9/27/2004 Overusage Non-Playoff Teams




L.Harris 78/77
J.McInnis 76/75, 1379/1377
C.Wilcox 524/503
R.Traylor 912/894
K.Rush 926/916
J.Amaechi 529/498







M.Dunleavy 1391/1370
K.Willis 891/882
J.Jeffries 324/307


M.Ely 54/52


R.White 73/72
O.Oyedeji 159/152






WHI (coachless)
Z.Ilgauskus 82/81
S.Anderson 2064/1818
E.Robinson 1605/1423
R.Slater 156/148
S.Marks 31/23, 421/234




8/16/2004 LakDak playoff round 1

  Charles noticed on the playoff boxscores that Lak’s S.Hunter played in

each of the first 4 games but since Hunter played 33 NBA games last

season he is only eligible for 3 games per playoff series; Rick/Lak

acknowledged the mistake and recognized that the resolution to this

issue is to replay game 4 without Hunter since Lak had won the game

4 with Hunter; in the meantime Jason/Dak had already played game 5

and that game was also won by Lak so that game will also need to be

replayed; replays in this specific situation are explicitly covered in the

Constitution amendment link on the web page



8/9/2004 Aaron M. aaronmathewson@comcast.net has expressed an

  interest in returning to the league next season



8/1/2004 Regular Season Player Overusage


Playoff teams:

DAK – L.Odom no penalties, see 6/21/2004 entry below

MIL – T.Abdul-Wahad played 216 minutes which is 2 over his 214 allowed,

  he is eligible for only 11 minutes in game 1 of the playoffs

NOR – S.Swift played in 68 games which is 1 over his 67 allowed, he is

  Ineligible in the first 2 games of the playoffs



8/1/2004 Ray rrmartin@columbus.rr.com has expressed an interest in

  joining the league next season



7/27/2004 end of season

  There were no q4 autoplays needed (other than team WHI)



7/11/2004 Dave Chisox17312@aol.com has expressed an interest in

  joining the league next season



7/7/2004 Joe Faljos387@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining the

  league next season



6/27/2004 Lak q3

  Jason/Dak noticed that in daklak52 Chandler played only 3 minutes but was

set in the gpl for 20-24, Ed looked through many of Lak’s previous games and

found (by the presence of the “fatigue level” column in the boxscores) that all of

Lak’s q3 games so far were played without the patch (i.e. with Lak having home

court) but q1 and q2 games were played with the patch.  Rick explained that he

had thought that he had re-applied the patch when he re-installed the game and

he verified that he has now re-applied the patch after this issue was brought up.

  Charles and Jason took the lead in investigating further and taking an EC vote

on this issue:
The EC voted the following:
* All affected teams should use home court advantage in their next home
game against
Lake K (6-0 vote).
* Unapplied penalties should not be used in the playoffs (6-0 vote).
* Unapplied penalties will be carried over to next year (4-2, with Ed,
Brian, Charles and Dale voting for and Jeff and Jason voting against).

Here are the first 5 home games affected teams have against LAK:


TEM, DAK, and WAL have no home games against LAK in Q4 and will use

home court advantage in their first home game against LAK in the following



6/22/2004 Joe joechris96@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining the league

  for next season



6/21/2004 Daklak24

  Jason/Dak noticed yesterday that in game daklak24 Pierce did not play but

Odom did but in his gpl it was the other way around; I verified that in daklak24.gpl

Pierce should have played and Odom should not have and the 3 other games

in which Pierce did not play (days 21-23) they were not against Lak so there was

no daklak gpl to have been accidentally imported; Rick had no idea what could

have occurred here.  Dak won the game by a large margin.

