10/12/2006 Regular Season Player Overusage by Non-Playoff Teams

* BRO – Marcus Banks played 82 games but was allowed only 81 (abbreviated as 82/81g)
* CAT – Tony Delk 57/56g, Luol Deng 53/51g, Eduardo Najera 69/68g, Dale Davis 63/61g
* EDI – Omar Cook 79/78min (played 1 over on minutes), Malik Rose 77/76g
* FOR – None
* HAR – Wally Szczerbiak 82/81g, Andre Kirilenko 43/41g, Clarence Weatherspoon 614/551min,

Elden Campbell 450/410min
* HAT – Peja Stojakovich 67/66g, Bobby Jackson 33/25g, Borris Diaw 68/66g
* IND – None
* LAN – None
* STA – Pau Gasol 2004/1969min, Maurice Taylor 66/65g, Tom Gugliotta 958/953min,

Wesley Person 42/41g
* TAM – Kareem Rush 63/62g
* TOM – Tony Parker 81/80g and 3056/3009min, Andre Barrett 517/507min, John Salmons 59/58g
* VFO – None
* VIR – None
* WAL – None



9/28/2006 Sam pearsons@hqda.army.mil has expressed an interest in joining the league – but it

  turned out 10/2007 that he had other issues going on



8/1/2006 Finals game 4 Dak at Val

  Jason/DAK noticed that the pbp text of game 4 had a record of a game played with

DAK ahead in the 4th quarter but the game was restarted and so Jason protested this

result which put it up to EC discussion and vote (without Jason participating in the EC

for this issue); the EC voted 4-0 (Ed, Brian, Rick, and Charles; Jeff abstained near the

beginning due to his friendship with Greg) that Greg had simply played a practice game

and there is nothing either in the rules or unethical against that (there will likely be

discussion of practice games in the upcoming off-season)

  Greg/VAL had also started game 4 but when the game crashed 10-10 in the first

quarter he didn’t load the autosave but instead started over, Greg indicated that he

was not aware of the autosave and by a 4-0 vote (Ed, Brian, Rick, and Charles) the EC

decided that the league had not publicized the existence and policy of the autosave

game but will for future years



5/20/2006 Rob/CAT has indicated that he will not be continuing his participation next

  year in SOMIBA due to a plethora of commitments; the players from team CAT will be

  added into the expansion pool next season



5/19/2006 Vinny/TOM has indicated that he will not be continuing participation next year

  in some or all of his Strat leagues next year including SOMIBA; the players from team

  TOM will be added into the expansion pool for next season



5/13/2006 Playoff participation

Trying to keep a long story short:  on the league’s official message board a discussion

  and vote was held and it was decided months ago that the playoff eligibility will go to

  12 teams with a proviso that only teams over .500 make it; unfortunately, it was apparently

  not understood that by all that these sorts of issues are decided on the league’s message

  board and so the Commissioner in hindsight should have notified league members that

  if they want to have input on league issues they should read the forum at least once per

  month; once the regular season ended it was determined that only 9 teams made the

  playoffs and the matchups were set with 8 playing 9 and the 1-7 seeds getting a bye into

  round 2 (and the 8 and 9 seeds had almost finished their series); however, Rick of .500

  team LAK pointed out that he does not read the message board and the change to playoff

  participation was not posted on the web page as all other rule or admin changes are and

  the Commissioner acknowledges that this was a strong mistake/oversight on the part of

  the Commissioner; Rick petitioned the Commission but it was indicated that the vote had

  already been held months ago; Rick e-mailed other league members who brought the

  issue to the attention of the EC who discussed the issue and the Commissioner asked

  Tim/TEX his feelings on this issue (since allowing any of the .500 teams into the playoffs

  would affect specifically TEX having to play in round 1 instead of getting a bye) and Tim

  was very understanding in feeling that he would not at all feel slighted in having to play

  an extra round

By a 5-0 vote (Ed, Brian, Charles, Jeff, and Jason) the EC agreed to revert to last year’s

  playoff participation rules which allow 10 teams to make the playoffs and since there was

  a tie for the last spot (VIR and LAK) there would be a one-game mini-playoff to determine

  who makes the playoffs; the home team for that game will be LAK as they win the tie-

  breakers listed for this situation in the Constitution (LAK won all 4 games vs VIR)



