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5/24/2003 MIL at WHI playoff round 1
  All 5 games of this series were played face-to-face; both MIL and WHI submitted
12-man rosters as indicated in the rules (see playoff page for those rosters)
and WHI's did not include Gugliotta; unfortunately, WHI played Gugliotta for
significant minutes in every game (see playoff box scores page) and won games
3, 4, and 5.
  In addition, in game 2 Gugliotta, Mutombo, Jo.Smith, and Fortson combined for
102 minutes but all 4 of those play only PF and C and the game did not go overtime
so one of them must have been played out of position for at least 4 minutes in that
game which was won by MIL.
  The EC voted 5-0 that the Constitution Addendum (see link on main page) is very
clear in this case that since a player was inappropriately used in games won by
that team the games must be replayed.  Scott/MIL tells me that AaronK/WHI is out
of town until 5/27 so I will e-mail Aaron letting him know what's going on and
Aaron and Scott will have a choice of either playing these 3 games face-to-face
(with no Gugliotta of course and also with either Fowlkes or Dickerson also
ineligible since Gugliotta's games 1 and 2 performance will stand and neither
Fowlkes nor Dickerson appeared in a game) or via gameplan and if the latter then
I will ask that Aaron send to Scott and to me a game 3 gameplan hopefully by
5/28 evening.
  As an fyi there is a prior precedent of a playoff game being replayed due to
incorrect usage of a player not on the 12-man roster and in that case the usage
was for fewer minutes and was a substitution performed by the computer due to an
oversight of the away coach.
  As for the usage of Gugliotta in games 1 and 2 and the apparent usage out of
position of someone in game 2 these will be dealt with next season in WHI games
against MIL.
  Game 3 was replayed 5/30 and won by MIL.

5/7/2003 Regular Season Player Overusage

Playoff teams
DAV J.Caffey 297/305 – 16 minutes to be missed in playoffs, may play in only 1 game
  (1 fewer than otherwise) of first series and may only play in 8 minutes of that game
LAK O.Ekezie 160/161 – 2 minutes to be missed in playoffs, may play in only 4 minutes
  of his first round 1 playoff game (unless it is game 5)
LAK S.Hunter 542/553 – 22 minutes to be missed in playoffs, must miss first 2 games
  in the playoffs and may only play in 8 minutes of game 3
LAK E.Thomas 649/651 – 4 minutes to be missed in playoffs, may only play in 9 minutes
  of game 1 in round 1
MIL R.Artest 55/56 games – must miss first 2 games of playoffs
MIL R.Artest 1724/1856 – 264 minutes to be missed in playoffs, must miss 8 games in
  playoffs; net total = must miss first 10 games in playoffs and then may only play
  in 24 minutes of game 11
MIL T.McGrady 3058/3089 – 62 minutes to be missed in playoffs, must miss game 1 of
  the playoffs and then is only eligible for 24 minutes of game 2
WHI K.Bryant 3216/3235 – 38 minutes to be missed in playoffs, must miss game 1 of
  the playoffs
WHI T.Fowlkes 22/23 games – may not play in round 1

Non-Playoff Teams (games and minutes adjustments to be made next season)
HAR J.Magliore 1626/1678
IND J.Crotty 842/844
SOU P.Brezec 22/23 games
VAL B.Sundov 92/107

CEN, DAK, LEX, NOR, POR, SUN, WAL – no overusage

  chuckarnett@msn.com has expressed a strong interest in joining the league next season

3/30/2003 q3 autoplayed games
  whisun51 (won by sun) and whisun69 (won by whi) -- these game results apparently were
sent by Charles days earlier but they were not at all received and Charles was out of
town from just after the time he sent the files to a day after the deadline
  porwhi58 (won by por) and porwhi68 (won by por) -- I have not heard from AaronK as
to why these game results were apparently not sent

  Nigel nigel@ahye.org has expressed a strong interest in rejoining the league next
season if the game is fully compatible with WinXP; Nigel was in the league before

  Greg/VAL points out that he accidentally used B.Sundov for more minutes than allowed
during the season; Greg will not use Sundov any more this season and will be careful
about other players' minutes and Sundov's (or another similar player's) penalty will
be assessed next year as normal