  The EC voted 4-0 (Jeff, Charles, Dale, and Ed) that since Dak won the game

no action will be taken by the league other than to not institute any penalties for

the extra game Odom will have played by the end of the season



5/21/2004 Whi and Mil

  Replacement coaches will be sought for teams Whi and Mil for the remainder

of the season with first priority given to anyone who has already expressed an

interest in joining the league for next season; anyone taking either team will not

be able to keep the team next season but will be eligible for this season’s


  Jeff LPerigoni@aol.com (see 4/11 entry below) has been offered choice of team

until 5/23 at which time advertising will begin – Jeff has officially taken over team

Mil through the end of the season

  Whi second half gpl’s created by Ed except for whiwal57 created by Charles



5/17/2004 Trade

  ANC receives K.Ollie, VAL #4, and VAL #5

  VAL receives B.Sundov and ANC #3



5/16/2004 Trade

  ANC receives C.Maggette, G.Arenas, D.Miles, R.Murray, Q.Woods,

    DAK #2, and DAK #6

  DAK receives S.Marbury, R.Wallace, B.Bowen, J.Bender, J.Sampson,

    and ANC #2



5/14/2004 autoplayed games

* All 9 Whi games (walwhi game autoplayed by Charles)

* All 9 Mil games (walmil game autoplayed by Charles)

* valhar39 (see below)



5/14/2004 Mil

  Scott did not play any of his q1 or q2 games, league status to be decided;

Ed noticed that in the player profile (from a previously imported Mil gpl) Mil

had Gasol with 18 minutes in the fatigue grid at SF and Charles then pointed

out that Gasol played some of a recent milsun game at SF, since Gasol is

not eligible to play SF this can only be construed as, at best, a mistake by


  Scott has been disqualified from further participation in the league



5/14/2004 valhar39

  Donald had thought that he had previously sent this result but it is past the

5/13 deadline and unfortunately I am not able to accept the result so it will be

autoplayed; both the played (not accepted) and autoplayed games were won

by Har



5/12/2004 Whi

  AaronK has indicated that with the 5/13 q2 game result deadline approaching

he will not be able to continue in the league:  “work is kicking my butt lately, and

I am pulling 13 hour days with regualrity the past 3 months.  Couple that with

my computer never wanting to agree with me, and I am just fried on the whole

online game thing”



5/3/2004 Dak q2 home games

  In home games against val, ind, whi, dav, tex, sundak38, and nordak37

Dak had home court advantage (Jason had had problems with his PC and

re-installed the game without re-applying the patch, this was noticed when

Jason noticed A.Davis at PG as indicated below).  Sundak38 and nordak37

are handled below and are not included in the remainder of this note.

  5/11 The EC voted 2-0 (Ed and Rick) that the results will stand (even though

some of these had not yet been imported) but that val, ind, whi, dav, and tex

will have home court in their next home game against dak.



5/3/2004 nordak37

  In this game Jason saw Antonio Davis playing PG and pointed this out when

sending the result file.  Ed looked at the nor gpl closely and found that A.Davis

should not have played PG at all.  Jason indicated that he likely used the wrong

league file from q1 after re-installing sombkw and not applying the patch (see

above) and that wrong league file didn’t have Boykins on nor.

  Jason offered to replay the game (which had been won by dak) as clearly

nor’s roster was not correct.

  5/13 update:  Jason had thought that the EC would rule on this issue (Jason

had offered to replay the game and when Ed indicated that Jason should let

him know if he would like the EC to rule there was no response to that specific

issue) but now that the EC rulings have been made (see issue above and below)

Jason does not have time to play the game before the deadline of 5/13 evening;

Ed has extended the deadline to 5/16 for only this game and sundak38 due to the

EC’s delay (caused by Ed) in ruling on those issues.



5/3/2004 sundak38

  Charles/Sun looked at the boxscore of this result played by Jason/Dak and

well within the 24 hour time limit for game protests pointed out that E.Griffin

should have played 24+ minutes but only played 11; Ed verified that Charles’

gpl should have used E.Griffin for 24+ minutes and with no fouls that was not

a problem, it appears that for some reason Croshere received many of

E.Griffin’s minutes.  This game was won by dak.

  5/11 The EC voted 3-0 (Ed, Rick, and Brian) that the game needs to be replayed

as Charles pointed out the problem within the 24 hour time period and the EC

agreed that not only was there something unexplainable going on with E.Griffin

but also Dak had the home court advantage (see above).

  5/13 update:  just as with nordak37 above the deadline for this game result has

been extended to 5/16.