5/2/2006 Regular Season Player Overusage by Playoff Teams

* LEX – McDyess played 78 games but was allowed only 77 = must miss the first

  two games of the playoffs

* GRE – None

* LAK – None

* TEX – Brandon Hunter played 249 minutes but was allowed only 235 = must miss

  the first 28 minutes of the playoffs which means since he is 7.2 mpg missing the

  first 4 games

* SUN – None

* DAK – None

* DAV – None

* TEM – None

* VAL – None

* ANC – None



4/30/2006 q4 autoplayed results

  indhar87 using ind’s away gpl won by ind



4/23/2006 LAK q4 gpl’s

  Rick/LAK’s PC died just before the 4/15 gpl deadline, it is partially up now and Rick

sent his gpl’s which have now been posted; 4/21 Ed/HAT indicated that he was

not going to be available 4/25 or later to complete the lakhat67 game which is due

4/30 so 4/22 I auto-created a gpl for lak in that game which hat used on 4/22



4/19/2006 Stu/STA has changed his e-mail address to happyrecap@earthlink.net



4/11/2006 Team HAT has been offered to Ed EdeKK@aol.com and 4/12 Ed

  has accepted team HAT for the remainder of the season; please welcome

  Ed to the league within the league’s message board (Ed will have an

  extension of the upcoming deadline for gpl’s); 4/15 kudos to Ed for completing

  his gameplans prior to the gpl deadline



4/8/2006 Timo timobuckner@gmail.com has expressed an interest in joining

  the league – but 10/2007 indicated that he didn’t have time



3/27/2006 Team HAT was offered to Bill muslock@yahoo.com but he was on

  vacation and is currently now taking a look and will decide very soon (as of

  4/6/2006); 4/11/2006 Bill has not been answering e-mails from 4/8 requesting

  a decision and so the team is no longer being offered to Bill



3/20/2006 Team HAT

  Allen/HAT is no longer in the league due to many issues and a replacement

will be sought from the waiting list; his game results were sent one day later

than the 3/19 deadline and, however, will be accepted as they are valid results

played in good faith which is a much more desirable situation than autoplayed




Q3 autoplayed games using away team gpl’s – not sent by the home coach by

  the 3/19/2006 deadline

CATTEM49 – won by CAT

LANTOM66* – won by TOM

* Vinny/TOM had notified me a couple of weeks ago that this game may need to

be autoplayed due to a family issue and this is no problem



Q3 gpl deadline

  Team HAT did not send gpl’s by the 3/4 deadline but sent on 3/6 after an e-mail




2/27/2006 CAT e-mail address

  Rob/CAT has changed his e-mail address to hariom128@catskill.net



Q2 autoplayed games using away team gpl’s – not sent by the home coach

  by the 2/6/2006 deadline

BROHAT38 – won by HAT

VIRTOM43 – won by VIR

FORHAT43 – won by HAT

VALHAT44 – won by VAL



2/6/2006 Trade

  ANC receives Eric Piatkowski

  VAL receives Greg Ostertag

Note:  Ostertag has missed more than enough games after being scheduled

  to be eligible for the entire second half of the season so his days missed list

  will not change; Piatkowski has missed more than his share of games and

  so the only adjustment to his days missed list is to match the original games

  missed list with ANC’s schedule instead of VAL’s schedule so instead of