  Pat scrubfield@aol.com has expressed a strong interest in joining the league next

2/8/2003 second quarter autoplayed games

2/8/2003 davdak40 protest
  Dak accidentally used A.Carter in this game (instead of T.Lue) but A.Carter was
supposed to be ineligible (see below) and this game was won by Dak; Brian/Dav
decided to protest this game (in accordance with the rule voted in before this
season) but it was decided 5-0 by the EC (Ed, Rick, Charles, Jeff, and Dale)
that A.Carter had too little of an impact in this 108-81 Dak win

2/7/2003 Dak second quarter games
  Jason/Dak pointed out that in several of his games this quarter he accidentally was
reading his games missed list instead of his days missed list; consequently, in many
games players were used even though they were supposed to be ineligible:
  DakLex37, A.Carter was incorrectly used
  WalDak38, A.Carter was incorrectly used
  DakNor39, A.Carter was incorrectly used
  DavDak40, A.Carter was incorrectly used
  CenDak41, A.Carter was incorrectly used
  DakCen48, T.Lue and L.Odom were incorrectly used
  The EC ruled 5-0 that A.Carter will need to miss daklex92, waldak69, daknor87, davdak77,
and cendak76 and that Odom will need to miss dakcen89; Lue will not be able to miss
dakcen89 and so Lue (or a similar player on dak's 10-man roster if Lue is not on any
10-man roster next season) will be reduced by two games of eligibility next season

1/2/2003 (posted 1/12/2003) Press Defense for SUN
  Charles/SUN noticed a rule which indicates that the press defense must be turned off
with a 10-point lead -- I have since updated this rule which was voted in a couple of
years ago in the Constitution and rules summary web pages as suggested by Charles --
and Charles went back and checked all of his season's home games so far to see if he
may have unknowingly violated this rule; Charles found that in the home games where he
was ahead by 10+ points (not including censun15 where SUN was not ahead by 10+ until
the final 2 minutes of the game when Charles would not have been pressing) he may or
may not have been pressing with a 10+ point lead in harsun01, milsun03, sousun07, and
daksun13; Charles had no way of remembering if he actually did violate this rule but
he did want to bring it to the league's attention (Charles did not save the txt file
containing detailed play-by-play as this file is not required by the league).
  The Executive Committee (EC) decided by a very narrow tie-breaking margin that the
penalty for this possible violation (there is no way of knowing if a violation actually
occurred but the EC agreed that there should be some penalty) is to limit the use of the
press defense in the next SUN home game for each of these teams (HAR, MIL, SOU, and DAK)
to 9 minutes instead of the regular maximum of 12; limiting to 6 minutes instead of 9
was a very narrow second place in the voting

1/1/2003 gonzo31@aol.com has expressed an interest in joining the league next season

11/23/2002 Accidental Overusage
  Don/HAR points out that in indhar16 he accidentally incorrectly used G.Long for 7
minutes; no protest was reported by JJ (I'm sure he didn't notice the error) and so
G.Long will miss indhar35 (a game G.Long was scheduled to play) instead; this has been
reflected on the league roster web link (but not on the Excel spreadsheet roster link)

11/20/2002 Trade
  SUN receives J.White and MIL #4
  MIL receives S.Scott and SUN #2

11/20/2002 Games Missed Lists -- use the "days missed list" on the rosters, do not
  use these lists below which are here only for reference

Anthony 1-22
Baker 56-82
Cheaney 50-63
Crotty 1-22, 50-68
Dampier 47-55
Francis 25-49
Guyton 23-49, 56-82
Johnson 23-82
Mihm 39-46
Mitchell 1-8
Richardson 23-24
Stith 1-22, 56-82
Strickland 1-38
Williams 1-14