5/3/2004:  nordak37

  While playing this game Jason/Dak noticed that A.Davis played some at PG; in

later looking at the gpl there is no way that Davis should have played any PG;

Jason believes that he had the wrong league zip file which had Boykins on the

wrong team causing this error; Jason won the game; Jason has offered to play

the game again, Ed has responded that this seems the only fair thing to do but

if Jason would like the EC to decide that would be no problem



4/18/2004:  AaronK/Whi missed the gpl deadline of 4/15 and has not responded

  to my e-mail of 4/16; I have auto-created all Whi gpl’s except whiwal30 which was

  created by Charles and all are posted on the web site.  When I hear from AaronK

  I will post an update here.

4/27/2004 update:  “Sorry about missing the dedline.  I was on vacation for the past
10 days, and got some leagues confused.  I thought I had already sent this out.”



4/17/2004:  Rick/Lak has indicated to me that his main PC’s hard drive crashed

  and his laptop cannot load sombkw (since there is no longer a key disk) and

  he will not be able to create the gpl’s by the deadline today.  I have requested

  that Rick keep me up-to-date with the situation and almost certainly no later

  than 4/21 I will auto-create the gpl’s if the situation is not resolved.

4/19/2004 update:  Rick’s PC is working fine now and gpl’s received today



4/11/2004 Jeff LPerigoni@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining the league



4/9/2004 Mil

  Scott indicated that despite the recent time crunches he has had (and

especially the issues he had with first quarter gpl’s and games)  he will be

fully participating in the league for the remainder of the season.



3/28/2004 q1 autoplayed games

  JJ/Ind apparently sent to Greg/Val a game result (won by Val) for valind19 on

3/9/04 but did not include me in the e-mail.  JJ sent to me the file (with a copy of

the e-mail JJ said he sent to Greg) on 3/29 after the 3/28 deadline and after a few

league-wide e-mails were sent regarding missed game results.  Since the result

was received after the deadline the game cannot be accepted and will be

autoplayed near 10:30pm tonight 3/29 (e-mail sent to EC at 8:00pm just in case).



3/28/2004 ancmil01

  Jeff/Anc sent a minanc06.zip file a few days ago which, I found out after importing

it, contains a gfl for game ancmil01 (even though all of the other files in minanc06

.zip were for game minanc06).  Jeff has since sent another file minanc06 which

imported fine as game minanc06.

  Scott/Mil has sent today game result ancmil01.zip but sombkw will not allow me

to import it because the result is already in the game.  Anc won the game which

was played by Scott (the proper game) while Mil won the game which was imported

from the file Jeff sent me (the incorrect game).

  I don’t believe that sombkw has the option to re-import just the one game and it

is not an option to start the league over and (re-unzip and) re-import 170+ results.

  The EC has voted 4-0-2 (with Ed, Charles, Brian, and Dale voting for while Rick

and Jason appear to have discussed the future with no exact vote cast) to take no

action in this case.  The file sent by Jeff caused the problem and this accident had

the biggest penalty to Jeff and with no viable option to re-import the gfl the result

of Mil winning will stand.

  In the imported gfl:  For Anc Marbury and M.Blount played when they shouldn’t

have and for Mil Artest and Massenburg played when they shouldn’t have.  There

are no more ancmil games the rest of the season so by a 3-0 EC vote (Charles,

Jason, and Ed) in the next milanc game which is milanc27 all 4 players will be

set as ineligible.  The web page rosters have been updated with this information.



3/28/2004 Mil

  There had been no word from Scott/MIL all quarter (including the gpl deadline

of 3/13) until today the game result deadline in which all home game results

were sent (with no other word).  It appears that most or all of the home games

were autoplayed as the file dates/times are within a few minutes of each other.

Files will be imported in 24 hours per league rules, no issue there.  An e-mail

was sent to Scott requesting an explanation and an indication of what the future

will hold as a coach running a team on autopilot (missing gpl deadlines and/or

autoplaying home games) is not the way the league operates.  See 4/9/2004

entry above for the resolution of this issue.



3/28/2004 milwhi19

  AaronK/Whi sent me two milwhi19.zip files and both contain boxscores for

game milwhi19 with different results (both won by Mil).  I have e-mailed AaronK

(with cc to Scott) asking what went on here but it is likely that I will use the one

containing the earlier game file date/time unless AaronK has further information.