  having to miss days 62-76 he will instead miss days 62-75



2/6/2006 hardak42

  Jason/DAK noted that Kirilenko and K.Anderson played in this game despite

that they were supposed to be ineligible so both must miss the next hardak

game which is hardak79 (both had been scheduled to be eligible) and Donald

/HAR has been notified of this and the web page rosters have been updated



1/14/2006 hatdav29

  Brian/DAV points out that B.Jackson was apparently accidentally set as

eligible in the hatdav29 gpl and played 2 minutes due to another player

fatiguing or having foul trouble; since Jackson is not eligible in the rest of

the hatdav or davhat games this season there will be no action taken since

Dav won the game and it is likely Jackson (or another 10-man roster player

on Hat) will have a penalty next season due to overusage



12/27/2005 vallex06

  Dale/LEX points out that he accidentally used McDyess in this game when

McDyess should have been inactive; by standard procedure McDyess must

miss the next vallex game which is vallex53 instead



12/21/2005 Joe jwatkins605@yahoo.com has expressed an interest

  in joining the league



12/21/2005 Stuart texansandfalcons@yahoo.com has expressed an interest

  in joining the league



12/3/2005 HatTom10

  Vinny/TOM noticed after the game that he accidentally used John Salmons

for 3 minutes although Salmons should have been ineligible; by standard

procedure for when this occurs by accident Salmons has been scheduled to

miss the next hat@tom game which is hattom62



11/23/2005 Games Missed Lists



Arenas 1-2
Blount 0
Butler 1-17
Coleman 6-82
Dickau 30-40
Garnett 0
Griffin 70-82
Harrison 44-82
Jaric 51-82
Johnson 54-64
Khryapa 1-50
Martin 42-53
Mohammed 78-82
Ollie 1-56
Ostertag 1-26
Pryzbilla 72-77
Ha 1-63



Banks, Marcus 82

Battier, Shane 51,52

Curry, Eddy 64-82

Jefferson, Al 51-61

Johnson, Joe 0

LaFrentz, Raef 39-40

McCarty, Walter 42-51,62

McInnis, Jeff 1-6

Murray, Ronald 7-35,63-67,73-82

O'Neal, Jermaine 1-38

Perkins, Kendrick 1-3,41-81

Ratliff, Theo 4-22

Smith, Steve 23-41,53-65

Swift, Robert 1-82

Turkoglu, Hedo 36-50

Wade, Dwyane 68-72

Wilkins, Damien 1-35,50-63,66-82



Ray Allen............76-79
Keith Bogans.......13-20
Earl Boykins.........0
Tierre Brown........1-6
Zarko Cabarkaba...26-82
Lionel Chalmers.....1-82
Dale Davis............1-21
Tony Delk.............21-46
Luol Deng..............51-71
Matt Freije............1-25; 40-82
Udonis Haslem........40-41
Lindsey Hunter........7-12
Zydrunas Ilgauskas...22-25
Bostjan Nachbar.......42-50; 72-73
Eduardo Najera.........26-39
Latrell Sprewell.........80-81



Blake 1-38
Bowen 0
Brunson 46-47
Chandler 22-23
Lampe 1-45
Marbury 0
McKie 48-61
Ming 29-30
Odom 1-18
Okur 0
Parker 1-45, 62-82
Pierce 0
Redd 39-45
Reed 24-82
Sow 1-23, 31-62
Sweetney 24-28
Wallace 19-21



Abdur-Rahim, Shareef  54-81
Battie, Tony  82
Carlisle, Geno  7-82
Edwards, John  1-31,57-82
Gaines, Reece  22-82
Harpring, Matt  42-45
Harvey, Donnell  1-78,82
Hughes, Larry  1-21
Johnson, Ervin  1-36
Jones, James  32-38
Marks, Sean  1-59
Nash, Steve  24-30
Profit, Laron  1-6,49-82
Ruffin, Michael  39-41
Snyder, Kirk  42-48,76-82
Wallace, Ben  46-53
Wesley, David  22-23
Williams, Jason  31-41



