Round    JasonD         Ron           Dale            4            5

 1     K.Bryant      R.Allen        T.Hardaway     Olajuwon      Kukoc
 2     J.Howard      M.Taylor       N.Anderson     Thorpe        Stockton
 3     B.Knight      B.Reeves       R.Mercer       L.Johnson     Smits
 4     B.Wallace     S.Cassell      J.Mashburn     Coles         Elie
 5     I.Rider       O.Harrington   T.Battie       W.Person      M.Bryant
 6     L.Murray      D.Anderson     D.Manning      Cheaney       Rodman
 7     C.Laettner    C.Parks        D.Ferry        McKie         D.Curry
 8     C.Alexander   M.Bogues       Al.Williams    E.Strickland  An.Johnson
 9     B.Owens       J.Newman       C.Ceballos     Perkins       Hammonds
 10    S.Pollard     G.Minor        E.Washington   B.Armstrong   Crotty

Round      6             7              8              9

 1     Richmond      Cl.Robinson    D.Armstrong    G.Robinson
 2     E.Campbell    L.Hunter       Oakley         R.Strickland
 3     Ho.Grant      H.Hawkins      Hornacek       Polynice
 4     C.Mills       G.Long         Willis         Majerle
 5     Del Negro     Massenburg     C.Henderson    Ch.Brown
 6     Rod.Rogers    Ji.Jackson     Weatherspoon   Dumars
 7     M.Curry       Augmon         Corbin         Sealy
 8     S.Douglas     Te.Davis       B.Price        Gilliam
 9     Jo.Thomas     Chilcutt       Montross       Ha.Grant
 10    Ja.Robinson   D.Wheat        D.West         Jo.Williams

10/23/1999 Computer teams drafted last in each round in serpentine
  format; in odd-numbered rounds JasonD drafted first while in even-
  numbered rounds JasonD drafted third; Ron drafted second in each
  round; in even-numbered rounds Dale drafted first while in odd-
  numbered rounds Dale drafted third

Here are the players from the expansion pool who were not drafted so
  these players have been added to the rookie/free-agent pool:

Askins, K.
Beck, C.
Benjamin, B.
Bowen, B.
Bullard, M.
Carr, Ch.
Dehere, T.
Edwards, B.
Evans, B.
Ferrell, D.
Foster, G.
Hendrickson, M.
Hoiberg, F.
Johnson, Ed.
Kersey, J.
Lang, Andrew
McKey, D.
Miller, O.
Mills, T.
Morris, C.
Overton, D.
Perry, E.
Richardson, P.
Schayes, D.
Shaw, B.
Smith, C.
Spencer, F.
Vaughn, D.
Vrankovic, S.
Williams, Aa.
Williams, Sc.
Williams, T.
Wingate, D.
Wolf, J.