  With replies from AaronK on other subjects but no reply on this one the game

with the earlier file time (nearly 4:00am vs 11:30am the same day) was the

accepted result.



3/28/2004 davwhi20 and walwhi21

  Both of these were received with no boxscore (but with play accounts).  AaronK

was notified about this and it was likely that when creating the play account he

accidentally overwrote the boxscore by calling them the same filename.

  3/30/2004 boxscore for walwhi21 was found and sent, AaronK was not able

to find the davwhi20 boxscore.



3/19/2004 indtem02.gpl

  This file didn’t work so on 3/20 JJ/Ind sent to AaronL and me a replacement

gpl and I posted this in the indgpl1.zip replacement file.



3/19/2004 Sun adjustment

  Charles pointed out that Dickerson’s days missed list is not quite a correct

conversion of the games missed list; this is true and has been changed on

the rosters (only 2nd quarter games are affected).



3/15/2004 MIL gpl’s

  Scott did not send any MIL gpl’s by the 3/13 deadline and there has been

no response so far to an e-mail sent on 3/14; all gpl’s have been created

by let computer set lineups (after setting all defensive profile settings of

every opponent to 0) and posted 3/15 evening.

  3/19/2004 update:  no further word from Scott, stay tuned.



3/11/2004 Nor

  When looking at a Nor home boxscore Ed realized that the fatigue level

was listed which implied that Kyle had not applied the v1.01c patch –

Kyle verified that this is the case and on 3/7 applied the patch – which

meant that Kyle had home court advantage (and a few other issues

addressed by the patch) in games so far:  indnor01 (won by Nor), bronor04

(won by Nor), harnor05 (won by Har), and walnor07 (won by Wal) with the

first two having already been imported when the issue was noticed.

  The EC agreed 7-0 (Ed, Rick, Charles, Brian, Dale, Jason, and Jeff) that

for the two games won by Nor the opposing teams will use the home

court advantage setting in their next home game against Nor.

  The EC voted 4-2 (Rick, Jeff, Brian, and Jason affirmative; Charles and

Dale negative; Ed abstained due to being directly involved in the matter)

that for the two games lost by Nor the opposing teams will use the home

court advantage setting in their next home game against Nor.

  An e-mail was sent to JJ, Nigel, Donald, Ed, and Kyle (with cc to the EC)

indicating that for games norhar29, norbro32, and norind51 the home

team will use the home court advantage setting.  Wal does not play any

more home games this season against Nor so the EC was asked by Ed

to rule on that issue but due to receiving only one response (Charles

voting that there should be no action taken as consistent with his vote in

the previous paragraph) the issue is dropped no contest with no ruling.



3/10/2004 Anc

  Jeff realized that in most of his first quarter away gpl’s e-mailed to the

league on 3/8 he had accidentally had Kittles in the lineup when he should

not have been so on 3/10 Jeff sent out a replacement set of gpl’s.



2/29/2004 Sun

  Charles realized that in 4 games he had M.Baston incorrectly playing C

(Baston is not eligible to play C) for approximately 6 minutes each game:

sunmin07, sunhar09, sundav12, and davsun13; Sun lost each of those

games; Charles sent a replacement group of gameplans and e-mailed

those with outstanding games (sunval06, sunmin08, and sunlak14) to

please use the replacement gameplans while the main web page was

updated with a notice about this.

  The EC voted 5-0 (Ed, Brian, Dale, Rick, and Jason) that since Charles

brought up the error himself and the games were lost no penalties or

adjustments will be made.



2/28/2004 Tex gpl’s

  Tim realized that in his away gameplans he assigned Oyedeji too many

season minutes and he would likely be overused so Tim sent a replacement

group of gameplans and e-mailed those with outstanding games to please

use the replacement gameplans while the main web page was updated

with a notice about this.