ALLEN, MALIK:  37-82



COOK, OMAR:  1-15, 17, 22-82

DIVAC, VLADE:  1-9, 25-82





JACKSON, JIM:  41-58


MURRAY, LAMOND:  23-40, 59-60


ROSE, MALIK:  31-36

SMITH, JOE:  7-14






Allen, Tony  1-5

Araujo, Rafael  1-23

Claxton, Speedy  11-30

Fisher, Derek  1-8

Grant, Brian  38-50

Hoiberg, Fred  51-56

Maggette, Corey  57-72

Marshall, Donyell  1-17

Miles, Darius  38-56

Miller, Reggie  31-46

Mutombo, Dikembe  73-74

Stewart, Michael  13-82

Thomas, Kurt  75-76

Tskitishvili, Nikoloz  36-82

Van Horn, Keith  18-37

Vujacic, Sasha  36-82

Watson, Earl  9-10



Ariza,Trevor   75-76
Barry,Jon      12-22,62-63
Best,Travis    06-11
Bonner,Matt      0
Bowen,Ryan 01-16,22,25-31,39-42,46-47,48-50,60-63,66-67,71-82
Cleaves,Mateen 1-5,12-82
Collins,Jason  23-24
Dunleavy,Mike  68-70
Gill,Eddie     01-82
Harrington,JR. 01-82
Harris,Lucious 01-82
Jacobsen,Casey   0
McGrady,Tracy  37-38,48-49
Newble,Ira     1-11,23-61,64-74,77-82
Ridnour,Luke     0
Russell,Bryon  17-19,51-59
Traylor,Robert 32-36,43-45



Anderson             1-39
Campbell             41-82
Duhon                 0
Eisely                  9-16
Ginobili                1-8
Ham                    1-35
James                  1-2
Kirilenko              1-41
Magloire              4-62
Moore                 1-8
Pargo                  33-82
Peterson              0
Radojevic            13-82
Szczerbiak           50
Van Exel             17-45
Weatherspoon      41-82
Willis                  1-12  42-82
Woods                25-61