Magliore   0
Kirilenko  0
Szczerbiak 0
Stockton   0
Malone     1, 2            (2 Games)
Garrity    3-5             (2 games + 20 min. Penalty)
Person     5-8             (4 Games)
Croshere   20-25          (6 Games)
James      1-26            (26 Games)
House      1-18            (18 Games)
Rooks      21-41          (21 Games)
Henderson  27-82          (56 Games)
Eisley     15-61          (43 Games + 60 minute penalty)
Long       3, 4, 7-20   (16 Games)
Ford       42-70         (29 Games)
N'Diaye    1-19, 25-82 (77 Games)

Kobe 20-21
Mutumbo 1-2
Atkins 17-19
Fortson 3-7
J Smith 8-17
A Johnson 1-16
Googs 63-72; 17-45
Robinson 1-16; 46-82
Davis 21-60; 68-82
Fowlkes 18-67; 73-82
M Allen 13-82
Trepanjer 1-16; 22-72; 80-82
Forte 1-16; 22-79
Dickerson 1-17; 22-82

Zyd. Ill12-31
Crawford PG12-28::39-82
Crawford SF1-75
S.Scott1-35 & 57-82

Bagaric - 12-43
Brand - 73-74
Christie - 28
Clark - 72
Collier - 25-81
Davis - 75-79
Doleac - 1-24, 65-82
Iverson - 1-22
Miller - 53-71
Nailon - 39-41
Parker - 23-27
Radmanovic - 44-64
Stojakovic - 42-52
Swift - 1-11, 80-82
Van Exel - 29-38
White - 17-82

Bender, J.        7-10
Brezec, P.        23-82
Camby, M.         1-53
Cleaves, M.       33-82
Curry, E.         54-63
Davis, B.         N/A
Funderburke, L.   57-82
Hoiberg, F.       4-6
Kemp, S.          11-17
MacCulloch, T.*   63-82
Massenburg, T.    64-72
McKey, D.*        1-32,47-55
Miller, R.        1-3
Rogers, C.        1-60
Rose, J.          N/A
Satterfield, K.   1-46

Bibby (80)  1-2
Diop(18) 19-82
Duncan(82) none
Gill(23) 3-61
Hudson(81) 82
Marshall(58) 59-82
Medvedenko(71) 25-35
L.Murray(71) 3-13
T.Murray(40) 1-42
Newble(42) 14-53
Oliver(20) 19-80
Piatkowski(71) 67-77
Smith(77) 62-66
Stepania(67) 36-50
Traylor(61) 1-21
Wright(43) 44-82

Anderson,C. (24) 10-11,14-36,47-70,74-82
Cato,K. (75) 1-5,12-13
Davis,R. (82) none
Dooling,K. (14) 1-67,82
Foster,J. (82) none
Garrett,D. (34) 10-11,14-22,37-73
Hardaway,P. (80) 23-24
Harvey,D. (47) 1-5,25-53,82
Jackson,Je. (24) 11-53,68-82
Johnson,E. (81) 6
Jones,P. (79) 7-9
Patterson,R. (75) 16-22
Ruffin,M. (15) 6-11,14-56,65-82
Wallace,G. (54) 25-52
Webber,C. (54) 54-81
Wesley,D. (67) 1-15

Abdur-Rahim, S. (77) 16-20
Caffey, J. (23) 24-82
Coles, B. (47) 1-22,70-82
Ham, D. (70) 1-12
Harpring, M. (81) 13
Haston, K. (15) 16-82
McCloud, G. (69) 23-35
Mobley, C. (74) 36-43
Nash, S. (82) 0
Pollard, S. (80) 21-22
Sesay, A. (9) 1-12,22-82
Simmons, B. (30) 1-12,23,44-82
Stevenson, D. (67) 13-27
Stewart, M. (11) 1-71
Wallace, B. (80) 14-15
Williams, Ja. (65) 44-60

Tony Battie (74)   4-11
Marcus Fizer (76)   1-6
Jamal Mashburn (40)   19-60
Ron Mercer (53)   36-82
Nazr Mohammed (82)   none
James Posey (73)   7-15
Michael Finley (69)   6-18
Adonal Foyle (79)   1-3
Allan Houston (77)   1-5
Mark Jackson (82)   none
Brendan Haywood (62)   16-35
Speedy Claxton (67)   61-75
Kedrick Brown (29)   12-82
Kenny Anderson (76)   76-82
Larry Hughes (73)   7-15
Jerome Moiso (15)   1-6,  16-82