2/3/2004 Games Missed Lists



Gasol NONE

Bradley 54

Lynch 14

Kidd 15-16

Davis 53-56

McGrady 33-39

Russell 40-51

Artest 1-13

Taylor 57-71

Ward 17-32

Massenberg 1-24

Przybilla 1-39; 72-82

Mutumbo 25-82

TAW 15-82

Ho Grant 1-51; 57-82




Amaechi, John                2-16,23-29, 65-82

Battier, Shane                3-6

Collins, Jarron                 2-6, 11-15, 23-72

Curry, Eddy                    1

Daniels, Antonio             8-10, 71-82

Harris, Lucius                 11-15

Humphrey, Ryan             1,7-10,16-55, 72-82

Johnson, Joe                 

LaFrentz, Raef                30-42

McInnis, Jeff                   23-29

O'Neal, Jermaine             7-10,16

Rush, Kareem                17-22

Traylor, Robert                43-55

Turkoglu, Hedo               56-70

Wilcox, Chris                  1-6, 11-15, 17-22, 56-64, 73-82

Wilks, Mike                    1-2,7,16-22,30-71



Miller, Andre   80   2-3

Carter, Anthony   49   39-40, 52-82

Rakocevic, Igor   42   1,  4-38,  42-45

Jones, Damon   49   4-29,  45-51

Griffin, Adrian   74   1-3, 39-41,  75-76

Jones, Eddie   47   4-38

White, Rodney   72   41-50

Curry, Michael   78   71-74

Williams, Monty   21   1-3, 25-82

Kukoc, Toni   63   52-70

Divac, Vlade   80   2-3

Duncan, Tim   81   1

Dalembert, S.   0   1-82

Walker, Samaki   67   4-18

Gadzuric, Dan   49   19-51

Oyedeji, Olumide   27   25-45, 49-82



S. Abdur-Rahim 73
R. Alston 1-29,60-65
C. Crawford 1-69,75-82
D. Ham 45-51
T. Hardaway 1-29,40-82
M. Harpring 69-72
E. Johnson 52-64
C. Mobley 36-44
M. Moore 1-74
S. Nash 0
S. Pollard 1-59
A. Sabonis 65-68
O. Torres 1-29,45-68,71-82
D. Stevenson 62-82
B. Wallace 74-82
J. Williams 30-35



1 Jamaal Magloire
2 Scott Padgett
3 Alan Henderson
4 John Stockton
5 Howard Eisley
 The above 5 all miss no games
6 Sean Rooks  to miss(12)Games  1-12
7 Jerome James          (31) 11-41
8 Loren Woods          (44) 39-82
9 Karl Malone              (1) 42           
10 Andre Kirilenko      (2) 59 and 60
11 Pat Garrity              (1) 61
12 Wally Szczerbiak  (30) 11-40
13 Emanual Ginobili   (13) 1-13
14 Wesley Person      (16) 41-56
15 Jannero Pargo       (48) 1-48
16 Kenny Satterfield   (43) 40-82



Augmon    71-82
Carter    32-70
Forte        1-27, 33-70
Hill        18-70
Hunter    1-49
Lampley    1-47
Long        1-10, 51-81
Morris    50-82
O'Neal    51-65
Ostertag    50
Payton    30-31
Thomas    6-49
Tsakalidas    1-49
Vaughn    28-29
Wells        11-17
Williams    71-81



Collins 81 (82)

Willis 71(71-81)

Harrington  72 (64-71)

Thomas 66 (66-81)

Knight 32  (1) (13-20) (34-65) (73-81)

Jamison 82

Dunleavy 82

Strickland 47 (48-82)

Norris 82

B. Jackson  59 (48-70)

Lenard 63 (29-47)

Ji. Jackson 63 (1-12) (21-27)

Coles 35 (1-47)

Je. Jackson 53 (1-29)

Arroyo 44 (1-12) (21-28) (30-47)

Jeffries 20 (2-63)



Brent Barry          25-31
Maceo Baston         17-82
Calvin Booth         22-56
Jamison Brewer       1-5,9-24,32-82
Kwame Brown          15-16
Austin Croshere      1-5,15-21,62-82
Michael Dickerson    1-8,12-21,25-82
Eddie Griffin        1-5
Richard Jefferson    23-24
Brevin Knight        32-58
Shawn Marion         22
Brad Miller          6-14
Zach Randolph        17-21
John Salmons         1-11,15-18,32-34
Damon Stoudamire     59-81
Nikoloz Tskitishvili 82



