 22-26
T.Chandler 22-30
L.Greer 34-74
R.Horry 1-14
J.Kidd 1-2
S.Marbury 3-10
R.Marshall 1-41,75
Y.Ming 1-21,42-54
L.Odom 27-41,55-65
M.Okur 38-39
M.Olowokandi 22-41,45-82
S.Padgett 1-26,40-54,66-75
S.Parker 0
M.Ruffin 15-21,31-75
J.Vaughn 11-21,27-33
R.Wallace 31-37
Aaron Williams 1-30,42-44,55-65



Abdur-Rahim, Shareef 62-63

Adams, Hassan 1-4,7-17,64-69

Araujo, Rafael 1-30, 59-82

Battie, Tony 46-61

Green, Gerald 6

Harpring, Matt 1-5

Harrington, Junior 1-43, 73-82

Hughes, Larry 71-82

Korolev, Yaroslav 1-72

Markota, Damir 31-82

Mutombo, Dikembe 34-40

Nash, Steve 65-70

Powe, Leon 64-82

Singleton, James 5-33

Wafer, Von 1-81

Wallace, Ben 41-45

Williams, Jason 44-64

Williams, Louis 18-40



T Ariza 37-61

M Bonner 1-26

C Booth 44-82

Sh Brown 1-59

Jason Collins 1-2

M Dunleavy 0

J Garbajosa 3-17

R Gomes 33-41

J Kapono 62-76

R Mason 1-20

T McGrady 1-11

F Murray 46-58

B Nachbar 62-67

P O'Bryant 1-66

A Ray 1-35

L Ridnour 37-45,74-75

B Roy 12-36

L Wright 18-32



Chris Duhon 4 1-4
Francisco Elson 12 1-12
Daniel Ewing 21 62-82
Mickeal Gelabale 12 1-12
Devean George 22 61-82
Manu Ginobili 7 60-66
Royal Ivey 29 54-82
Marc Jackson 26 28-53
Andrei Kirilenko 12 36-47
Jamaal Magloire 1 61
Mikki Moore 3 19-21
Morris Peterson  11 22-32
Brian Skinner 15 67-82
Craig Smith 0

