5/5/2002 WALGAL playoff game 3
  The zip file sent by Steve/GAL contained the correct prt file for the game but the gfl
file was for another game; after searching, Steve could not find the correct gfl file
and so the result could not be imported; this would have been a problem (and the game
likely replayed) if GAL had won but this game was won by WAL

5/2/2002 NORLAK playoff series
  After game 3 of this first round playoff series Kyle/NOR noticed on the League News
web page that his player T.Hill was supposed to miss games 1 and 2 due to regular season
overusage, NOR had lost game 1 and won game 2; the EC ruled 4-0 (minus Rick/LAK) that
the Constitution Amendment is clear in that game 2 must be replayed with no T.Hill,
games 1 and 3 will stand, and T.Hill will miss game 5 of the series (since that's the
next NORLAK game) or if there is no game 5 then he will miss the first NORLAK game next

4/18/2002 MIC playoffs
  I have not heard from Tim (see 4/11 entry below for further details) and the EC has
voted 4-0 to proceed without him; Brian has agreed to take over team MIC for the playoffs

4/15/2002 player overusage
  X/X indicates minutes or games used/allowed, adjustment is always double the overusage

Playoff teams:  adjustments made during the playoffs
* GAL -- Vaught 600/576 minutes, Vaught must miss his first 48 minutes of the playoffs
  which since he averaged 11 minutes per game is the first 4 games which leaves 4 minutes
  of eligibility in game 5; Slater 743/720 minutes, Slater must miss his first 46 minutes
  of the playoffs which since he averaged 12 minutes per game is the first 3 games which
  leaves 10 minutes of eligibility in game 4
* MIC -- Lenard 81/80 games, Lenard must miss the first 2 games of the playoffs; Billups
  76/75 games, Billups must miss the first 2 games of the playoffs
* NOR -- T.Hill 77/76 games, T.Hill must miss the first 2 games of the playoffs

Non-playoff teams:  adjustments made to 10-man roster of next pre-season
* BRO -- E.Barkley 86/40 minutes, E.Barkley or equivalent must miss an additional 92
  minutes; J.McCoy 757/702 minutes, someone must miss an additional 110 minutes
* SOU -- D.McKey 811/770 minutes, someone must miss an additional 82 minutes;
  T.MacCulloch 476/471 minutes, someone must miss an additional 10 minutes
* HAR -- A.Goldwire 241/211 minutes, someone must miss an additional 60 minutes;
  Q.Lewis 433/422 minutes, someone must miss an additional 22 minutes
* LOS -- Av.Johnson 56/55 games, someone must miss an additional 2 games
* CEN -- Medvedenko 46/41 minutes, someone must miss an additional 10 minutes

4/14/2002 autoplayed games
I did not receive the following huge number of home results (see below for details on
  most of those); home team lineups were set by the computer after setting the proper
  eligible players from the roster sheet and road team defensive profiles all set to 0

AaronK:  brolos70 (los won), gallos72 (gal), sunlos74 (los), norlos75 (los),
  davlos81 (los), cenlos82 (cen), laklos83 (lak), soulos87 (sou), harlos89 (har),
  lexlos91 (lex), millos93 (los)

Tim:  pormic70 (mic won), harmic71 (har), indmic74 (mic), lexmic75 (lex),
  walmic82 (mic), soumic84 (mic), cenmic88 (cen), losmic92 (los)

Scott:  micmil79 (mil)

4/14/2002 no mil gpl
  In Scott's 4th quarter gpl's he did not include one for game millos93 so when I
autoplayed the game I had to set eligible players and let computer set lineups

4/11/2002 Tim/MIC
  Tim has not been responding to e-mail for several days, one e-mail sent 4/4 and one
sent 4/8 both unanswered; Tim if you are reading this please send me an e-mail; 4/14
update, MIC's playoff status is in question if I don't hear from Tim

4/9/2002 AaronK/LOS
  AaronK's e-mail was coming back undeliverable until today; Aaron sent me an e-mail
that he is still working on his new PC (see below) and may or may not be able to get
sombk running by the q4 deadline

4/8/2002 gpl's incorrectly created
  michar73.gpl (see below) and losnor71.gpl were incorrectly created by accidentally
choosing the away team's own team as the opposition; I have successfully imported each
of these gpl's (bypassing error messages) and then set the defensive profiles of all
opposition players to 0 and created new valid replacement gpl's and sent them to the
home team to use; the lineup and offensive settings should be the same as designed but
with no defensive settings