CHRISTIE 17-29, 43-59

COOK      11-20

DIAW  19-24, 73-82

DIOP      21-63

HAMILTON   17-82


HOUSTON  21-82


JACKSON  26-82

JAMIESON  61-67,71-77



STACKHOUSE  30-42,60-72

STOJAKOVIC   17-18, 21-29,78-82



Alexander 1-6, 21-82

Armstrong 1-6, 29-38

Dampier 14-24, 52-63

Drobnjak 72-82

Francis 7-10

George 1-82

Harrington 1-13

Hayes 9-36

Hilario 25-38, 64-76

James 21-28

Martin 39-82

Mihm 39-45

Murphy 46-51, 77-82

Outlaw 37-82

Richardson 11-20

Smith 1-8



Carter, Vince            36-40

Ekezie, Obinna        1-3, 21-24, 38-55, 68-82

Glover, Dion             1-3, 11-82

Hardaway, Penny     1-3, 41-82

Hill, Grant                41-55

Hunter, Steven         25-30

Ivey, Royal              11-30

Jones, Fred             6-10

Kapono, Jason        82

Krstic, Nenad         4-10

Norris, Moochie      39-82

O'Neal, Shaq          56-64

Payton, Gary          31-35

Smith, Donta          1-40, 56-59

Thomas, Etan         11-20, 31-55

Wells, Bonzi           68-80

Williams, Jerome    65-67



Derek Anderson 48-82

Carlos Arroyo 8-19

Elton Brand 75

Rodney Buford 55-72

Carlos Delfino 1-52

Michael Doleac 73-74

Pat Garrity 21-31

Willie Green 55-79

Kyle Korver 0

Rashard Lewis 33-43

Mike Miller 21-26

Pig Miller 1-80

Zeljko Rebraca 33-56

Brian Scalabrine 1-18,57-66

J.R. Smith 27-32

Theron Smith 1-49

Beno Udrih 46-47

Aaron Williams 1-40



Rafer Alston --- 1-2

Juan Dixon --- 3-21

Francisco Elson --- 2-15 and 18

Michael Finley --- 2-19

Didier Ilunga Mbenga --- 16-82

Toni Kukoc --- 6-34

Antonio McDyess --- 1-5

Cuttino Mobley --- 2-17

Andres Nocioni --- 1

James Posey --- 18-49

Tayshaun Prince --- none

Bernard Robinson --- 20-70

Jamal Sampson --- 24-82

Eric Snow --- 1

Darius Songaila --- 1

Amare Stoudemire --- 1-2

Chris Webber --- 3-17

Mike Wilks --- 19-52



Atkins -0



Camby -27-42












Wright, Dorell 1-82



Brent Barry        19
Calvin Booth        21-51
Maurice Evans        1-17
Adonal Foyle        17-20
Jason Hart        20-27
Alan Henderson        1-4
Richard Jefferson    34-82
Brevin Knight        2-17
Shawn Marion        1
Darko Milicic        28-33,36-74
Brad Miller        21-46
Scott Padgett        1-16
Zach Randolph        47-82
Damon Stoudamire    18
Yuta Tabuse        5-82
Anderson Varejao    1-20,75-82



Augman         22-41, 47-53

Bibby              81-82

Cardinal         59-82

Cheaney        1-27

Ely                    1-3

Giricek            1

Griffin               1-12

Howard           0

Kaman            64-82

Mercer            19-82

Mourning        1-45

Rush                2-21

Skinner           50-82

Strickland      61-80

Wagner          12-82

Walker            42-46

Ward               1-68

West                13-64



Shandon Anderson 39-54

Matt Barnes 44-82

Shawn Bradley 63-67

Devin Brown 68-82

Antonio Burks 1-12 and 37-82

Baron Davis 1-36

Reggie Evans 68-70

Brendan Haywood 49-62

Eddie House 14-27

Marc Jackson 71

Lebron James 55-56

Raul Lopez 32-82
Andre Miller None
Rasho Nesterovich 37-48
Bo Outlaw 1-43
Quentin Ross 57-60
Bobby Simmons 61-67
Awvee Storey 1-73


Biedrins, Andris 20-79

Borchardt. Curtis 18-32

Carroll, Matt 1-16, 42-82

Carter, Anthony 40-55

Cassell, Sam 17-39

Dalembert, Samuel 18-27

Daniels, Antonio 56-62

Duncan, Tim 1-16

Dupree, Ronald 48-82

Gadzuric, Dan 17

Howard, Josh 42-47

Hunter, Brandon 1-51

Jones, Dahntay 1-30

Jones, Damon 0

Jones, Eddie 40-41

Planinic, Zoran 1-39



Barrett - 1-44
Collins - 42-73
Croshere- 74-82
Davis   - 29-38
Frahm   - 44-82
Gooden  - N/A
Horry   - 22-28
Howard  - 1-21
Jeffries- 39-43
Parker  - 39-40
Pavlovic- 28-44
Q.Richa'- 1-3
Salmons - 4-27
Strickland- 1-38,55-82
Thomas  - 1-39,45-67,74-82
Tinsley - 41-82
White   - 45-68