C.Anderson  59    19-37,50-53
K.Cato 73    74-82
R.Davis 79    47-49
J.Foster 77    1-5
P.Hardaway 58     1-24
D.Harvey 77    69-73
R.Patterson 78    50-53
G.Wallace 47    25-49,70-79
C.Webber 67    54-68
D.Wesley 73    38-46
J.Welsch 37    23-42,54-68,70,74-82
F.Williams 21    1-3,6-14,19-22,25-37,50-70,72-82

D.Dickau 50    25-35,54-71,80-82
J.Moiso 51    1-18,38-49,69
R.Pack 28    1-37,50-53,69,71-82
C.Oakley 42    10-18,36-53,70-82



Foyle, Mashburn, Houston, Posey, Stoudamire = no games missed

 Haywood = game 1

 Finley = games 1-13

 Baxter = games 1-27

 Brown = games 1-31

 Battie = games 2-16

 Sesay = games 14-50

 Hughes = games 17-31

 Mason = games 18-82

 Anderson = games 32-52

 Haislip = games 32-74

 Dixon = games 43-82



Marbury 1

Watson 2-4

Williams, S. 5-8

Brown 33-82

Kittles 9-25

Bowen 0

Martin 44-48

Bender 47-82

Wallace 2-9

Blount 1

Coleman 26-43

Stewart, M. 48-82

Sundov 1-25; 52-82

Mohammed 36-82

Sampson 1-82

Bradley 11-25



Arenas: 0
Cardinal: 1-18, 22-38, 41-82
Chandler: 32-38
Claxton: 1-18, 41-46, 55-82
Jackson: 39-40
Maggette: 1-18
Miles: 63-77
Ming: 0
Murray: 1-40, 55-82
Odom: 22-54
Okur: 22-31
Pierce: 19-21
Redd: 0
Robinson: 1-18
Van Horn: 55-62
Woods: 19-21, 32-38, 41-54, 78-82



B. Davis 11-26 and 51-66
C. Williamson none
J. Terry 36
G. Trent 1-2
B. Outlaw 57-58
A. Mckie 34-35
M. Jackson 12-16
R. Nestorovich 40-44
D. Glover 67-72
R. Evans 17-31
M. Ely 3-11 and 45-65
H. Davis 44-82
T. Prince 1-40
V. Potapenko 27-82
D. Brown 11-82
C. Childs 1-70



Francis (81) - 12

Richardson (82) -

Peterson (82) -

Murphy (79) - 33-35

Dampier (82) -

Baker (50) - 36-82

Mihm (50) - 1-30

Cheaney (81) - 17

George (71) - 1-11

Hilario (80) - 31-32

James (78) - 13-16

Johnson (66) - 1-11, 78-82

Jones (19) - 1-11, 31-82

Nachbar (14) - 12-82

Brezec (22) - 1-52, 75-82

N'Diaye (22) - 1-30, 53-82



Derek Fisher 1-82 ,   misses none
Kevin Ollie 1-82,   misses none
DMason 1-12, 15-82,   misses games  13 and 14
CBillups 1-4, 13-82,   misses games 5-12
R Brunson 66-82,   misses 1-65
MJaric  1-66,   misses 67-82
TBrown 1-15,   misses 16-82
QRichardson  24-82, misses 1-23
Ratliff 2-82,   misses game 1
McCoy 1-67,   misses games 68-82
JWhite  1, 68-82,   misses games 2-67
DNowitzki 1-2, 5-82 , misses games 3 and 4
TThomas 1-14, 17-82 , misses games 15,16
BSimmons 1-36, misses games 37-82
Boozer 1, 3-82, misses game 2
AHarrington 1-82 , misses none



Brand - 22-41
Boykins - 69-82
Christie - 1-2
Davis - 42-70
Iverson - UL
Miller - 52-68
Parker - UL
Radmanovic - 16-25
Stojakovic - 12-21
Swift - 1-15
Van Exel - 3-11
Gooden - 71-82
Fizer - 26-69
Nailon - 39-82
Wang - 16-57
Fowlkes - 38-82



tinsley 1-9
crawford 10, 11
kobe NONE
Atkins 12-28
House 29-55
Yarbrough 56-78
Allen 79-80
Illgaukaus 82
Camby 1-53
Smith 54-81
marks 1-55, 79-82
doleac 1-7
slater 24-83
Robinson 8-25
Murray miss ALL i have to do this otherwise I have more than 12 active guys
during the ganmes he plays
S Anderson none