Damon Stoudamire 20 5-24
Wally Szczerbiak 50 1-50

Marvin Williams 18 1-18



R.Butler 82

A.Croshere 1-21

E.Dampier 59-64

M.Doleac 1-57, 65-82

S.Francis 1-38

D.Gibson 1-22

N.Hilario 40-57

J.Jack 42-44

M.James 0

J.Lucas 23-82

K.Martin 40-41

T.Murphy 16-29

T.Outlaw 1-15

J.Petro 58

J.Richardson 44-82

A.Roberson 1-82

Josh Smith 30-39



M.Baston 48-82

D.Brown 46-78

V.Carter 0

G.Hill 46-62

T.Hudson 1-45,79-82

L.Hunter 1-30

S.Hunter 60-71

F.Jones 64-82

N.Krstic 27-82

R.McCants 1-47,60-71,73-82

A.McKie 1-62,73-82

S.Medvedenko 1-68

S.O'Neal 1-42

S.Stoudamire 43-63

E.Thomas 43-59

B.Wells 1-45,63-71

Marcus Williams 69-71

C.Williamson 69-82



K.Azubuike  1-41

E.Barron 1-54

E.Brand 56-57

P.Davis 32-82

C.Delfino  0

P.Garrity 1-49

S.Jasikevicius 11-29

Dahntay Jones 30-33

K.Korver 70-77

R.Lewis 34-55

M.Madsen 52-77

M.Miller 58-69

N.Robinson 1-10,56-63

J.R. Smith 64-82

B.Udrih 34-42

C.Villanueva 1-43

M.Vinicius 1-69

D.Wesley 36-82



Rafer Alston 0

Derek Anderson 1-3, 8-36

James Augustine 1-80

Michael Finley 0

Joey Graham 1-3

Stephen Graham 1-68

Al Harrington 4-7

Walter Herrman 1-3, 8-38

Zydrunas Ilgauskas 4-7

Viktor Khryapa 1-3, 8-53

Antonio McDyess 0

Cuttino Mobley 4-7

Tayshaun Prince 0

Rajon Rondo 4-7

Eric Snow 0

Amare Stoudemire 0

Hakim Warrick 0

Chris Webber 8-28



Allen, Tony 33 10-58
Arenas, Gilbert 74 59-66
Batista, Esteban 13 1-34,48-82
Bibby, Mike 82 0
Camby, Marcus 70 35-46
Carney, Rodney 67 18-32
Frye, Channing 72 48-57
Hollins, Ryan 27 1-31 59-82
Jaric, Marko 70 47-58
Johnson, Linton 54 19-46
Lafrentz, Raef 27 1-55
Martin, Kenyon 2 3-82
Outlaw, Bo 41 10-30,56-75
Robinson, Cliff 50 3-34
Smith, Joe 65 61-77
Williams, Shelden 81 77
Wright, Antone 63 1-9 67-76
Wright, Dorell 66 31-46



Arroyo, Carlos 3-12

Bass, Brandon 1-39, 61-82

Bell, Raja 39-42

Brown, P.J. 62-71

Claxton, Speedy 43-82

Deng, Luol 0

Fisher, Derek 0

Granger, Danny 0

Ilyasova, Ersan 67-82

Kaman, Chris 55-61

Lowry, Kyle 3-74

Ratliff, Theo 1-80

Thomas, Kurt 40-54

Udoka, Ime 33-39

West, David 3-32

Williams, Deron1-2



K.Bogans 1-23

A.Bynum 0

Jarron Collins 0

B.Diaw 1-9

M.Ely 31-82

U.Haslem 80-82

J.James 1-41

J.Jones 34-39

E.Najera 27-33

A.Parker 18-26

P.Pierce 48-82

S.Pollard 25-82

L.Roberts 1-28

J.Salmons 15-17

P.Stojakovic 14-82

S.Telfair 11-14

J.Tinsley 1-10



Darrell Armstrong 81 64

Brent Barry 75 28-34

Earl Boykins 66 48-63

DeSagana Diop 81 1

Desmon Farmer 8 1-5,7-27,35-82

Antawn Jamison 70 59-70

Tarence Kinsey 48 1-34

Brevin Knight 45 7-43

David Lee 58 35-58

Pops Mensah-Bonsu 12 1-31,44-82

Emeka Okafor 67 20-34

Tony Parker 77 2-6

Rueben Patterson 81 48

Zach Randolph 68 6-19

Jerry Stackhouse 67 35-37,71-82

Jason Terry 81 1

Justin Williams 26 1-5,32-82



Barea, Jose 1-49
Dickau, Dan 51-82
Dixon, Juan 3
Evans, Maurice 4-9
Head, Luther 1-2
Jefferson, Richard 10-36
Jeffries, Jared 1-3,37-60
Jones, Bobby 1-3,34-68
Marion, Shawn 66-67
Marks, Sean 1-62,66-82
Milicic, Darko 63-64
Pargo, Jannero 0
Payton, Gary 69-82
Rodriguez, Sergio 68-82
Thomas, Tyrus 1-10
Varejao, Anderson 65