3/30/2002 MIC missed gpl deadline
  e-mail reminder sent 3/31, e-mail received from Tim 4/3 with gpl file attached and
no text within the e-mail; 4/4 Don was not able to import michar73.gpl and I verified
that importing it caused error messages, e-mail sent to Tim requesting replacement gpl
was not responded to (yet)

3/30/2002 LOS computer problems
  AaronK has indicated that due to a computer crash he had to wipe out his hard drive
and install Windows XP which will not run sombk (this is a known issue); early in April
Charles has offered to create a boot disk for Aaron but I have not heard whether Aaron
will be using this to install sombk; Aaron's q4 home games may be autoplayed if Aaron
does not install sombk by the deadline; it was found after the computer crash that
Aaron had incorrectly created losnor71.gpl (see above)

3/13/2002 missing prt file

2/24/2002 sunsou63 (entry corrected 2/25/2002
  Charles/SUN sent out his 3rd quarter gpl's a couple of weeks before the deadline
and those were posted to the web page as usual.  Several days later Charles sent to
3 coaches (with cc to Ed) who had not yet played their 3rd quarter home games against
SUN replacement gpl's which had additional minutes for P.Sanchez and also had Geiger
explicitly set as ineligible (Geiger had been appearing in some q3 road games as a
fatigue or foul replacement).  These replacement gpl's were not posted to the web page
as it was not realized that this was a zip file containing all of the gpl's (it
would be too much trouble to post every replacement gpl to the web page unless they
are zipped up with the others into a single file).  About a week after that AaronM/SOU
played sunsou63 and Charles found that Geiger appeared in that game.  AaronM indicated
that he simply downloaded the gpl from the web page apparently ignoring or not
remembering the e-mail Charles had sent.  Sou won the game by approximately 12 points.
  The EC (minus Charles) agreed 4-0 that AaronM should have heeded Charles' e-mail with
the replacement gpl although the mistake was not a big one.  The EC agreed 4-0 that as
a penalty in the game sousun93 (which is the only remaining game between the two) Charles
will have the "home court advantage" setting and in addition P.Sanchez will become
eligible for that game (if he has any minutes of eligibility remaining at that time).
Possibly replaying the game came up in conversation though it was rejected for the time
being as this is not allowed for regular season games per the Constitution.
  The EC also informally agreed that the issue of replacement gpl's as well as replaying
regular season games under certain circumstances of mistakes made (as long as the game
has not been imported into the official league file) and the timing of importing game
results should be discussed next preseason to avoid future misunderstandings of this

2/19/2002 Team MIL
  This entry is very lengthy because I like to have this sort of thing "documented" to
avoid misunderstandings.  Last season Ed noticed a walmil result in which Webber played
only 28 minutes despite being set for 40 minutes in the gpl and not being in foul trouble;
both Scott and Ed expressed the opinion that they had no idea how this occurred and the
issue was not pursued at that time; this season Scott has indicated that he made a new
player mistake by not importing a gpl for that walmil game last season.  This season in
game lakmil35 Rick noticed that Payton was used for only 8 minutes despite being set in
the gpl for more than 36 and that V.Carter played 10-16 minutes fewer than expected
based upon the gpl and lack of foul trouble; Scott indicates that he noticed that Payton
was scheduled for very few minutes even after importing the gpl twice; it can be seen
that downloading and importing the gpl from the web page shows that Payton was scheduled
for 36 or more minutes; Charles has noticed that when he takes the start-of-third-quarter
league file and then let's the computer suggest the lineup it will schedule Payton for
only approximately 8 minutes.  This season in game walmil56 Ed noticed that neither
R.Patterson nor especially Christie were used as many minutes as indicated in the gpl
and neither were in foul trouble; Charles further noticed that players were indicated in
the play account (within the prt) as being in the game when not scheduled to be and that
this was not due to foul trouble; Charles was able to successfully re-create the minutes
played results by setting dynamic fatigue; Scott acknowledges that he uses dynamic
fatigue in another league and that it's possible that this occurred though likely in only
one game.  Charles found an example of a sunmil game and Brian found an example of a davmil
game both from this season in which it appears probable that the dynamic fatigue setting
was used.
  The Executive Committee (EC) agreed that it is likely that these cases were due to
negligence in game settings and importing gpl's.  The EC also agreed that it is likely
that there are more games affected by these problems than what is listed above and that
it is not reasonable for anyone to have to go through detailed prt and gpl files to find
more discrepencies; the EC therefore agreed that any penalties assessed should compensate
the league as a whole and not individual teams (unless further examples come to light).
  After a couple of days of discussion the EC came up with the following list for voting:
A) No playoffs this season; B) Home court advantage setting for opposition in remaining
season road games; C) Take away next season 1st round pick; D) Reduce the # of games of
eligibility by 5 of his top 6 players (to be determined next pre-season); E) Limit the #
of keepers next season to 9; F) Limit the # of keepers next season to 8; G) Combination
of B and C; H) Combination of B and D; or I) Combination of C and D.  Other combinations
were not desired by the EC in the list.  Consistent with the league Constitution
amendment for such types of votes each EC member listed 3 choices in order of preference:
Ed chose GIH, Rick chose IFE, Charles chose HGB, Brian chose GHB, and Dale chose DHI.
With no one choice receiving a majority of #1 votes a runoff was held between H (which
had the most voting points based upon 3 points for a #1 vote, 2 points for a #2 vote,
and 1 point for a #3 vote) and G (which had the same number of voting points as I and
was chosen using Ed's vote as the tie-breaker); with Rick giving an additional specific
vote of G over H it was the case that G was higher than H on 3 of the 5 vote lists and
so G wins the runoff.
  All league members are asked (e-mail sent 2/19 7:00pm PST) to set the home court
advantage in all remaining regular season games against MIL (and to make sure to set
it back to neutral court for all other games); in addition, MIL has lost its first round
draft choice next season.
  Scott has been asked to note any irregularies he may see in anyone's gpl before the
game.  All league members are advised to check the prt file of their road games.  If
anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