1/28/2004 Trade


  ANC receives Kenyon Martin and VAL #2

  VAL receives Quentin Richardson, ANC #1, and LAK #1



1/26/2004 Extra Supplemental Draft

With each team having an opportunity to cut a player and pick up a

  player from the remaining rookie/free-agent pool Jeff/ANC picked

  up Michael Stewart and cut Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje.



1/26/2004 Player Overusage Adjustments

The following players’ overusage from last season (see last season’s

  news link for details) will be adjusted this season with 7-0 approval

  by the EC (6-1 approval on the last of these three with Rick preferring

  Simmons be chosen over McCoy):


  HAR J.Magliore 1626/1678mins -- minutes reduced by 52x2=104 this


  IND J.Crotty 842/844 -- A.Johnson's minutes reduced by 2x2=4 this


  VAL B.Sundov 92/107 -- J.McCoy's minutes reduced by 15x2=30 this




1/21/2004 Trade


  LAK receives Bonzi Wells

  ANC receives Quentin Richardson and next year’s LAK #1



1/18/04 Trade (during round 4 of the draft) approved 7-0 by the EC –

  while Jeff, Charles, Jason, Dale, Rick, Brian, and Ed felt that the

  deal is slightly one-sided against new league member Tim (when

  considering the future of both players involved) we felt that the deal

  was small enough (and close enough) to not want to disallow the

  trade which is consistent with draft picks Tim has made to try to

  go deep into the playoffs this season


  TEX receives Samaki Walker

  NOR receives Earl Boykins and next year’s TEX #4



1/17/04 Trade (during round 4 of the draft)


  IND receives DAK #5

  DAK receives next year’s IND #5



1/17/04 Trade (just before SUN’s #1 pick occurred)


  SUN receives Eddie Griffin and VAL #2

  VAL receives Jelani McCoy and SUN #1



1/15/04 Cut Lists


The following players have been added into the rookie/free-agent pool


  IND = A.J. Guyton, Mark Strickland, John Crotty, Monty Williams, Greg Anthony*,

      Sam Mitchell*, Brian Stith*

  VAL = Samaki Walker, Courtney Alexander, Bruno Sundov, Reggie Slater, Amal
      McCaskill, Joel Pryzbilla

  DAK = Tyronn Lue, Loren Woods, Anthony Carter, Ruben Boumtje-Boumtje,

      Antonio McDyess*

  WHI = Emanual Davis, Michael Dickerson, Joseph Forte, Tremaine Fowlkes,

      Tom Gugliotta, Avery Johnson, Scott Padgett, Jeff Trepagnier

  NOR = Dalibor Bagarich, Jason Collier, Keon Clark, Michael Doleac, Lee Nailon

  LAK = Steven Hunter, Olumide Oyedeji, Glen Rice, Mookie Blaylock*, Obinna

      Ekezie*, John Wallace*

  HAR = Austin Croshere, Alton Ford, Mamadou N’Diaye, Eddie House, Jerome

      James, Grant Long

  ANC = Michael Olowokandi, Dan Langhi, Sean Marks, Rod Strickland, Hedo

      Turkoglu, Derrick Dial*

  DAV = Jason Caffey, Bimbo Coles, Keith Haston, Ansu Sesay, Bobby Simmons,

      Michael Stewart, George McCloud*

  TEX = Jonathan Bender, Primoz Brezec

  SUN = Rafer Alston, Vitaly Potapenko, Jake Tsakalidis, Jahidi White, Chris Whitney

  WAL = Keyon Dooling, Jermaine Jackson, Popeye Jones, Dean Garrett*, Michael


  LEX = Jerome Moiso, Mark Jackson, Marcus Fizer, Speedy Claxton, Nazr Mohammed,

      Ron Mercer

  MIL (no e-mail received so taking the list off the forum) = Chris Crawford, Mikki Moore,