Billups miss 1-2

Boozer miss 1-2, 8-36

Bosh miss 7
MBradley miss 19-82

Brezec miss 37-46

CButler miss 8-12

JButler miss 1-79

Collison miss NONE

AHarrington miss 58-73
Hinrich miss 13-17

LJackson miss 1-72

Mason miss 20-21

Nowitzki miss 3-6

Piatkowski miss 58-70

JVaughn miss 47-57

DWest miss 1-53

EWilliams miss 1-6,37-57
MWilliams miss 18-19



C Anthony 1-7
R Artest 8-82

J Collier 1-12

J Crawford 71-82

N Ebi 3-82
M Fizer 55-82

A Garcia 1-74

B Handlogten 1-29, 40-71

A Johnson 50-68

T Lue 37-48
G Lynch 1-25,70-82

S Medvedenko 1-39

M Pietrus 46-61
V Radmanovic 1-2,29-45

B Sura 16-36

S Telfair 1-14
Ke Thomas 73-82
J Vroman 17-29,47-69


Goldwire 31-82

Humphrey 1-38,72-80

S.Jackson 42-72

Ju.Jones 4-9

Kidd  12-27

Nelson 28-30

Okafor 72-80

Pachulia 64-71

Peeler 39-80

Pollard 31-63

Potapenko 1-7,21-63

Cl.Robinson 10-20

Terry 81-82

T.Thomas 31-41

Voskuhl 1-44

Welsch 1-11

Williamson 21-30



Andersen, Chris (67)  1-15
Brown, Kwame (42)  43-82 
Cato, Kelvin (62)  16-35
Childress, Josh (80)  25-26
Daniels, Marquis (60)  61-82
Davis, Ricky (82)  0
Foster, Jeff (61)  36-56
Kasun, Mario (45)  46-82
Livingston, Shaun (30)  1-52
Massenburg, Tony (61)  62-82
McLeod, Keith (53)  32-60
Patterson, Ruben (70)  1-12
Rogers, Rodney (58)  1-24
Smith, Jabari (45)  25-45,67-82
Stevenson, DeShawn (55)  56-82
Thomas, John (44)  1-38
Wallace, Gerald (70)  13-24
Walton, Luke (61)  53-73







11/21/2005 Trade

  ANC receives Kevin Garnett and Dan Dickau

  FOR receives Corey Maggette, Darius Miles, Earl Watson, and ANC #1



11/17/2005 Pickup

  TOM picks up Rod Strickland from the free-agent pool

The trade of J.Nelson gave TOM not enough games at PG and this pickup

  puts its roster at 17



11/17/2005 Trade

  TOM receives Quentin Richardson
  VIR  receives Jameer Nelson

This trade was approved in one day by the EC 6-0 with Jeff, Ed, Brian, Rick,

  Jason, and Charles voting to approve



11/15/2005 Trade

  VIR receives Jiri Welsch and Anthony Peeler

  DAK receives Rick Brunson



11/13/2005 Ed EdeKK@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining the