Arenas: 48-82
Boumtje: 1-12,24-54, 77-82
Carter: 1-36
Chandler: 13-23
Hill: 15-82
Lue: 37-47
Jackson: 2-12, 15-23, 32-54, 67-82
Maggette: 48-66
McDyess: 2-14, 24-82
Miles: O
Odom: 1-47, 77-82
Pierce: 0
Redd: 9-14, 67-75
Van Horn: 1
Wells: 1-8
Woods: 55-76

Blount Play 1-44; OUT 45-82
Bowen Out 1-23; Play 24-82
Bradley Out 1-56; Play 57 - 82
Coleman Out 1-24; Play 25-82
Dial Play 1-32; Out 33-82
Fisher Out 1-12; Play 13-82
Jones Play 1-14; Out 15; Play 16-82
LaFrentz Play 1-78; Out 79-82
Langhi Out 1-30; Play 31-64; Out 65-82
Marbury Play 1-82
Marks Play 1-21; Out 22-82
Mourning Play 1-40; Out 41-47; Play 48-82
Olowokandi Play 1-29; Out 30,31; Play 32-82
Turkoglu Play 1-16; Out 17,18; Play 19-82
Wallace Play 1-25; Out 26-28; Play 29-82
Watson Play 1-64; Out 65-82

Alexander, Cou.     (56) misses 1-26
Billups, C.         (82) none
Griffin, E.         (73) 42-50
Harrington, A.      (44) 45-82
Martin, K.          (73)  7-15
Mason, D.           (75)  16-22
McCaskill, A.       (27)  28-82
Nowitzki,D          (76)   1-6
Ollie, K.           (81)  1
Przybilla, J.       (71)  52-62
Ratliff, T.          (3)  4-82
Slater, R.           (8)  1-53,62-82
Sundov, B.          (22)  1-28,42-44,54-82
Thomas, T.          (74)  23-30
Walker, S.          (69)  31-44
Williams, Sh.       (50)  51-82

Alston        8-39
Barry        9
Booth        1-37,53-82
Brown        43-52,68-82
Jefferson    10-12
Knight        40-68
Marion        8
McCoy        1-31,53-82
Miller        32-37
Peterson    13-31
Potapenko    53-55
Randolph    1-7,13-17,38-52,69-82
Stoudamire    1-7
Tsakalidis    38-52
White        56-67
Whitney        none

LAK (via phone)
Augmon 74-78
Blaylock 1-28,51-69
V.Carter 29-50
S.O'Neal 51-65
Ostertag 66-73
Payton 0
Rice 1-30,51-82
Richardson 79
J.Vaughn 0
Je.Williams 15-28
S.Hunter 31-50,74-82
E.Thomas 1-14,29-49
Ekezie 1-30,51-73
Dalembert 1-48
Oyedeji 1-14,29-50,73-82
J.Wallace 47-82

11/17/2002 Scheduling
  Each team plays 3 home games against each opponent except for 1 team determined at
random against which they play only 2; the following lists a team followed by the
opponent against which will play only 2 home games:  DAK-MIL, DAV-SUN, LAK-SOU,
MIL-LOS, NOR-HAR, SOU-DAV; the schedule was auto-created by the computer with 3
home games per team and then starting from the last day of the schedule and working
backwards the appropriate games above were removed from the schedule

11/9/2002 Player Overusage Penalties from last season
  It was voted 3-0 (Jeff, Charles, and Ed chose to vote on this topic) by the
Executive Committee that all penalties should be assigned the standard double
the overusage from last season; see last season's news link for details of overusage
  * GAL, MIC, and BRO are gone and NOR had the penalties in the playoffs
  * SOU -- McKey's minutes are reduced by 82 and MacCulloch's minutes are
    reduced by 10; this is two years in a row for SOU, any future year in which
    there is player overusage will likely be penalized with draft picks
  * LOS -- Av.Johnson's games are reduced by 2
  * CEN -- Medvedenko's minutes are reduced by 10
  * HAR no longer has A.Goldwire nor Q.Lewis so similar players from the current
    10-man roster are reduced -- Eisley's minutes are reduced by 60 and Garrity's
    minutes are reduced by 20