A.Anderson 18-82

M.Barnes 77-82

G.Buckner 30-45

J.Calderon 67-71

B.Davis 1-19

R.Evans 44-59

F.Garcia 74-76

B.Haywood 39-43

L.James 63-66

A.Miller 72-73

B.Miller 20-38

R.Nesterovich 60-62

I.Newble 1-67

J.Reiner 1-19,38-82

B.Robinson 1-29,46-68

K.Snyder 20-62

J.Tsakalidas 1-19,38-64



M.Ager 33-82

L.Aldridge 3-21

M.Banks 46-82

A.Biedrins 0

M.Carroll 8-17

A.Carter 3-82

S.Dalembert 0

A.Daniels 1-2

T.Duncan 1-2

M.Ellis 3-7

J.Farmar 18-27

D.Gadzuric 22-49

O.Greene 1-41

A.Griffin 43-70

Josh Howard 71-82

C.J. Miles 28-72

K.Ollie   28-56

J.Powell 1-45



Balkman, Renaldo 18-20,52-62

Bell, Charlie 0

Brown, Devin 28-51

Burke, Pat 21-37,40-82

Dooling, Keyon 5-20

Felton, Raymond 1-4

Hamilton, Richard 21-27

Hassell, Trenton 1-6

Howard, Dwight 0

Martin, Darrick 21-82

Mason, Desmond 11-17

Oberto, Fabricio 1-3

Przybilla, Joe 1-39

Redick, J.J. 4-23,63-82

Songaila, Darius 38-82

Thomas, Tim 5-10



Allen, Malik 42-63

Barbosa, Leandro 25-26

Cassell, Sam 1-24

Douby, Quincy 43-82

Gasol, Pau 60-82

Giricek, Gordan 62-82

Harrison, David 1-58

Hayes, Jarvis 60

Henderson, Alan 18-61

Jackson, Bobby 27-52

Jones, Damon 61-82

Maggette, Corey 53-59

Millsap, Paul 0

Mohammed, Nazr 11-41

Pachulia, Zaza 1-10

Taylor, Donell 1-35

Walker, Antoine 1-4

Webster, Martell 0



Brezec, Primoz 59-82

Diener, Travis 27-82

Diogu, Ike 25-47

Foye, Randy 0

Foyle, Adonal 25-58

Iguodala, Andre 23-28

Iverson, Allen 1-17

Johnson, DerMarr 1-22,29-48,82

Jones, Solomon 1-24

Marshall, Donyell 48

McInnis, Jeff 23-66

McLeod, Keith 49-82

Nelson, Jameer 18-22

Pavlovic, Aleksandar 29-43

Reed, Justin 1-41

Rose, Malik 29-45

Swift, Stromile 55-82

Wilcox, Chris 0



L.Amundson 1-71

C.Billups 1-12

A.Blatche 57-82

C.Boozer 24-31

C.Bosh 32-44

C.Butler 1-19

M Daniels 46-82

D.Davis 1-19,66-82

R.Gay 66-69

K.Hinrich 13-14

L.Jackson 1-54, 68-82

A.Nocioni 20-48

D.Nowitzki 20-23

J.Posey 55-65

R.Price 28-51

D.Stevenson 0

R.Turiaf 45-54

Delonte West 15-27



G.Anthony 66-82

R.Artest 1-12

R.Brewer 27-53

N.Collison 0

J.Crawford 60-82

W.Green 32-39

D.Ilunga-Mbenga 1-61

Alexander Johnson 1-31

Anthony Johnson 68-82

T.Lue 1-26

S.May 36-82

C.Paul 1-18

M.Pietrus 40-49

V.Radmanovic 1-27

S.Randolph 14-82

M.Sene 1-54

M.Sweetney 49-82

Kenny Thomas 63-82



Armstrong, Hilton 20-23,26-27,42,47-51,55-67,82

Bogut, Andrew 1-14,24-25

Boone, Josh 43-46,52-54,68-81

Cato, Kelvin 1-11,20-25,28-58,67-82

Childress, Josh 20-23,42-51,55-67

Davis, Ricky 82

Foster, Jeff 15-19,26-27

*Hart, Jason 12-14,20-37,43-66,82

Hayes, Chuck 38-41

Hodge, Julius 1-11,15-23,26-51,55-78,80-82

Johnson, Amir 1-19,24-42,47-82

Jones, Eddie 11-14,38-41,43-46,52-54,79-81

Livingston, Shaun 1-19,24-25,38-41,52-54

Maxiell, Jason 1-13,24-25

Sampson, Jamal 12-23,26-46,52-54,59-82

Wallace, Gerald 28-37

Walton, Luke 15-23,26-27,68-78

Williams, Maurice 68-81

*Note:  Ed/WAL based J.Hart’s games missed list on the Excel roster but an hour after the

games missed list deadline Charles (who was checking Ed’s list for accuracy as Ed checks

the lists of all others) found that the roster listed 35 games for J.Hart but J.Hart actually played

in 36 games; consequently, the EC agreed that J.Hart should be eligible for 36 games (teams

should not be penalized for a clerical error) and Ed chose game 67 for the additional game