  league next year



11/9/2005 Cuts down to 10 man rosters



Lonny Baxter, Steve Blake, Ryan Bowen, Tierre Brown, Derrick Coleman,

Brian Cook, Kerry Kittles



Anthony Carter, Jarron Collins, Lucius Harris, Alan Henderson,

Troy Hudson, Eric Piatkowski, Scott Williams






Malik Allen, Darrell Armstrong, Avery Johnson*, Eric Snow



Dana Barros*, Kedrick Brown, Chris Crawford*, Josh Davis, Rick Fox*,

Ervin Johnson, Tony Massenburg, Scottie Pippen*, Frank Williams



Brian Grant



Troy Bell*, Jonathan Bender, Omar Cook, Reece Gaines,

Anthony Goldwire, Oliver Miller*, Robert Pack*, Nikoloz Tskitshvili






Dion Glover, Karl Malone*, Moochie Norris, Wesley Person,

Sean Rooks*, Clarence Weatherspoon






Brandon Armstrong*, Vin Baker, Mengke Bateer*, Mateen Cleaves,

Kendall Gill, Gary Trent*



Marcus Haislip, Darrick Martin, Bostjan Nachbar, Greg Ostertag,

Glen Rice*, Daniel Santiago, Jabari Smith, Jacque Vaughn






Michael Bradley, Juan Dixon, Othella Harrington, Allan Houston,

Jamal Mashburn*, Roger Mason*, Mike Wilks



Rodney Buford, Austin Croshere, Predrag Drobnjak, Ronald Dupree,

Eddie Robinson*, Alvin Williams*



Calvin Booth, Desmond Ferguson*, Sean Lampley*, Scott Padgett,

Chris Whitney*



Shandon Anderson, Shawn Bradley, Rasual Butler, Calbert Cheaney,

Bimbo Coles*, Eddie Gill, Lindsey Hunter, Maciej Lampe,

Slava Medvedenko, Theron Smith, Qyntel Woods



Mark Jackson*, Aaron McKie, Jerome Moiso, Mikki Moore, Bo Outlaw



Curtis Borchardt, Keon Clark*, Vlade Divac, Ben Handlogten,

Toni Kukoc, Raul Lopez






Pat Garrity, Kevin Ollie, Theo Ratliff, Jahidi White



Rodney Rogers



Jamison Brewer, Elden Campbell, Jason Collier, Andrew DeClercq,

Ronald Murray, Scot Pollard, Ansu Sesay, Rodney White, Eric Williams



Michael Curry, Penny Hardaway, Linton Johnson, Desmond Penigar*,

Michael Stewart, Samaki Walker, Luke Walton, Jiri Welsch



11/9/2005 Trade

  TAM receives Melvin Ely and DAV #6

  DAV receives MAR #5 and DAK #5



11/9/2005 Trade

  VIR receives Stephen Jackson

  DAK receives VFO #2 and TAM #3



11/8/2005 Trade

  VIR receives Quentin Richardson and VAL #4

  VAL receives VIR #2



11/8/2005 Trade

  TAM receives Gordon Giricek

  VIR receives TAM #3



11/8/2005 Note

  Jason has indicated that due to the issue of 11/7 (below) he does not currently

have time to analyze trades for the EC as he is working on other potential deals



11/8/2005 Trade

  EDI receives Chris Wilcox

  BRO receives EDI #2

This trade was approved in one day by the EC 5-0 with Ed, Charles, Brian, Jeff,

  and Rick voting to approve



11/8/2005 Trade

  VFO receives Vladimir Radmanovic and VIR #5

  VIR receives VFO #2

This trade was approved in one day by the EC 5-0 with Ed, Jeff, Charles, Brian,

  and Rick voting to approve



11/7/2005 Trade

  WAL receives Kwame Brown

  SUN receives WAL #2



11/7/2005 Issue

Jason/DAK pointed out an issue the facts of which JJ/IND agreed; Jason and JJ

  had agreed 11/5 upon a trade in the event that the 11/1 trade below was disallowed;

  on 11/6 JJ changed his mind and indicated that he no longer agreed to the deal.

Resolution:  the deal is not a deal since it was not reported to me (by either);

  however, it is unethical to indicate to the person you are dealing with to fully agree

  to a deal and then back out of it – if you have any concerns that you may not want

  a deal or if you want to leave your options open then do not agree to a deal – and

  JJ has been admonished that if this occurs again the league will continue without

  him; further, JJ is no longer on the EC.  Jason has been admonished not to obliquely

  threaten any existing league member with expulsion as he does not have the authority

  to do this; if anyone has an issue or occurrence with another league member then

  please do not berate the other person, instead please feel free to e-mail me directly



11/4/2005 Bill muslock@yahoo.com has expressed an interest in joining the league



11/1/2005 Trade

  LEX receives Chris Webber and WAL #4

  WAL receives LEX #1

On 11/4 Jason called for a vote on this deal as per procedures listed in the

  Constitution and on 11/7 by a 4-1 vote the trade was allowed (Brian, Charles,

  Jeff, and Rick voted to allow while JJ voted to disallow)



11/1/2005 Trade disallowed

  IND receives Stephen Jackson, DAK #3, and DAK #4

  DAK receives IND #1 and IND #5

On 11/4 Charles called for a vote on this deal as per procedures listed in the

  Constitution and on 11/7 by a 4-1 vote the trade was disallowed (Charles, Ed,

  Brian, and Rick voted to disallow while Jeff voted to allow) as Jackson is not

  anywhere close to being worth the #5 pick of the draft and the rest of the picks

  did not significantly impact the value in the trade



10/31/2005 Trade

  DAV receives Tony Battie, Michael Ruffin, and LEX #5

  LEX receives DAV #1



10/24/2005 Trade

  TAM receives Brian Cardinal and MAR #5

  DAK receives TAM #4



10/24/2005 Trade

  VIR receives Jason Terry and Corliss Williamson

  TEM receives Andre Miller and VIR #4



10/19/2005 Trade

  TAM receives Kareem Rush and VAL #5

  VAL receives TB #5