11/2/2002 Trade
  LEX receives K.Anderson
  MIL receives SUN #3

11/2/2002 Trade
  LEX receives L.Hughes and SUN #3
  DAK receives SUN #1

11/2/2002 Trade
  NOR receives D.Christie
  WAL receives R.Davis

10/31/2002 Trade
  DAV receives S.Nash, D.Ham, DAK #4
  DAK receives K.Van Horn, T.Lue, DAV #1, SUN #3

Cuts (became official on 10/31 at 5:15pm Pacific Time)
  CEN (6) N.Anderson, G.Buckner, M.Cleaves, A.Henderson, D.Reid, J.Wallace
  HAR (6) I.Austin, R.Brown, A.Goldwire*, Q.Lewis, M.Penberthy, D.Strong*
  LAK (5) C.Ceballos*, L.Funderburke, D.Johnson, P.McPherson*, O.Oyedeji
  SUN (7) R.Bell, J.Caffey, M.Geiger, M.Moore, M.N'diaye, P.Sanchez*, D.Wingate*
  VAL (1) G.Lynch
  DAK (0)
  NOR (5) C.Alexander, B.Cardinal, H.Davis, T.Hill, R.McLeod*
  IND (6) M.Dickerson, S.Elliott*, E.Eschmeyer, G.Foster, C.Henderson, D.Overton
  LOS (5) J.Crotty, E.Davis, L.Ellis, A.Green*, D.Santiago
  LEX (4) A.Carter, D.Dial, D.Glover, T.Hardaway
  POR (6) K.David*, K.Gill, A.Keefe*, S.Kerr, R.Pack, B.Skinner
  DAV (6) C.Benjamin*, J.Collier, O.Ekezie, D.Jones, M.Palacio, L.Profit*
  MIL (8) T.Abdul-Wahad, C.Carr*, K.Dooling, J.Feick*, Z.Hamilton, E.House, Mic.Smith*,
  WAL (6) E.Bohannon*, A.Griffin, B.Russell, A.Sabonis*, F.Spencer, J.Voskuhl
  SOU (7) M.Blount, C.Brown, M.Doleac, J.Kersey*, M.Madsen, B.Sundov, O.Thorpe*

  * = player did not play in the NBA last season and may not be drafted
  Note:  AaronM/SOU did not indicate his cuts by the deadline, cuts made by Ed choosing
  to keep players with the most minutes (although this is not necessarily the policy)

10/30/2002 Trade
  MIL receives J.Crawford and NOR #2
  NOR receives LOS #2

10/29/2002 Trade
  SOU receives T.Massenburg
  LEX receives SOU #4

10/28/2002 Trade (approved 5-0 by EC)
  VAL receives J.Przybilla
  LAK receives VAL #4

10/28/2002 Trade
  LEX receives Mark Jackson
  NOR receives LEX #3

10/25/2002 Trade
  LOS receives J.Kidd, D.Mutombo, D.Fortson, E.Robinson, MIL #2, and MIL #4
  LOS gives up B.Miller, Z.Ilgauskus, S.Padgett, M.Peterson, R.Strickland, LOS #1,
               MIC #1, CEN #1, and LOS #2
  MIL receives R.Strickland, D.Davis, Z.Ilgauskus, S.Padgett, LOS #1, CEN #1, and LOS #2
  MIL gives up J.Kidd, D.Fortson, E.Robinson, MIL #2, and MIL #4
  SUN receives B.Miller, M.Peterson, MIC #1
  SUN gives up D.Mutombo and D.Davis

10/22/2002 Trade
  NOR receives S.Swift, Mark Jackson, and L.Nailon
  LEX receives A.Houston, A.Foyle, and POR #1

10/20/2002 Trade
  SUN receives V.Potapenko, C.Booth, and LEX #1
  LEX receives M.Finley and SUN #1