J.Hart will be allowed to play with Aaron and Brian responding to the issue in this way



Allen, Ray 55 12-23,43-57
Atkins, Chucky 75 5-11
Blake, Steve 81 30
Blount, Mark 82 0
Brown, Andre 38 1-2,4-11,24-29,31-57,63-82
Brown, Kwame 41 4-23,30,35-62,70-71
Cardinal, Brian 28 3,5-23,30-42,58-69,72-82
Cook, Brian 65 30,58-62,72-82
Diawara, Yakhouba 64 1-3,5-11,24-29,31-34,70-71
Garnett, Kevin 76 24-29
Gordon, Ben 82 0
Howard, Juwan 80 1-2,63-69
Jones, Dwayne 4 1-30,35-82
Mourning, Alonzo 77 3,31-34
Quinn, Chris 42 1-4,12-57,63-82
Ross, Quinton 81 4
Watson, Earl 77 58-62
Wilks, Mike 47 1-4,12-29,31-72



11/12/2007 Trade reported

  MIN receives Carlos Arroyo

  LAN receives Nate Robinson

The EC voted (in less than an hour!) 5-0 to allow this trade with Tim, Charles, Brian, Aaron, and Ed voting to allow



11/11/2007 Trade

  SPR receives Ruben Patterson

  WAL receives Chuck Hayes and SPR #2




The following are the player over-usages from last season for non-playoff teams:

ADA – H.Eisley minutes 448/414, P.Sow minutes 656/620, D.Armstrong minutes 693/653

GRE – C.Booth minutes 324/263, M.Andriuskevicius minutes 30/9

LAK – D.Fortson minutes 293/290, C.Williamson minutes 408/380, S.Augmon games 48/36

SPR – L.Woods minutes 349/340

TEX – J.Powell minutes 513/450

VFO – S.May games 27/23 and minutes 476/418

Playoff teams had their over-usages cause adjustments in eligibility (doubled) of players in the playoffs.  Per standard procedure for each year non-playoff teams have adjustments (doubled) to players the following season.  For players who are no longer on the team another similar player has the adjustments made.

Please be very careful going forward with player eligibility as the adjustments may increase beyond just minutes or games.

I would have preferred to set these standard adjustments immediately prior to the draft but I unfortunately forgot and I apologize for that.  If these adjustments cause an issue please let me know and we can accommodate your team picking up a player from the current free-agent pool (and cutting, if necessary, to remain at 18) before the games missed lists are due.

ADA – M.Collins’ minutes of eligibility will be reduced by 148 minutes ((484-414)x2 for H.Eisley plus 80 for D.Armstrong who are no longer on the team) and C.Simmons’ minutes will be reduced by 72 (for P.Sow who is no longer on the team);

GRE – C.Booth’s minutes will be reduced by 162, R.Mason’s minutes will be reduced by 42 (for M.Andriuskevicius who is no longer on the team);

LAK – S.Hunter’s minutes will be reduced by 6 (for D.Fortson who is no longer on the team), C.Williamson’s minutes will be reduced by 36, and R.McCants’ games will be reduced by 24 to 13 (for S.Augmon who is no longer on the team)

SPR – D.Diop’s minutes will be reduced by 18 (for L.Woods who is no longer on the team)

TEX – J.Powell’s minutes will be reduced by 126

VFO – Alexander Johnson’s games will be reduced by 8 and minutes will be reduced by 116 (for S.May who is no longer on the team)



