In each round the draft went Ed/Hayward, Adam/Mafia, Daniel/Evanston, Peter/Kaukauna, Rick/Lake K, 
Jim/Seattle, Chris/Atlanta, Frank/Chicago, Jon/Brooklyn, and Tom/Madison (this order was reversed in 
even-numbered rounds) and then fourteen dummy picks.  Chris was the Commissioner for our inaugural 

1st Round:  P.Hardaway, D.Robinson, M.Jordan, G.Hill, S.O’Neal, A.Mourning, Olajuwon, Kemp, 
R.Miller, Ewing; K.Malone, Payton, Mason, V.Baker, J.Howard, L.Johnson, Barkley, Pippen, Stockton, 
Richmond, Weatherspoon, Mutombo, Kidd, Rice.

2nd Round:  Stoudamire, Ceballos, Brandon, Strickland, K.Johnson, Stackhouse, Blaylock, Gugliotta, 
A.Houston, J.Smith; C.Robinson, Sprewell, G.Robinson, Vaught, G.Long, Elliott, Gilliam, A.Johnson, 
Finley, Laettner, C.Mills, Ho.Grant, E.Campbell, N.Anderson.

3rd Round:  Sabonis, D.Harper, Schrempf, Divac, K.Anderson, Fox, Radja, Muresan, Rodman, 
Br.Williams; P.Brown, Hornacek, Hawkins, Ji.Jackson, Thorpe, O.Miller, Drexler, Horry, D.Davis, 
McCloud, Rider, Phills, B.Grant, T.Hardaway.

4th Round:  McDyess, G.Anthony, Garnett, Kukoc, Starks, St.Smith, J.Rose, S.Bradley, Stith, Wesley; 
Smits, D.Scott, V.Maxwell, Childs, Polynice Reeves, Cage, Geiger, Abdul-Rauf, Del Negro, M.Jackson, 
Van Exel, McKey, B.Armstrong.

5th Round:  Webber, P.Jones, Barros, E.Jones, A.Davis, Augmon, Ja.Williams, D.Coleman, Cassell, Gill; 
A.Lang, Willis, Seikaly, Oakley, Coles, A.Robertson, B.Edwards, J.Newman, Cheaney, Dumars, Dudley, 
Ferry, Perkins, D.Curry.

6th Round:  Gatling, Er.Johnson, W.Williams, B.Barry, Murdock, Mullin, A.Green, Da.Ellis, B.Owens, 
E.Perry; S.Mitchell, C.Person, Edney, T.Murray, Majerle, W.Person, T.Porter, C.Brown, Rod.Rogers, 
B.Price, R.Harper, Askins, Bu.Williams, Dehere.

7th Round:  L.Ellis, S.Douglas, Kerr, R.Wallace, McMillan, M.Smith, Minor, S.Wright, Marciullionis, 
Perdue; Keefe, Elie, Pinckney, Benjamin, Ha.Grant, Lo.Williams, McKie, Jo.Williams, Massenburg, 
Longley, L.Hunter, M.Bryant, P.Ellison, P.Richardson.

8th Round:  Mashburn, Pack, Sura, K.Thomas, Reeves, Ratliff, L.Murray, Cummings, W.Anderson, 
Montross; Ehlo, Threatt, Kersey, Tisdale, Shaw, Ruffin, C.Morris, F.Spencer, Fleming, Alston, Mayberry, 
S.Webb, Ma.Johnson, Sealy.

9th Round:  Christie, McIlvaine, T.Mills, T.Hill, Rooks, Lister, MacLean, Trent, Koncak, C.Ward; A.Carr, 
K.Smith, C.King, Benoit, Legler, C.Smith, Workman, E.Williams, Tabak, Peeler, L.Meyer, R.Parish, 
D.Reid, S.Roberts.

10th Round:  Askew, D.Brown, A.Henderson, D.Manning, Donyell Marshall, Outlaw, Pierce, R.Brown, 
T.Day, Corbin; Causwell, Dumas, J.Robinson, Chapman, J.Reid, H.Davis, T.Smith, A.Avent, B.Scott, 
D.West, Recasner, D.Rivers, Wennington, L.Harris.

11th Round:  Amaya, Conlon, Eisley, C.Rogers, Ostertag, Dare, Ga.Grant, E.O’Bannon, Simpkins, 
Brickowski; Lynch, Eackles, Ed.Johnson, Royal, D.Martin, Wolf, Bowie, Hammonds, P.Meyers, S.Mack, 
Buechler, C.Parks, Gamble, Simmons.

12th Round:  Burrell, Hancock, Best, Snow, Ru.Robinson, M.Davis, M.Price, J.Barry, S.Brooks, Strong; 
Norman, Keys, D.Wood, K.Edwards, G.Foster, C.Rozier, A.Earl, J.King, Salley, Blount, L.Thompson, 
Higgins, Zidek, M.Butler.

13th Round:  Piatkowski, Williamson, A.Harvey, Respert, B.Thompson, Re.Williams, Danilovic, 
Gr.Graham, Ferrell, Goldwire; Chilcutt, Hurley, McCann, Crotty, Moten, Kleine, R.Dumas, E.Mobley, 
M.West, G.Sutton, R.Walters, Wingate, Overton, C.Carr.

14th Round:  Childress, H.Williams, M.Curry, C.Alexander, J.Allen, Rencher, Gattison, B.Russell, 
C.Whitney, Breaux; T.Davis, Addison, Lohaus, Wingfield, G.Wilkins, Lenard, Caffey, Mahorn, 
B.Houston, J.Burrough, D.Edwards, Bullard, C.Anderson, Schayes.

Immediately after the draft there were two trades:  Madison traded Ewing and Br.Williams to Seattle for 
Mourning and Augmon and Evanston traded B.Russell and their next year’s 4th round rookie draft pick to 
Hayward for Breaux and their next year’s 3rd round rookie draft pick.  Just before the beginning of the 
season Daniel became unavailable to play and Don took his team.  There were no trades during the season.
In the first round of the playoffs Evanston defeated Chicago 3 games to 0.  In the second round Lake K. 
defeated Atlanta and Hayward defeated Evanston 4 games to 1.  In the finals Hayward defeated Lake K. 4 
games to 2.  I don’t have information on the game breakdown of the other playoff series.


Before the season Adam left the league and his team was put into the expansion pool.  Also, Evanston 
changed their name to Harlem, Chicago changed their name to Milwaukee, and Brooklyn changed their 
name to Baltimore.  Several new league members joined.

Most of the rest of it is on the web page archives, including the playoffs.

THIRD YEAR 1998-99

Before the season Jon (BAL) left the league and his team was put into the expansion pool; Chris
(ATL) left the league after the expansion draft.  Also, Hayward changed their name to Walnut Creek
and Seattle changed their name to Woodridge.