2/3/2002 days missed adjustments
  Fortunately, all of the teams who made trades at the end of the second quarter of the
season have played the same number of games so there's not as much adjusting needing
done; I have made the few days missed adjustments on the roster page

2/2/2002 Trade approved 5-0 by EC (effective for second half of season)
  MIL receives C.Carr, K.Dooling
  MIC receives V.Lenard, Z.Wang, MIL #3

2/1/2002 Trade (effective for second half of season)
  SUN receives J.Caffey, DAV #2, DAV #3
  DAV receives M.Harpring, SUN #3, SUN #4

1/20/2002 Trade approved 5-0 by EC (effective for second half of season)
  MIC receives T.Ratliff, B.Grant, C.Billups, C.Carr, LOS #4, and LOS #5
  LOS receives E.Davis, T.Gugliotta, L.Ellis, J.Smith, MIC #1, and CEN #1

1/6/2002 missing prt file

12/30/2001 q1 autoplayed games
I had not received the following game results so I autoplayed these games with "let
  computer suggest lineups" for the home team and using the away team's gpl created by
  the away team's coach:

porgal02 won by por, cengal03 won by cen, hargal08 won by gal, and losgal12 won by gal

Steve e-mailed me 1/2:  "I have been sick with the flu the last week and just now checked
  my e-mail.  I did not receive instructions for any of these games!"  I then reminded
  Steve that all gpl's are posted on the main web page and if there are any difficulties
  please let me know

12/29/2001 days missed adjustments
Since the teams which have made trades in the break between q1 and q2 (see below) have
  not played an equal number of games and the teams miss different days, adjustments need
  to be made to each player's days missed listings:
GAL: Maggette has played in 20 games for BRO and so may play 47 more which means that he
  must miss 13 of GAL's 60 remaining games, he was originally scheduled to miss games 30-44
  so games 43-44 may be removed from that -- Maggette will miss days 31-46
BRO: Kukoc has played in 2 games for GAL and so may play 63 more which is more than the 62
  BRO has remaining on its schedule -- Kukoc need not miss any more games
MIC: Brandon has played in 22 games for CEN and so may play 56 more which means that he
  must miss 5 of MIC's 61 remaining games, he was originally scheduled to miss games 58-61
  but game 62 must also be added; Brandon would therefore miss days 62-70 however that
  would leave MIC with only 1 PG during those games so Brandon will instead miss the first
  5 games of q2 instead -- Brandon will miss days 23-27
CEN: Bibby has played in 21 games for MIC and so may play 61 more which is more than the
  60 CEN has remaining on its schedule -- Bibby need not miss any more games

  Jared jcmiller@midway.uchicago.edu has expressed an interest in joining the league
next season and may be available to take over a team this season if one becomes available

12/5/2001 Trade (effective at the start of the 2nd quarter of the season; approved 5-0
by the EC)
  MIC receives T.Brandon and CEN #1
  CEN receives M.Bibby and MIC #3

11/30/2001 Trade (effective at the start of the 2nd quarter of the season)
  GAL receives C.Maggette and BRO #2
  BRO receives T.Kukoc and GAL #1