11/10/2007 Divisions

(Note that divisions are cosmetic only and do not have a bearing on schedule or playoffs, there

are no changes from last year other than the additions of new teams; if you have a preference

and would like these modified feel free to post on the league’s message board)

Pacific = DAV, SUN, TEM, UN1, VAL, WAL

Midwest = ADA, DAK, LAK, TEX, TUL, WYO

Central = GRE, IND, LAN, LEX, MIN, SPR

Atlantic = BRO, HAR, MIA, SAL, UN2, VFO




11/7/2007 Trade

  HAR receives Damon Stoudamire

  SUN receives Jannero Pargo and 2008 HAR #2



11/5/2007 Post Draft Pickups (most recent listed on top)

  ADA picks up Othella Harrington and Vassilis Spanoulis and cuts Will Blalock and James White

  VFO picks up Didier Ilunga-Mbenga

  BRO picks up Jalen Rose

  SAL picks up Scott Pollard



11/3/2007 Draft Note

  TUL was assigned 2 players (Darrick Martin and Pat Burke) after the draft to fill the roster to the mandatory 16



11/3/2007 Trade (during the draft)

  LEX receives Zydrunas Ilgauskus

  ADA receives Mardy Collins (drafted earlier) and LEX #4



11/3/2007 Trade (during the draft)

  SPR receives SUN #3

  SUN receives SPR #4 and SUN #4



11/3/2007 Trade (during the draft)

  SPR receives Darrell Armstrong

  ADA receives SUN #2



11/3/2007 Trade (during the draft)

  MIN receives LAN #2

  LAN receives 2008 MIN #2 and 2008 MIN #4

The EC voted 5-0 to allow this trade with Ed, Charles, Brian, Tim, and Aaron voting to allow



11/3/2007 Trade (during the draft)

  DAK receives Bruce Bowen, Jacque Vaughn, and 2008 WYO #5

  WYO receives Steve Blake, TEX #2, and 2008 DAK #1

The EC voted 5-0 to allow this trade with Ed, Charles, Brian, Tim, and Aaron voting to allow



11/3/2007 Trade (during the draft)

  VAL receives SUN #1 (24 overall)

  SUN receives 2008 VAL #1



11/2/2007 Trade

  SUN receives WYO #1 (14 overall)

  WYO receives TEM #1 (22 overall) and SPR #2 (32 overall)

The EC voted 3-0 to allow this trade with Ed, Brian, and Aaron voting to allow



11/1/2007 Trade

  VAL receives DeShawn Stevenson

  WAL receives VAL #1



10/31/2007 cuts (nc = no card)

* ADA = Howard Eisley nc, DerMarr Johnson, Jumaine Jones, Moochie Norris nc, James Singleton, Pape Sow

* BRO = Chris Andersen nc, Marcus Banks, Kelvin Cato, Michael Doleac, Jarvis Hayes, Ronnie Price, Eric Williams

* DAK = Kevin Burleson nc, Will Bynum nc, Eddie Jones, John Lucas, C.J. Miles, Lee Nailon nc, Eduardo Najera, Chris Taft

* DAV = Dwayne Jones, James Jones, Shavlik Randolph, Justin Reed, Michael Ruffin, Kirk Snyder, Donell Taylor, Von Wafer

* GRE = Martynas Andriuskevicius nc, Jon Barry nc, Ryan Bowen nc, Zarko Cabarkapa nc, Ervin Johnson nc, Ira Newble

* HAR = Rick Brunson nc, Jerome James, Nick Van Exel nc, Jackson Vroman nc, David Wesley

* IND = Alan Anderson, Rasual Butler, Jason Hart, Chris Mihm nc, Qyntel Woods nc

* LAK = Stacey Augmon nc, Danny Fortson, Eddie Gill nc, Gary Payton, Zeljko Rebraca nc, Michael Sweetney

* LAN = Pat Garrity, Devean George, Jermaine Jackson nc, Mark Madsen, Darrick Martin, Terence Morris nc, Brian Scalabrine

