Start: October 22 End: October 30, 2004



        Fort Worth      Marysville      Tucson          Staten Island   Tampa Bay

Round    Tommy            Ray            Drew            Stu             Joe


  1     K.Garnett       K.Bryant        T.McGrady       P.Gasol         M.Bibby

  2     D.Marshall      L.Sprewell      J.Crawford      M.Camby         A.Walker

  3     Ku.Thomas       J.Smith         J.Rose          M.Taylor        E.Snow

  4     G.Giricek       C.Jacobsen      M.Rose          T.Hassell       B.Skinner

  5     F.Hoiberg       J.Voskuhl       M.Olowokandi    R.Bell          R.Butler

  6     R.Miller        A.Peeler        M.Doleac        Al.Williams     S.Medvedenko

  7     D.Mutombo       B.Sura          R.Rogers        K.Dooling       S.Anderson

  8     J.Barry         M.Madsen        Aa.Williams     C.Atkins        S.Bradley

  9     T.Hudson        R.Mercer        S.Smith         E.Robinson      A.Mourning

 10     K.Gill          H.Grant         T.Best          M.Palacio       M.Allen



        Virginia        Hickory         Mississippi     New Orleans

Round    Alex            John            Bud             Jeff


  1     J.Kidd          R.Artest        R.Allen         R.Hamilton

  2     S.Cassell       J.Howard        Z.Ilgauskas     R.Lewis

  3     C.Butler        P.Brown         E.House         J.Tinsley

  4     D.Armstrong     T.Lue           B.Grant         L.Wright

  5     C.Robinson      D.Anderson      J.Stackhouse    W.McCarty

  6     E.Williams      D.Davis         D.Wagner        G.Robinson

  7     A.DeClercq      D.Fortson       G.Lynch         E.Strickland

  8     E.Campbell      D.Diop          R.Horry         C.Ward

  9     B.Russell       V.Stepania      B.Scalabrine    E.Najera

 10     C.Weatherspoon  T.Gugliotta     I.Newble        C.Laettner



10/30/2004 The draft started via email on 10/22/2004 in serpentine format with

  Tommy drafting first in odd-numbered rounds and Jeff drafting first in even-

  numbered rounds; although the live-draft portion of the draft was scheduled

  for for 10:00 PST on 10/30, the draft was completed shortly before the scheduled

  start of the draft.


The following players were added to the rookie/free-agent pool:


  C.Blount, R.Bowen, J.Bremer, G.Buckner, K.Clark, T.Delk, P.Drobnjak, R.Fox

  T.Hill, L.Hunter, Mark Jackson, C.Jefferies, Av.Johnson, J.Jones, P.Jones,

  D.Langhi, T.Massenburg, T.Murray, C.Parks, E.Piatkowski, S.Pippen, J.Przybilla,

  Z.Rebraca, G.Rice, T.Slay, C.Whitney, Sc.Williams