  Tim pilarlopez@military.com has expressed an interest in the league

11/7/2001 EC ruling on last season overusage, see news2000 link for those details,
  player games/minutes adjustments are made to players on the 10-man roster

MIL: L.Ellis' overusage has already been accounted for in the playoffs; as for Workman
  he missed only one playoff series which is 20 minutes of playing time for him (see
  news2000 link) so that accounted for 10 minutes of his overusage already taken care
  of, leaving 22 minutes of overusage
* K.Anderson will miss an extra 44 minutes

* P.Miller's overusage has already been accounted for in the playoffs

* T.Thomas will miss an extra 2 games;
* Sh.Williams is no longer on BRO so A.Daniels will miss an extra 4 games and 481 minutes;
* Maggette will miss an extra 2 games;
* Tabak and G.Foster are no longer on BRO so J.McCoy will miss an extra 4 games and
  498 minutes (which includes his own overusage)

* Ratliff will miss an extra 4 games;
* Billups will miss an extra 2 games

* Camby will miss an extra 26 minutes;
* Cage is no longer on SOU so T.MacCulloch will missn extra 156 minutes;
* Longley is no longer on SOU so Doleac will miss an extra 154 minutes;
* K.David and R.Hughes (PF/SF's) are no longer on SOU so McKey will miss an extra
  266 minutes (which includes his own overusage);
* B.Sundov will miss an extra 20 minutes

11/5/2001 Trade (approved 5-0 by EC)
  NOR receives T.Hill and Jeff #1
  Jeff receives R.Wallace

  Sean sean_patrick46@yahoo.com has expressed an interest in joining the league next season
and may be available to take over a team this season if one becomes available

10/31/2001 Cut deadline
  SUN cuts H.Davis, O.Ekezie, E.Murdock*, O.Miller*, D.Ellis*, K.Reeves*, K.Johnson*
  SOU cuts D.Brown, M.Cage*, K.David, T.Legler*, L.Longley, C.Ward
  WAL cuts E.Bohannon, J.Feick, F.Lopez, K.Ollie, L.Williams*, D.Gray*
  NOR cuts E.Boykins, T.James, B.Price, M.Ruffin, O.Thorpe, T.Murray
  BRO cuts C.Cheaney, G.Foster, D.Manning, O.Polynice, Z.Tabak, Sh.Williams
  HAR cuts J.Crotty, P.Ellison, S.Jacobson, T.Knight, E.Strickland, S.Perkins
  MIL cuts E.Dampier, D.Ham, H.Hawkins, S.Kerr, T.Lue, D.Rodman*, H.Workman*
  DAV cuts C.Carr, D.Causwell, T.Hamilton*, C.Herren, D.Martin, C.Mills, S.Padgett
  LOS cuts C.Blount, M.Curry, W.McCarty, D.Scott*, R.Walters*
  GAL cuts C.Antsey*, T.Farmer*, D.Fortson, D.Glover, P.Miller, J.Wallace
  LEX cuts N.Anderson, D.Strong, C.Ceballos, R.Brown, K.Kittles*
  LAK cuts M.Davis*, Ch.Jones*, M.Strickland, L.Vaught, W.Williams
  IND cuts R.Chapman*, P.Chilcutt*, D.Simpkins*, J.Reid, J.McIlvaine, Ja.Jackson
* = player did not appear in an NBA game last season and so may not be drafted

10/31/2001 Trade (with new league member involved; approved 5-0 by EC in 20 hours)
  MIL receives Mic.Smith, K.Anderson, E.Robinson, Tim's #2
  Tim receives T.Langdon, L.Ellis, T.Gugliotta, MIL #4

10/30/2001 never owned players
  Charles points out that the following players have never been taken in our league
except by the computer auto-draft:  ?C.Brown, ?M.Bryant, Campbell, Coles, ?DelNegro,
Elie, Ho.Grant, ?Hammonds, Hunter, Ji.Jackson, L.Johnson, ?Kersey, Majerle, Oakley,
Richmond, Cl.Robinson, G.Robinson, Rod.Rogers, Weatherspoon, ?D.West (the ?'s indicate
that the player is available in the upcoming rookie/free-agent draft)

10/24/2001 Trade
  LOS receives C.Atkins
  MIL receives R.Traylor, T.Lue

10/23/2001 Trade
  SOU receives M.Doleac
  LEX receives Mark Jackson

10/19/2000 Trade
  LAK receives DAV #3
  DAV receives M.Palacio

10/19/2000 Trade
  SUN receives M.Moore, LEX #4
  LEX receives SUN #2, SUN #4