* LEX = Brandon Bass, Raef LaFrentz, Aaron Miles nc, James Posey, Wayne Simien, Robert Whaley nc

* MiA = none

* MIN = Keith McLeod

* SAL = Malik Allen, Pat Burke, Adrian Griffin, Rawle Marshall, Scot Pollard, Vitaly Potapenko

* SPR = Lonnie Baxter nc, Tony Delk nc, Julius Hodge, Robert Horry, Sean Marks, Michael Olowokandi, Loren Woods nc

* SUN = Andre Barrett, Dale Davis, Lindsey Hunter, Yaroslav Korolev

* TEM = Austin Croshere, Eddie House, Greg Ostertag nc, Bo Outlaw, Anthony Roberson, Quinton Ross

* TEX = Antonio Burks nc, Walter McCarty nc, Lamond Murray nc, Luke Schenscher, Jiri Welsch nc, Bracey Wright

* TUL = Stephen Graham

* UN1 = none

* UN2 = none

* VAL = Earl Barron, Primoz Brezec, Richie Frahm nc, Didier Ilunga-Mibenga, Luke Jackson, Brian Skinner

* VFO = Rafael Araujo, Esteban Batista, Voshon Lenard nc, Theo Ratliff, Kareem Rush nc, James Thomas nc

* WAL = Kwame Brown, Marquis Daniels, Brian Grant nc, Anthony Grundy nc, Jamal Sampson, Mike Wilks

* WYO = Greg Buckner



10/31/2007 Trade reported

  TUL receives Fabricio Oberto

  WAL receives TUL #3

The EC voted 4-0 to allow this deal with Tim, Aaron, Brian, and Charles voting to allow



10/29/2007 Carlos carlosarivero@msn.com has taken over team “Un-owned 1” (with Gilbert Arenas) with the under-

  standing that if Carlos would like to continue in the league next season he would have a spot in the expansion draft;

  also, this team will not be able to make trades as Carlos is taking it over until the end of the season



10/29/2007 Trade

  WYO receives Bruce Bowen and WAL #3

  VAL receives WYO #2

The EC voted 5-0 to allow this deal with Ed, Tim, Brian, Charles and Aaron voting to allow



10/28/2007 Trade

  DAV receives Dikembe Mutombo and SUN #6

  SUN receives Juan Dixon and DAV #2



10/28/2007 Trade

  TEM receives Brad Miller

  SUN receives TEM #1



10/27/2007 Trade

  MIN receives Ime Udoka

  TEM receives MIN #3

The EC voted 3-0 to allow this deal with Ed, Charles, and Brian voting to allow



10/21/2007 Trade

  SPR receives Zach Randolph, Brevin Knight, Brent Barry, SUN #2, and SPR #3

  SUN receives Yaroslav Korolev, SPR #1, SUN #1, and SPR #2



10/19/2007 Trade

  WAL receives Maurice Williams and VAL #2

  VAL receives WAL #1 (5th overall) and WAL #3



10/18/2007 Mark el_marco@earthlink.net has expressed an interest in joining



10/18/2007 Stu/STA has indicated that due to his work schedule he will not be continuing participation

  in the league; team STA has been added into the expansion pool



10/16/2007 Laird Newman1313@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining



10/9/2007 Rick/LAK has indicated that he no longer has time to participate in the EC although

  he will be continuing in the league (Rick is one of the inaugural members over 10 years ago);

  Aaron/TEM has agreed to join the EC, welcome Aaron!



10/5/2007 Joe/SEO has indicated that due to time constraints he will not be able to continue

  participation this year although may at some point in the future; team SEO has been added

  into the expansion pool



7/5/2007 Steve tramel321@aol.com has expressed an interest in maybe joining the league



7/4/2007 Calvin copheim1@austin.rr.com has expressed an interest in maybe joining the league



5/13/2007 Team EDI

Jeff/EDI has indicated that due to time constraints he will not be participating in the league

  next season; team EDI will be added into the expansion pool