      Quincy Lewis*, Shawnelle Scott*


* = did not play in the NBA last year, were not added into the rookie/free-agent pool



1/15/04 Team MLL

  Andrew has decided several days after the draft that this league is not for him so

his team will be added into the expansion pool for next season; this does not

cause a problem for the league since the season schedule has not been created;

Andrew’s concern is that league members are more fired up than he is but I have

asked Andrew to reconsider as there are many in the league who simply draft and

play games and if Andrew is still interested then his team is available until the

draft begins



1/15/04 Trade


  IND receives Morris Peterson

  SUN receives IND #3



1/14/04 Trade approved 6-0 (Charles, Dale, Jeff, Brian, Rick, and Ed) by the EC


  WHI receives Marcus Camby

  MLL receives Danny Fortson and WHI #2



1/14/04 Trade approved 5-0 (Charles, Dale, Brian, Rick, and Ed) by the EC


  TEX receives Eddie Jones

  ANC receives Kerry Kittles



1/14/04 Trade approved 6-0 (Ed, Charles, Rick, Dale, Jeff, and Brian) by the EC


  TEX receives Rodney White and NOR #6

  NOR receives TEX #5



1/14/04 Team CAV

  Mark has decided a few days after the draft that this league is not for him so

his team will be added into the expansion pool for next season; this does not

cause a problem for the league since the season schedule has not been created



1/12/04 Trade approved 5-0 (Ed, Rick, Jeff, Charles, and Brian) by the EC


  DAK receives David Robinson

  BRO receives Raef LaFrentz



1/12/04 Trade approved 6-0 (Ed, Charles, Jason, Dale, Jeff, and Brian) by the EC


  TEX receives Samuel Dalembert

  LAK receives TEX #4



1/11/2004 Trade


  DAV receives Ervin Johnson

  WAL receives DAV #3



1/11/2004 Trade attempted


  DAK receives Kevin Garnett

  MLL receives Stephen Jackson, DAK #1, and DAK #2


  This deal was disallowed by a vote of 6-0 by the EC.  In short, it was unanimously

felt that while Yao is a very good player Garnett is clearly one of the top 5 players in

the league and considering his versatility and dominance may be the top player in

the league with all factors considered (including youth, of course).  Yao may become

someday a top 5 type player but at the current time is not there and there's no reason

to feel certain that he will get there.
  It is also felt that S.Jackson is a fill-in player and a high 2nd round pick is usually

also a fill-in player with some slight potential for success.  Both are worth some

small amount but not nearly enough to fill in the gap between Yao and Garnett.  In

our view the trade would clearly hurt the team trading away Garnett and thus hurt the

league as a result.

  The above EC ruling was written by Ed as a representation of votes from Charles, Jeff,

Ed, Brian, Dale, and Rick.



1/10/2004 Expansion Draft

  Charles ran the expansion draft with 6 new league members:  Tim/TEX, Andrew/MLL,

Nigel/BRO, AaronL/TEM, Mark/CAV, and Ned/MIN (in that first round order) drafting

against 5 computer-controlled teams (which drafted last in each round).



12/1/2003 Trade (as a result of Mourning announcing retirement)


  ANC receives Rod Strickland

  MIL receives MIL #1



11/7/2003 Trade


  MIL receives Jason Kidd, Dikembe Mutombo, WHI #3, WHI #4, and WHI #5

  WHI receives Jamaal Tinsley, Jamal Crawford, Scott Padgett, Zydrunas Ilgauskus,

    MIL #2, and SUN #2



11/7/2003 Trade


  MIL receives Alonzo Mourning

  ANC receives MIL #1



10/27/2003 Trade


  LAK receives Grant Hill

  DAK receives LAK #1



10/26/2003 Trade


  ANC receives Shammond Williams and VAL #3

  VAL receives Derek Fisher and ANC #3



10/25/2003 Trade


  ANC receives Bonzi Wells

  DAK receives Raef LaFrentz and ANC #1



10/24/2003 Team Name Change

  Jeff changes his team name from Portland to Anchorage



10/23/2003 League Status

  Strat-O-Matic is very late with the new windows version of the computer game

so the season will delay as necessary but trading will be allowed by popular

request of current league members